Lestershire Gundog Society - 08/02/2004

YKC Handling

6-11 years

1stMegan Elise Stacy handling a GSP.  Always had her eye on the judge, stood her dog well and showed teeth lovely, stayed calm, didn’t rush.  Needs to get straighter lines but that will come with practise. 

2ndAshleigh Elcocks handling a GWP.  A young, inexperienced handler who showed that she knew the basics.  Stood her dog well and her table work was good.  Needs to make her lines straighter and her corners tighter but still keeping them fluent.

12-16 years

1st Amy Stuart-cook handling a cocker spaniel.  A lovely young handler.   Most of her lines were to perfection but needs to work on coming back to the judge.  She had her dog stood well every time and took everything at a steady pace.

2nd Kirsty Miller handling a ESS.  Another good handler had good lines but on up and down dog was not in front of me.  Also check that dog has not moved its feet when presented to the judge.

17-21 years

1stFrances Bowman handling a cocker spaniel.  Very good, she had lovely lines and talked to her dog all the time.  She had dog stood correctly and table work was unfaultable

2ndLaura Stuart-Cook handling an Irish setter.  It was close between 1 and 2, again superb table work and good straight lines, but slightly stretched her dog too far out at the front on the stand and dog was not always in front of me on the movement.