Suffolk KA - 19th July 2015

Alaskan Malamute

Junior (1,0)

1st Cooper’s Chayo Avenger, 14 month dog who is maturing nicely. Good eye on a broad head. Correct muzzle.  Slight slope in his topline and tail carried well. Moved well with powerful drive from rear. BOB

Open (1,0)

1st Cooper’s Icewolf Sweet Legacy, 3 year bitch who stood on good feet. Very well angulated and good tail set and carriage. Moved with power and drive round the ring. RBOB



Open (1,0)

1st. Harvey’s Harvlin Hurakan Bliss. Brindle bitch. Liked her head, eyes and ears showing strong stop and ears set high and falling forward. Straight bone and good layback of shoulder, deep chest, well angulated in rear. Moved free with power from rear. BOB


Bouvier De Flandres

Junior (1,0)

1st Jones & Gibbons Gerway Bouvi-Buzi with Wispafete (IMP POL), 8 month puppy enjoying his day and giving his handler a hard time. Flat skull and shallow stop and dark eye. Good front and rear angulation with a strong underline and level topline. Moved ok when he wasn’t messing around.  BP and RBOB

Open (1,0)

1st Jones’ Nikolaev Osha of Wispafete ShCM, 3 year old with a lovely shape and outline. Good front, well angulated. Liked her head and skull. Moves round the ring free and easy with purpose. BOB


Siberian Husky

Junior (3,1)

1st Whatsley’s Hyperborea Tantum Glittering Violet NAF, 9 month pretty bitch with lots to like. Standing on oval feet, nicely angulated front and rear, she moved true and light in profile, front and rear. Presented well. BP and RBOB

2nd Lomax & Wilson’s Arcticskies True Spirt at Snowglade

Open (2,0)

1st Lomax & Wilson’s Arcticskies Solitaire, 2 year mature bitch who was moderate throughout. Good head and almond shape eyes, ears set high and used well. Moved freely and converged at speed fore and aft. BOB

2nd Eagles’ Pelenrise Brite Encounters JW


Australian Shepherd Dog

Open (1,0)

1st Jones’ & Gibbons’ Austrian Dream Be Well Suited of Wispafete JW (IMP), a young dog still at 19 months, good bone, lovely body shape and well angulated. Wedge shaped head with rounded skull and good ear and eye. Moved with drive and purpose, but never exaggerated. BOB


Junior Handling

6-11 years (11,1)
1st Sarah Mansfield handling a Whippet. Moved her dog at the correct speed and always stood her dog well which helped her win the class. Like the way she talked to her dog. Needs to work on straight lines.

2nd Sacha Leigh handling a Hungarian Vizsla. Moved her dog ok and stood the dog well most of the time. For me, she tended to over-shadow, trying to jump round the dog too quickly which is very distracting.

3rd Albany Sawyer
Res Gweni Vaughan
VHC Georgia Talbot

12-16 years (8,2)
1st Lily Albone handling a Pug.
This is just the type of handler I was looking for. Technically she was perfect, great lines and corners, moved at the correct speed for her dog and remained calm throughout. The rapport between her and her dog was lovely to watch. Very pleased to award her Best Junior Handler.

2nd Rhianna Brooks handling a Pomeranian. This handler spoke to and encouraged her dog in a calm, sympathetic and encouraging way. Showed teeth clearly but lost out on her lines.

3rd Abigial Levene
Res Abby Webb
VHC Jade Fryett


Roxanne McDonald (Judge)