Dunstable & DCS - 17th April 2017

Golden Retriever

Puppy (6,1a)
1st         Beeson’s Esined Titania. 10 month bitch who took my eye from the first stand. Balance throughout, broad skull, good length of neck leading into well laid back shoulders. Level
              topline held on the stand and move. Moved well and was true, but just being lazy on the day. BP
2nd         Stonebridge’s Toseland Iced Gem
3rd         Rose’s Gaytonwood Lost in Devon
4th         Harding’s Eveninghill Mad as a Hatter
5th         Whiting’s Sansue Diamond Sparkle

Junior (5,1a)
1st         Trinder’s Thornywait San Valentino. 15th month large male who was all in proportion. Broad across the skull with dark eye and ears set level with the eye. Straight front one
              the stand and the move. Good neck leading to well laid back shoulders and long return of upperarm. Rear end angulation compliments his front to give an overall balanced dog
              standing on round feet. Moved with reach and drive, with his character shining through. Still needs some maturing to do in the body, but he has the time. RBOB
2nd         Beeson’s
Esined Titania
3rd         Rose’s Gaytonwood Zlota Nadzieja (Imp Pol)
4th         Whiting’s Sansue Diamond Sparkle

Post Graduate (5,0a)
1st         Tracey’s Denicol Chinese Whispers. WOW, what a girl. She headed this class from the start and never disappointed. My notes say “she will go far”. Lovely head, broad
              across the skull and strong muzzle, while remaining feminine. Ear set level with dark eye. Straight when viewed from front & rear, well angulated in fore and hind quarters. Level
              topline and tail set on. Strong neck of good length. Well sprung ribs, short coupled. In great condition. BOB & really thought she deserved more in the group.
2nd         Zubair’s Thornywait Golden Slippa
3rd         Rose’s Gaytonwood Zlota Nadzieja (Imp Pol)
4th         Foreman’s Camestone Field Day at Ambersun
5th         Wells’ Pearlbarn Pot of Gold

Limit (6,2a)
1st         Stonebridge’s Toseland Star of Wonder. Lots to like about this bitch and headed a tough class. Lovely body and looked a picture in profile. Head good with correct features.
              Moved well in profile movement but was narrow in front.
2nd        Crick’s Goldlyn Give and Take
3rd         Rose’s Gaytonwood Zlota Nadzieja (Imp Pol)
4th         Trinder & Zubair’s Thornywait Cider with Rosie

Open (2,0a)
1st         Ward’s Flesselles Francesca JW. This 9 year old still acting the pup and defies her age. Broad skull and strong muzzle. Good bone standing on round feet. Level topline and
              tail set on. Correctly angulated fore & aft and went round the ring with long and free strides.
2nd        Rose’s Gaytonwood Zlota Nadzieja (Imp Pol)



Roxanne McDonald (Judge)