The National Dog Show – 5/5/2011


Portuguese Water Dogs

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to give my first set of CC’s in this breed, an honour given the small number they have allocated at present. Also to the Club and exhibitors for supporting me and giving me such a lovely entry. I have to say that I was pleased and impressed at the consistency in type and movement across the entry. A credit to the breeders and owners.


Puppy Dog(4,2a)

1st Childs, Cartwright & Hammond’s Rarjo He's The King At Moonstyle. 10mth. A very nice young man. Super head, broad and with good proportions. Strong neck, deep chest, well laid shoulders and good sized bone. In good coat. A very steady true mover. Took my eye to win BP and I was thrilled to watch Stuart Mallard award him Puppy Group 1.

2nd Barton’s Auldhelm Absolutely. 8mth. Finer throughout than one. Needs to mature but well-made with good shoulders and rear. Steady and true on the move.

Post Graduate Dog (6,0a)

1st Reddin & Bussell’s Rarjo For Your Eyes Only. Lovely masculine dog of good type with correct outline, broad head, nice dark eye, excellent shoulders, good rear angulation, well muscled & correct amount of bone. Lovely true easy mover.

2nd Sword’s Traclem Kind Of Magic. Much the same comments apply as to the winner. Loved him for type but on the day just not as positive on the move as the winner.

3rd  Falzon-Thomas & Thomas Austwell Smooth Criminal

Limit Dog (6,2a)

1st Matton’s Robenger Forest Sunrise Over Austwell. Super dog of good type, broad head and dark eye, strong neck leading through to well laid shoulders. Well muscled throughout, good rear angulation and in good coat. Super mover and had that ‘je ne sais quoi to keep on showing well in the challenge to win his first CC and BOB.

2nd Nattrass & Harwood’s Cartmels Afortunado At Natwood. Another dog of good type slightly smaller than the winner but well-made throughout with correct angulation and also in good coat. Just not quite as positive on the move as the winner.

3rd Keight & Twort’s Fircroft Bowmore

Open Dog (5,0a)

What a superclass five lovely dogs but differing in outline and size.

1st Johns & Dearing’s Gemson Orpheus At Proform. One of the few brown’s here today. Super dog that I judged as a youngster and loved him then. Well put together from his head, through his lovely shoulders to his rear angulation. In good coat, strong and well muscled throughout. Show signs of good easy movement with drive but was rather lively and erratic at times. This however could not detract from his overall quality to win the RCC

2nd Bradley’s Ch Barqueiro Lobo-Do-Mar (Ai). A larger dog than the winner but with good outline and lovely to go over like his head and expression super shoulders and rear end won his place over 3 & 4 on his movement.

3rd Walmsley, Matton & Pow’s Am Ch Driftwood's N Makitso War Ambassador (Imp Usa)


Puppy Bitch(5,1a)

1st Creffield’s Melfield Ruby Tuesday. Pretty feminine 10mth bitch of good shape. Lovely head proportions, Excellent shoulders, good bone, good coat. A little playful on the move but very nice.

2nd Bliss’ Winterkloud Cosmic Star For Ankors. Another young bitch of good type, pleasing head but expression would benefit from a darker eye. Slightly heavier in body than the winner but still feminine. Good mover.

3rd  Gibson’s Rarjo Here She Comes To Majesixs

Junior Bitch(1,0a)

1st Mcgill’s Digadogs O Cornelia (Swe Imp) Taf [ATC AM00181SWE]. Despite standing alone this young bitch oozed quality and I am sure she will win many classes. Super for type and construction, lovely to go over, lovely head with matching eye colour, excellent shoulders through to a super rear end. Wonderful mover and thoroughly deserving of the RCC.

Post Graduate Bitch (3,1a)

Two super bitches out of the same mole comments apply to both of them

but the winner was more settled in front movement. Liked them both for shape in body and head, both have correct eye, excellent shoulders and good rear ends. Both strong and well muscled throughout.

1st McGill’s Bregantia Dont Stop Me Now At Winterkloud.

2nd Bright’s Cartmel Sea Diamond

Limit Bitch (3,0a)

1st Dring & Sword’s Tracklem Talk Of The Town. Best in the class for shape and type. Pleasing head and good shoulders, well muscled throughout and good rear. Rather out of coat today.

2nd Johns & Barton’s Gemson Symphony Among Auldhlem. Nice B, pleasing for outline, would like a bit more breadth to the head and more rear angulation. Moves with grace

3rd . Sawyer’s Kimberwae Cosmic Girl

Open Bitch (6,2a)

1st Reddin & Bussell’s Ch Rarjo She's The One. Super bitch, lots of breed type and lovely outline. Good head, strong neck, excellent shoulders. Good rear end, well-muscled throughout and in good coat. Lovely sound free mover. BCC & BOS

2nd Creffield’s Melfield Diamond Lil. Slightly smaller than the winner but well proportioned. Well put together with good angles.  Nice head and eye. Not as good behind as the winner but moved well.

3rd  Sword’s Traclem Touch Of Class


Judge – Ray McDonald