North Lincs Dog Club

18th March 2012


Irish Setters



1st Walker’s Trefaine See the stars – 7 month dog. A lovely looking boy at a very gangly stage but steady on the move. Beautiful head with dark eyes showing a kind expression. Deep chest and good spring of rib for his age. Muscular loin and a slightly sloping top line. Hope he grows to his full promise. BP


1st Walker’s Trefaine See the stars
2nd  Hart’s Gilliegrae Cuanna Ariadne

Post Grad





1st Jarvis’ Carnbargus Confession – 2 Year bitch. Body and outline from all angles, just as an Irish Setter should be. Correct angulation fore and rear with great turn of stifle. Lovely head with a kind expression, dark eye and low set ears. Free flowing movement with drive. BOB






1st Buchan’s Loskeran Dream Maker ShCM– Heavily coated dog. Masculine head and good front assembly. Outline good with correct topline. Moved well for the ring he was given in profile.
2nd Wood’s Reddins Falcon


Irish Red & White Setters







1st Hart’s Gilligrae Sinfeal Niamh – 6 month pretty bitch. Good size for age and nice bone with an athletic body. Good neck, slightly arched leading into a level top line and strong loin. Good turn of stifle. Moved well for age. BP




Post Graduate

1st Jarvis’ Shannonlee The Wood Lark– 2 year old bitch. Pretty, feminine head with clean muzzle. Good, level top line leading into the correct tail set. Move true front and rear but today was over-reaching on the move in profile.


Open (10,3a)





1st Taylor’s Laoirebay Ocean Sunset – 5 Year old dog, very masculine dog throughout. Broad head with good stop and correct muzzle shape. Dark eye and ears set level with eye. Strong bone. Good angulation front and rear. Strong level top line and strong loin. Tail correctly set and held level on the move. Moved with reach and drive. BOB







Judge – Roxanne McDonald