Critique for The National Australian Shepherd Association Championship Show - 03/11/2013


 Minor Puppy Dog (5,1a) Some very promising puppies.

1st      Weavers Allmark Electric Avenue. 6mth Blue Merle. Presenting a lovely outline. Correct head and well set ears. Well made with lovely shoulders, ribs developing nicely with good depth. Nice rear angulation. Good feet. Steady mover. Best Puppy in Show.

2nd     Harris, Allan & Harlows Allmark Rheddy to Rumble. Red Merle litter brother to 1 and another of good shape but with a different head. Well made with good shoulders and ribbing. Correct rear angles and another correct mover.


3rd      McNeils Allmark Dont Stop me Now

Res Timpertons Triforce Last Of The Mohican


Puppy Dog (4,1a)

Weavers Allmark Electric Avenue. (1st in MPD)

2nd     Caltons Tribbrook Beam Me Up Scotty. 9mth Red Tri presenting a good shape with pleasing head that just needs to fill out in the cheeks. Well made with good depth to chest. Short loin and correct rear angles. Nice compact feet and a good mover.


3rd      Gibsons Bachero Rawwood Rumour

Junior Dog (4,1a)

1st      Reeves Breamlines Masterplan with Bramblebern imp. 13mth Blk Tri, lovely breed type and correct shape. Very good head and ears. Excellent front assembly with lovely bone and feet. Super depth of chest and forechest. Short coupled. Would prefer a little more rear angulation.  True steady mover.

2nd     Caltons Tribbrook Beam Me Up Scotty (2nd in PD)

3rd      Downes Milwyr Gosheaven


Yearling Dog (6,0a) Very close between 1 & 2

1st      Browns Bleuroyal Kings Crusade JW imp. 18 Mth Black Tri. Pleasing outline but I wouldnt want him any longer. Very nice head with good ears. Excellent front assembly with good bone and neat feet. Lovely depth of chest.  Correct rear angulation. A steady true mover with correct stride.

2nd    Reeves Breamlines Masterplan with Bramblebern imp  (1st in JD)

3rd     McNeils Allmark out of the Blue

Res    Weavers Bordertime Special Choice

VHC   Blairs Bleuroyal One Cool Kiwi imp


Novice Dog (3,1a)

1st      Browns Bleuroyal DejaVu imp. Another dog giving me the outline I was looking for. Very good front and rear assemblies. Lovely depth of chest with good bone and correct feet. Well set ears on a not unattractive head but not the shape I was looking for. Rather exuberant on the move.

2nd           Fitches Triforce Commodore. Longer and taller than 1.  I did prefer his head though. Very good front assembly with deep ribs. Being longer cast he does tend to roll on the move.


Post Graduate Dog (4,2a)

1st      Smith & TimperonTriforce Night Rambler. Black tri presenting a good outline.  Head ok but needs to fill out in the cheeks. To give the desired shape.  Very good ears and a lovely dark eye. Super shoulders and good rear angles. Nice depth of chest. True and steady on the move with correct profile gait.

2nd     Knotts Lyveden Rairock Reble JW. Another Black Tri and very similar to the winner.  Well made with good shoulders and rear angles. Another good mover. Just preferred the head of 1.


Limit Dog (12,3a) A difficult class.  Although there were a number of dogs who scored well for type there were poor mouths and some poor front movement.

1st      Gillinghams Silverdream Aussies Time Will Tell at Parkgroves ShCM imp. What a super young man, not flashy but commands attention. Good outline and balance. Lovely head, masculine and of correct shape, with good ear set and pleasing eye. Correct front assembly with good depth of chest, short coupled to muscular rear or correct angulation. His true free flowing movement secured his class win and then later the Reserve CC


2nd     Miller & Haslams Allmark Maserati at Meitza JW. So very close to winning this class. Took my eye on the stand. Super shape, excels in head with super ear set and carriage. Excellent shoulders with lovely depth of chest. Short strong loin to correctly angled rear.  In good coat. Lovely rear movement and correct in profile.


3rd      Morley & Fludders Trigem Apple Magic

Res    Harris Bordertime I Have A Dream for Candace

VHC   Swallows Lyveden Castill Chaska


Open Dog (8,2a) What a lovely class with 2 very nice dogs going card less.

