Critique for The National Australian Shepherd Association Championship Show


What an honour to be asked to give your first set of CCs at a club show.  Thank you so much to the NASA committee and I hope that you feel your decision was a good one.  Talking of decisions, thank you to all the exhibitors who accepted those I made with dignity and to hear the applause for all the winners was heart-warming.  A well run show with a  good size ring and the assured stewarding skills of your Vice Chair, Mary Deats, made my days judging a pleasure and an appointment I will remember well.
What I will say is that in general the quality and depth of type has improved over the last few years. Tails are settling down well in most cases and front movement has improved  I did feel that a few of the dogs were rather feminine and likewise a similar number of the bitches were a bit doggy but at the end of each sex I was very pleased with my line-ups.

Dog Critiques                                                   Principle Winners                                                                 Bitch critiques to follow soon

Dog CC and Best in Show Bitch CC and Reserve Best in Show Best Puppy in Best in Show

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