East of England Agricultural Show

7th July 2017

Irish Red & White Setter

Puppy Dog (1,0a)


1st Gardner’s Alanea Game Reserve With Danwish

10 month old who has all the foundations but is still very raw and needs to body up into his frame. Broad head with dark, round eye. Slightly arched neck leading to laid back shoulders. Good angulations fore & aft which he uses in his movement showing reach and drive and remains true fore and aft. Holds level topline on the move but handler tends to stand him overstretched. BP and pleased to watch him get shortlisted in the puppy group.


Junior Dog (2,0a)


1st Gardner’s Alanea Game Reserve With Danwish

(See Puppy Dog)


2nd Walpole’s Gallybob Quantum Leap

Strong headed youngster and I would prefer a little more length to his muzzle. Good length of neck. Deep chest with well strung ribs. Good rear movement and ok in profile. Tends to give his handler a hard time.


Post Graduate Dog (3,0a)


1st Jones’ Alanea Royal Reward of Berryessa.  

2 years now and starting to mature. Pleasing head with broad skull, fairly square muzzle. Good length of neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Well angulated fore & aft. Held a level topline throughout the class and moved with effortless drive and reach. Pleased to award him his first RCC. A little more maturity and he will take top honours

2nd Stevens’ Corranroo Clooney Of Annagh

A 19 month dog and still very immature, but one I have admired since a pup. There are lots to like. Lovely head with soft expression. Body has everything there, but still needs to body over time. Lovely width of ham and good tail set. Moved true and effortless when he got going.


3rd Payne’s Lovenjoel Prince Charming


Limit Dog  (2,1a)

1st Bayne’s Corranroo Casper

4 years old now and has matured into the dog he promised when I last judged him. A short coupled dog, deep chest and with forechest. Correctly angulated and balanced. Moves true fore and aft and effortless in profile


Open Dog (2,0a)


1st Wade’s Sh Ch Caispern Roddy Owen at Oldestone

3 years old and in full maturity. Love his dogs heads, broad across the skull in relation to body and good proportion to muzzle. Well laid back shoulders and return of upper arm. Level topline and good bone. Deep chest with well sprung rib. Moves true fore & aft and free striding in profile. CC.

2nd Walpole’s Lovenjoel Ice Cool


The challenge for the Dog CC


Junior Bitch (3,1a)


1st Wade’s Oldestone Charlie's Angel. 

 Love this B for her size and shape. Beautiful head, dark eye and correct neck. Well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm, forechest developing. Correct spring and depth of rib. Short deep loin, level topline and correct rear angles.  Moved well once settled.

2nd Bayne’s Corranroo Consort


Post Graduate Bitch (1,0a)


1st Lockwood’s Lockenna Gold Dream.

 A feminine girl with a sweet head and dark, round eye and ear set level with eye. Good neck leading to good angulation. Would like more bone on this bitch for her size. Lovely body shape, correct tailset and moved round the ring with a smile.


Open Bitch (4,1a)



1st Tattersall’s Sh Ch Alanea Summer.

A bitch who need no introduction. Her construction just flows and is perfectly balanced, which is shown in the long, free striding movement on a loose lead while always retaining her level topline. Her condition is just as good as her construction. Well muscled, lovely coat and a shining example of the breed. CC, BOB and shortlisted in the group.


2nd Bayne’s Corranroo Cruz

A bitch I have always admired and full of quality, and prefer her shorter coupled body to 1, Correctly angulated and moved true fore & aft. Close knit feet and good bone. Just carrying excess weight over her shoulders on the day.


3rd Tong’s Rustasha Raison D'etre for Kellizlot


Veteran Bitch (1,0a)



1st Davies’ Zymore Christmas Rose

I last judged this bitch when she was 13 months old and loved her. Now a veteran and it’s fair to say I still do. A very well made bitch, correct angulation, good forechest, deep chest with ribs well strung. Good feet and correct tailset and carriage. In profile movement she still flows around the ring. Her front just starting to go with age at the moment. RCC & Best Veteran

The challenge for the Bitch CC

Roxanne McDonald (Judge)