Witney & DCS - 02/05/2004


JHA Handling

6-11 years

1stDaniel Watson handling a Cocker Spaniel. A Very inexperienced handler who knew his basics.. He moved his dog at correct gate and patterns where good.  Needs to work on his table work with showing teeth to the judge.

2ndWilliam Howard handling a Dalmatian. Another inexperienced handler.  He stood his dog well and had very good table work and moved the dog at correct speed and was calm but needs to work on pattern work and the “golden rule”

12-16 years

1stKaysey Harkins handling a Border Terrier. A lovely handler who was polite to the Judge, her dog and other exhibitors.  She didn’t rush and had lovely table work and patterns had straight lines and good corners.

2ndAlexa Goodard handling a Mini Schnauzer. Another experienced handler in this class who had faultless pattern work and dog was always presented correctly.  Lost out to 1st due to a too tighter lead on the dog.  There are many juniors who seem to forget that dogs will respond to commands and do not need to be highly strung.

Senior Handling

1stJane Ferguson hand a PBGV.  A very good handler.  Table work was excellent and patterns were neat and straight with good fluent corners, keeping the dog at correct speed at all times.  Also kept an eye on the judge at all times.

2ndFelicity Freer handling a Border Terrier.  A Very experienced handler who couldn’t be faulted on her table work.  Always talked to her dog while standing and moving.  Lost out to first as I felts she was “over shadowing” and trying to be one step ahead of the judge.