East of England LKA  Sunday 5th August 2012



Young Kennel Club Handling

6-11 Years

1st Nathan Hartfield handing a BSD. Nathan was the only handler in the class to thank the judge. A fantastic young handler who was a joy to watch working with his dog. Talking to his charge at all times. Pattern work was good, moving his dog at the correct speed they looked as one going round the ring with straight lines. The dog was stood correctly at all times when needed.

2nd Bobby Shepherd. This young handler had to work hard with her free stood German Spitz. She remained calm at all times when the dog wasn't perfect. Moved her dog well and good pattern work. Lost out on the last stand, her dog was under tucked and I would have liked to seen an attempt to correct the stature to show she knew the dog was incorrect.

12-16 years

1st Abbie Stoutt handling a Siberian Husky. Abbie spoke to her dog throughout the class and moved him well for the size of ring given. The dog was stood correctly at all times and always worked to get his attention. Pattern work was spot on with the best lines of the class. A very good handler who always get the best from her dogs.

2nd Jemima Worrall handling a Gordon Setter. This is not an easy breed to handle and similar comments apply as 1, however on the stand Jemima had the tendency to over-stretch her dog.

17-24 years

1st Allie MacBain handling a German Spitz Klein. Allie stood out in this class as a handler. Speaking to her dog at all times, she had him moving and standing correctly at all times. Table work and pattern work was faultless.

2nd Michaela Gale handling a very difficult American Cocker who wanted to go to Allie. Michaela needs more time to work with this dog and develop a bond and how he works best. Unfortunately didnít have him standing correctly and let him gallop in the first pattern work. When asked to do another up and down at the end, she had clearly learnt and slowed down, moving her dog correctly and had straight lines. Well done for remaining calm throughout the class Michaela and never getting frustrated with such a difficult dog.