Grooming is important in most breeds to keep the coat knot free and looking good, and also comfortable for the dog!  You should groom your dog on a daily basis.

There are many different types of brush and combs that are on the market.  You will not need all of them for your Irish Red and White Setter.  There are many different brushes and combs as there are so many different coat types over the many different breeds which need different care and attention. 

Bristle Brush, (The firmer the bristles the better, soft bristles don't do anything on the coat except smooth it slightly on top.) - I will use this brush to brush the hair on the sides and back where the hair is shorter.  Although expensive Mason and Person I find do a lovely bristle brush and is one I would recommend, however must be kept away from puppies who chew!!!!

Wide Tooth Comb - I will use to comb the longer hair such as the chest feathering, leg feathering, knickers (long coat on rear legs), underbelly feathering and the tail feathering.  I would use one with two width of teeth being 4mm and 2mm.

Fine Tooth Comb (AKA Flea Comb) - I will use this on the red and whites ears, be careful as you are grooming close to the eyes, also be gentle, pulling on the ears too much can hurt the dog.

Slicker Brush - Can be used instead of the Wide Tooth Comb, and also on the shorter hair, however the slicker brush is wire so be careful as it could easily scratch the skin and personally I find it tend to static the hair making it flyaway.