Hitchin DCS - 05/02/2005 & 06/02/2005


First Day


There is one thing that slightly upset me while judging this weekend, it seemed apparent that many juniors knew how to do the move “advanced” need not know movements, but they had not yet mastered the simple tasks such as a triangle.  If this is what is happening then I think it bring a cause for concern.  How can you show a dog by not knowing how to complete simplistic tasks such as a triangle, yet can dance round a dog.

JHA 12-16

1st        Rhian McLoughlin, Handling a Beagle.  A lovely well presented handler, brilliant lines and corners, did everything I asked.  Always kept an eye on where I was, kind and considerate to her dog and other exhibitors. Also a well deserved BJH

2nd        Laura MacDonald, handling a min smooth Dachshund, lovely handler who was considerate to her dog and presented well, lines and corners could be improved on the day, expected better with a small dog, apart from that very well done.

JHA 6-11

1st        Page Allen handling a Rottweiler.  A very good young handler.  Listened to myself and performed everything I asked.  Need to work on lines, but over all doing well for age.  Well done.

2nd        Eliza Hodkins, handling a Newfoundland.  A novice handler with a difficult dog who has had little experience.  Showed enthusiasm and looked like she enjoyed herself.  Knew the basics but still need to work on them.  Good luck in the future.

AH 17-35

1st        Marie Law handling a rough collie.  Good handler.  Good, neat and tidy pattern work. 

2nd        J Anderson handling a Bouvier Des Flanders.  An inexperienced handler, new into the showing circuit handling a young exuberant puppy who though up was better then forward.  Handler stayed calm at all times with her puppy.

AH 35+

1st        Jane Ferguson handling a PBGV.  A very neat handler.  Have seen compete regularly and always looks good with her dog.  Spoke to her dog at all times and had it well presented on the stand.  Tablework was brilliant and lines and corners where good.  BAH, well done.

2nd        Irene Kiff handling a border collie.  Another neat handler.  Stood her free stood dog well and table work was excellent, though on the pattern work, lines not as straight as 1.  Still a very well done.


Second Day

Irish Red and White Setters

Post grad

1st        Barry’s Rustasha Royal Rumour.  A 21 month dog.  Masculine head with good eyes and ears.  Lovely sized bone.  Still needs to mature, front and confidence should come with age.


1st        Eskrett’s Corranroo Cha Cha.  7 year old bitch with lovely bone and of a lovely size.  Lovely angulation and dentition.  Sweet feminine head with nice eyes and ears.  BOB.

2nd        Barry’s Sh Ch Spearpoint Amazing Grace of Rustasha.  10 year old bitch who can still move!  Excellent condition with sweet head.  Preferred overall body shape of 1st





JHA 12-16

1st        Fiona Brook, handling a standard poodle.  Good handler who moved dog at correct pace though pattern work wasn’t her fortune.  Stood her dog well, showed teeth clearly.  Considerate to other exhibitors, good entry into the ring.

2nd        Charlotte Trasler handling a ESS.  Very close between 1 & 2.  Good pattern and table work with a dog who wasn’t playing the game but Handler stayed calm and didn’t get flustered.  Blocked other handlers on the stand which lost out on first place.

JHA 6-11

1st        Keturah Grace Sesstein handling a Tibetan Spaniel.  A nearly faultless handler. .Entered into the ring making first impressions, dog was stood and presented well, table work was excellent, lines where straight and corners tight.  Her own posture was held lovely but always showing the dog.  Very polite to myself and other exhibitors, only fault was could have used more of the ring.  Very well done BJH.  Keep up the good work.

2nd        Anna Brawn handling a cocker spaniel.  Stood dog well.  Table work and pattern work was good, though not as finished as one.  Still a promising handler who should do well in the future.

AH 17-35

1st        Leila Tarabad handling a CKCS.  An exceptional handler.  Showed dog well and used the whole of the ring.  Table work was good and dog was well presented. Well done.

2nd        Miss McFarlane handling a Japanese Chin.  Good handler who knew what to do and what was expected.  Used ring and had good lines and corners.  Just wasn’t as finished as 1.

AH 35+

1st        Mrs J Wakefield handling a Schnauzer.  Dog was presented well at all times and always on show at the right times.  Handler got straight lines despite having a difficult dog.  Very well done, a well deserved BAH

2nd        Gillian Read handling a Weimaraner.  Another good handler was very close between 1 & 2.  Good lines and corners and did as I asked.  Just wasn’t as aware of where I was stood when standing her dog once finished movement.