1st      Longhurst, Routledge & Gibbons Ch Allmark Spirit Of St Louis ShCM.  Red Merle who really took my eye. All male, something that is not always the case with male merles, and all Aussie. Super shape with a lovely head that is soft yet masculine, with correct ears and kind eye. Lovely neck to excellent shoulders with fore chest and correct depth. Short, strong loin to correctly angulated and well-muscled rear. Good amount of bone and nice feet and in good coat. Then to top it all his movement is just what I was after, true coming and going with just the right amount of convergence and a free ground covering yet unexaggerated side gait. Pleased to award the CC and then later Best in Show. A popular winner judging by the cheer.


2nd     Turners Ch, Jsy Ch, Harmony Hills Heres The Deal with Chakona ShCM imp. Another pleasing red tri of good outline and a pleasing head. Super front assembly with correct fore chest and depth of chest. Short loin to well angulated and well-muscled rear. Good bone and feet.  Another good mover and with a good coat.


3rd       Allan & Harlows Ch Allmark Indecent Proposal JW ShCM

Res    Harris & Winfrows Allmark Ginger Nuts ShCM

VHC   Turnbull & Dowsons Ozzypool Jacob Black


Veteran Dog (8,2a)

1st      Simmons Versace Suave Des Chemin Cathares ShCM imp. 9yr Blue Merle heading up a lovely class of oldies who can still show some of the youngsters a thing or two. Very close between 1 and 2. Similar in body but different in head. A solid boy to go over, masculine in head with nice eye and ear but with a deeper stop than I was after. That said, everything else was very pleasing. Super front and rear assemblies with lovely bone and neat feet. Good depth to chest, short loin and correct rear angles. Best mover.


2nd     Turners Ch, Jys & Am Ch Harmonyhillsatinfunnycideman at Chakona Pdh imp. Another 9yr old, a red tri. Personally I would like a little more of a wedge in the head but another with a well made body of good shape. Good depth of ribbing, short loin and lovely rear angles. Still a nice mover but not quite as positive as the winner.


3rd            Harris & Winfrows Allmark Solotaire ShCM

Res    Taylor-Jones & Taylors Shenkiri Rolling Thunder

VHC   Stevens Jacanshe Flashy Lad


Special Open Red Merle Dog (5,0a)

1st      Longhurst, Routledge & Gibbons Ch Allmark Spirit Of St Louis ShCM  (1st in OD)


2nd     Browns Silverdream Aussies Marzipan ShCM imp.  5yr Red Merle. Good shape with masculine head and good ears and pigment. Very good front assembly with correct depth of chest. Short loin to good rear. Correct bone and feet. In good coat and a true steady mover.


3rd            Taylor-Jones & Taylors Shenkiri Rolling Thunder

Res    Stevens Jacanshe Flashy Lad

VHC   Beaumonts Lyveden Castill Chayton


Special Open Blue Merle Dog (3,0a)

1st      Parkers Silverdreams Aussies Californias Blue of Ewespride.  2yr of good shape and correct proportions, masculine, well made fore and aft. Pleasing head with good ears, nice eye and expression. Steady mover.


2nd     McNeils Allmark Out Of The Blue 3rd in yearling, compact body, good head shape but his wide blaze does affect his expression, well made fore and aft. Steady mover, not a true as 1.

3rd            Blairs Bleuroyal One Cool Kiwi imp

Special Open Black Dog (1,0a)


1st      Summerley & Shaves Sangosands Starlight over Quilmhair. 6yrs of good shape. Pleasing head with a lovely dark eye. Well set and very active ears. Well made with correct angles front and rear. Rather exuberant on the move but true and with good profile gait.


Special Open Red Dog (3,1a)

1st      Swallows Mirriyan Begga Tirrike. 7yrs presenting a nice compact shape. Pleasing head although I would prefer more bluntness to the muzzle. Ears set high and carried semi erect. Well made fore and aft.  A good mover, true coming and going with correct profile gait.


2nd     Caltons Tribbrook Beam Me Up Scotty (2nd in PD)




Special Open Working Dog (1,0a)

1st     Finlays Trigem Oceans Blurain with Overdrive CDex UDexWDexTd. 6yr Blue Mearl. Of good type and shape. I would have liked a bit of filling in at the cheeks to give more wedge shape to the head and he does have rather a sad expression. That said, he is well made front and rear and very well muscled all over. Good depth of chest with correct short loin. Very good rear movement and nice in profile. Does tend to run a little wide in front now.