South of England Gundog Club

29th May 2011



Junior (1,0a)

1st Bagshaw’s Thesallier Fresco. 10mth Tri D. A young man that still has some maturing to do. Head needs to break but he has very good shoulders, is well ribbed and short coupled and has correct angulation at rear. Has good overall shape and is a steady mover. BP

Open (2,0a)

It is not often that a judge gets two super bitches like this is at an open show. Both worthy of their titles, both have super bodies, excelling in type and outline.

1st Bagshaw’s Ch Catja Vom Junkenhof (Imp Deu). 4yr D. For me this B is as near to my idea of a Brittany as I have come across. Super head of correct proportions and shape. Excels in body shape, excellent angles front and rear and correct movement. BOB

2nd Tully’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Eastonite Bracken. I have to mention this young lady as she too excels in type and body. Matched my winner for construction but I preferred the head and movement of my winner. RBOB


American Cocker

Junior (1,0a)

1st Walden’s Fielgar Royal Crusader. Just 12mths this young dog should have a super time ahead of him. Lovely head good stop and correct ear set. Would like a little more for chest but this could develop with age. Super shoulders well ribbed and lovely rear angles. Lovely mover true front and rear. BOB.

Open (2,0a)

1st Walden’s Fielgar Majestic Legend. 3yr D. Lovely boy for type and shape. Lovely head of good shape with dark eye and good ear set. Good lay of shoulder, correct topline and rear angles. Not moving his best today resulting in him losing out to his half brother in the challenge. RBOB

2nd Palmer’s Combleywood in the Limelite.


Spanish Water Dog

Junior (4,2a)

1st Ozanne’s Hollutrix Yemoni Del Lyntonridge. 8mth, lovely baby, construction, type and movement all in one package. Good head with dark eye. Excellent shoulders, well ribbed, lovely rear angles. Super mover and a good coat. Very close to getting BOB but not quite ready yet. BP & RBOB

2nd Brooman’s Josalyn Juanita Kira

Post Grad (2,0a)

1st Pridmore’s Caorannlee Spirit of Unst at Bellmoria. 2yr D. Nice head with dark eye. Good shoulders & fore chest, nice rear angles, moved well.

2nd Mills’ Josalyn Hortencia.

Open (1,0a)

1st Grief’s Int/Ir Sh Ch Hollutrix Zula of Goldfly ShCM. 7½ yr B. Good shape with good head and eye. Excellent shoulders and well ribbed to very good rear angles. Super mover no exaggeration anywhere just steady and true. BOB. Good to see her shortlisted in a very strong BIS line up.


YKC Stakes

1st Worrall’s Chartan Moonshine Merlot. 3yr Gordon Setter B. Lovely for type and shape with super head with strong clean lines & nice eyes. Super shoulders, good depth the chest, good amount of bone and nice feet. Good rear angulation, super mover.

2nd Horler’s Aldabrook Morning Glory at Rackens.


Charity Stakes

1st White’s Linirgor Oops I Did It Again. (Golden Retriever). 20mth B. Super for type and outline, lovely head, broad but feminine, with a nice dark eye. Excellent shoulders, well ribbed, strong loin and very good rear angles. Super mover, free, easy and true.

2nd Broadbent’s Blackshyne Super Trouper JW ShCM. (Flatcoated Retriever)

3rd Mills’ Josalyn Hortencia. (Spanish Water Dog)


Judge – Ray McDonald