Henley on Thames - YKC Handling


YKC 6-11

1st        Lily warren, handling a Shar pei.  Stood her dog lovely at all times.  Table work was very good, showed the teeth extremely well even with a dog with lot of flews.  Very well moved, did correct patterns, carried out very well.  Very well done, only main fault was standing dog on floor when mats were available.

2nd        Carley Johnson, handling a Norwegian buhund.  This young handler had good concentration.  Worked with her dog well and kept her cool while the dog decided not to play the game.  Made sure she was always stood correctly, good pattern work and lines

YKC 12-16

1st        Rhian McLoughlin, handling a Beagle.  Took my eye, whenever she stood her dog she presented it well, always keeping herself in the background.  Gave me the impression of “here’s my dog” which was lovely to see.  Her posture was faultless. Moved dog well, everything steady.  Very well done.

2nd        Danielle Jones, handling a groenendael.  It was very close.  This lady was handling a young dog but handled her very well.  Excellent pattern and table work.  Lost it on last presentation when her dog wasn’t stood as well as 1st’s