Roxanne's Critiques


Here are listed critiques from all Roxanne's Judging appointments.  I have added these to the site as many times they do not get printed by the papers or not the whole critique is reproduced.


  Name of Show Date Breed
East Of England Agricultural Show 7th July 2017 Irish Red & White Setter
Dunstable & DCS 17th April 2017 Golden Retriever
Midland Counties 28th October 2016 Kooikerhondje
Suffolk Kennel Association 19th July 2015 Junior Handling, Alaskan Malamute, Bouvier des Flandres, Boxer, Siberian Husky & Australian Shepherd Dogs
East of England Championship Show 7th July 2013 Kooikerhondje
Wellingborough & DCS 31st March 2013 German Shorthaired Pointers & Australian Shepherd Dogs
Thames Valley Canine Society 9th February 2013 Flatcoated Retriever & Large Munsterlanders
Stoke on Trent Gundog 30th September 2012 Irish Red and White Setters & NSDTR
East of England Ladies Kennel Association 5th August 2012 YKC Handling
North Lincs Dog Club 18 March 2012 Irish Setters & Irish Red and White Setters
South of England Gundog 19th November 2011 Irish Red and White Setters, Kooikerhondje &
Spanish Water Dogs
Boston Championship Show 1 January 2011 Irish Red and White Setters
Alferton & DCS 16th August 2009 NSDTR, Irish Red and White Setters & Kooikerhondje
Hitchin DCS 5th/6th February 2005 JHA, AHA & Irish Red and White Setters
Henley on Thames 30th January 2005 YKC Handling
Stoke on Trent Gundog 9th January 2005 Irish Red and White Setters
Witney & DCS 2nd May 2004 Junior/Senior Handling
Leistershire Gundog Society 8th February 2004 YKC Handling
Wembly & DCS 28th August 2003 Australian Shepherds