East of England Championship Show - 2013


Junior - Dog  Entries: 2 Absentees: 0 

1ST WHYBROW' SOORBELLEN LEWIS AT UNOSTA (IMP)  - 11 month old who still needs time to finish. Longer cast in body. Lovely typical wedge head, good eye, ear and expression. Moved well with springy movement. 

2ND KENNEDY'S CRUNCHCROFT ONYX  - 10 months old with correct body proportions and well angulated. Heavy in head but good eye and ear, full of coat. Strode out on the move. 

Post Graduate - Dog
 Entries: 1 Absentees: 0 

1ST WILLIAMS' CRUNCHCROFT KINSMAN OF GLADSHEIM  - 4 years old and fully mature. Tall boy, but all in proportion, loved his head. Eye and ear sets correct and springy movement in profile. Good sized straight bone, correct feet, well angulated in the front and rear. RBD 

Open - Dog
 Entries: 3 Absentees: 0 

1ST WILLIAMS' MAXIMILLIAN ALFIE OF GLADSHEIM SHCM  - Fabulous boy, all in proportion. Correct head with wonderful expression. Ear medium sized, set just above brown, almond shaped eye. Carried tail well on the move.  Stylish mover. BD & BOB 

2ND WHYBROW'S UNOSTA CONQUEST   Heavier in type to 1 with a stronger in head. Good straight front, and well angulated front and rear. Moved with reach and drive. 


Junior - Bitch  Entries: 1 Absentees: 0 

1ST WILLIAMS' DANIELLA VOM THYROWBERG TO GLADSHEIM (IMP DEU)  - A lovely 13 month feminine bitch with loads of potential. Friendly and alert expression with a well shaped head. Ears correct and set just above her dark eye. Feet tight and straight bone. Carried herself well on the move with tail carried above the level of the back. Well deserved Best Bitch and pushed for Best of Breed 

Post Graduate - Bitch  Entries: 3 Absentees: 0 

1ST KENNEDY'SCRUNCHCROFT LYRICAL (MRS E M ) - Currently out of coat but could not deny her this class. Lovely mover with good rear drive. Good head proportions and good ear  and eye set. 

2ND WILSON'S CRUNCHCROFT LADYBIRD (MRS C E ) - Good bitch who was showing her full coat. Good head, dip in topline and wasn't showing herself today. 


Open - Bitch
  Entries: 3 Absentees: 0 

1ST SWINBURN'S MANUSIA'S BIBI AT BYNTON [IMP]  -  A lovely shaped bitch in body, would prefer more length in muzzle. Friendly and alert expression. good feet and moved well in the  class from all angles. Just let herself down in the challenge. RBB 

2ND JOHNSON'S CRUNCHCROFT JUSTIFIED OF VALLEYRISE  - An enthusiastic bitch who couldn't stop still. Lovely head and expression. Well sprung ribs of good depth, lovely rear angles. Moved well. 




Roxanne McDonald