Critique for Wellingborough & DCS


German Shorthaired Pointers

Junior (2,0a)

1st Hammond’s Seasham Lovestruck, 9 month bitch who is maturing nicely. Clean-cut, head with high set ears, well proportioned to body. Good forechest and good depth of chest. Well angulated in the rear with good reach and drive in her profile movement. BP and please to see take PG3

2nd Peebles’ Keigame Hopscotch


Post Graduate (1,0a)


1st. Hammond’s Seasham Lovestruck

Open (3,0a)

1st Taylor’s Koolwaters on Moonlight Bay at Pelenrise JW, 2 year old bitch, lovely shape and outline and couldn’t take my eyes of her from when she walked in to the ring. Correctly angulated with strong ribcage and good depth of chest. Moved round the ring effortlessly with reach and drive and moved true fore and aft. A lovely made bitch who I was pleased to award BOB and see take Group 2.

2nd Steadman’s Indijazz Grand Design
3rd Peebles’ Keigame Leading Lady JW ShCM


Australian Shepherd Dogs


Junior (3,0a)

1st Morley’s Trigem Follow the Dream
Blue merle bitch o 14 months. Still very much a youngster who still needs time to mature but has it all there. Lovely wedge head with correct ear and eye, showing a pleasing expression. Moderate sized and well angulated body. Agile, smooth, free and easy movement, with moderate length of stride.

2nd Reeves’ Dreamlines Masterplan with Bramblebern (imp Deu)
6 month black tri dog. Very much a baby still and needs to settle in body. Moved well for his age. Look forward to watching his future. BP.

3rd White’s Jotars Rising Star


Post Graduate (6,2a)

1st Timperron & Case’s Triforce Last of the Wild
Black tri bitch who lead a strong class. Lovely, feminine head. Good oval feet and good bone. Deep chest and ribs well sprung. Strong loin. Well angulated and moved with style round the ring with true Aussie movement. Pushed hard for BOB

2nd Knott’s Lyvenden Rairrock Rebel JW
3rd Morley Trigem Apple Magic


Open (4,0a)

1st Brazier’s Aust Sup Ch Willabba Silver Shadow
Blue merle dog who just shouts Aussie, a medium, moderate dog. Lovely body shape and proportions of slightly longer than tall and not over done in any way. Moved with moderate length of stride while topline remained firm. Pleased to award BOB.

2nd Finlay’s Trigem Oceans Blurain with Overdrive CDEX, UDEX, WDEX
3rd Clarke’s Shloyan Rockalella JW
Res Reeves’ Ghostrider of the Mightycrown with Triforce
VHC Allan, Harlow & Arnall’s Allmark Lenny Henry ShCM

Judge – Roxanne McDonald