Critique for Pool Canine Club


 Afgan Hound

Post Graduate (1,0a)
1st Lacey & Inman’s Dolce Vita Vom Deilbachtal (imp.deu) 17mth Grey B. Lovely head with nice eye. Elegant neck to well laid shoulders. Good bone and feet. Level topline to well made rear. Rather apprehensive today but once settled she moved well. Preferred her for type in the challenge. BOB
Open (1,0a)
1st Lacey’s Krishan Massie and Me. 2yr Grey B.Upstanding young lady, nice head and eye, good reach of neck to long well laid shoulders. Good depth of rib, level topline.  Flowing jaunty mover.

AV Miniature Dachshund NSC

Post Graduate (2,1a)
1st Rudkin’s Hartshound Jade – MSHD – 20mth Red B. Pretty young lady. A little apprehensive today. Good head of correct shape. Nice dark eye. Well muscled front assembly with well laid shoulders. Good body proportions and a nicely rounded rear. Correct movement Fore and aft. BOB

AV Standard Dachshund NSC

Post Graduate (2,0a)
1st Marsh’s Marshwick Morning Dew. 2yr long haired red B. nice outline with lovely head and darl eye. Excellent keel, well made front and rear. A little lazy on the move
2nd Huntley’s Tendrow She’s a Diamond in Springvalley. 9mth wire haired B. Lovely head with developing furnishings. Very good shoulders and developing keel, lovely body proportions although a little up on the rear today. Lovely front mover, just needs to strengthen up behind. BP & PG3

Open (1,0a
1st Marsh’s Marshwick Raincloud. What a lovely boy. Good head with dark eye giving an ‘intelligent’ expression. Excellent keel, well sprung ribs of correct proportions to strong loin and a well muscled rear. Good mover. BOB

 Basset Hound

Open (1,0a)
1st Huntley’s Majalis Miss Milly in Springvalley. 3yr B. Presenting a lovely outline. Well fitting into her skin. Lovely head with moderate stop and pronounced occiput. Well set ears of good length. Well laid shoulders, Good depth of body. Well ribbed. Very nice sound mover. BOB & Group 3

Basset Griffon Vandeen (Petit)

Open (5,1a)
1st Scott’s Overbecks Cheddar George. 2yr D heading up a very nice class. Excells in type with a super head, good neck to well laid shoulders. Good depth to chest and adequate forechest. Lovely rounded well muscled rear. Lovely free mover with correct head carriage and true fore and aft. BOB & Group 2.
2nd Scott & Veale’s Overbecks Louis Roederer
3rd  Scott’s Overbecks Ain’t Misbehavin. 7mth and what a little star. Super for type, lovely head and neck, well made with excellent shoulders, good depth of body & good fore chest. Level topline and so nice to go over. Moved with style and so together for such a youngster. An easy BP and Puppy Group 1 then thrilled to watch him win Reserve Best Puppy in Show.
Res Hansen & Huntley’s Overbecks Mauice at Houndsyle


Post Graduate (3,0a)
1st Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Liberty. 2yr B, balanced young lady with a lovely head and good width to her muzzle. Correct shoulders and upper arm. Well ribbed and well muscled loin and rear. Just had slightly cleaner movement than her sister to win the class.
2nd Roberts & Spearing’s Linkenlees Leandra
3rd Denny & Francis’ Janimist Eucalyptus.  Only 6mths and such a sweetie. Nice shape and type. Lovely head and neck. Well laid shoulder and well ribbed back. Good rear end. Smart mover. Should do well. BP & PG2


Open (3,0a)
1st Roberts & Spearing’s Redcap Break the Mould at Linkenlees. Loved this lady for her type, balance and her lovely head. Well made front and rear, well ribbed back to a well muscled short loin. Well muscled rear with correct movement. Still able to show her daughters how it should be done. BOB & Group 4
2nd Roberts & Spearing’s Redcap Little Gem at Linkenlees
3rd Denny & Francis’ Chapscroft Sorrel of Janimist.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Post Graduate (1,0a)
1st Whitelock’s Okameeli Koshka Brodi. What a lovely lady, only 2yrs and still developing. Lovely head and expression. Strong neck to well laid shoulders. Would like a little more return of upper arm. Good straight front and neat feet. Well ribbed to well muscled rear. Lovely outline when freestood. Movel well but really needed a bigger ring. BOB

Open (1,0a)
1st Whitelock’s Matabelle Mutamared. Another nice bitch but not happy today. Nice head and eye with good front assembly. Well laid shoulders ofer deep ribs. Good rear. Nice even crown. Not moving her best today.


Thank you for a lovely entry of Whippets. Made all the more interesting by the very rude exhibitor who when he was not placed in the first 2 decided to walk out of the ring.

Puppy (1,0a)
1st Taylor’s Jzan Zizadorable. 7mth Fawn B. What a lovely puppy. Classic outline with a super head and expression. Straight front and neat feet. Lovely front angles. Lovely top and underlines, well angulated rear with muscly building well. True mover. A very promising puppy. BP & PG4

Junior (2,0a)
1st Hill’s Kierpark Livin on a Prayer. 13mth Fawn & White. Another lovely outline. Good head. Well muscled shoulders, good ribbing with good topline and underline. Good rear angles. Moved well.
2nd Hill’s Kierpark It’s My Life

Graduate (3,0a)
1st Westropp’s Finn’s Favourite of Ruffdale. 2yr Fawn D. Good outline, nice head and neck, well laid shoulders, well muscled, well angled rear. Good bone and feet. Best mover in the class.
2nd Clane’s Darquell Kay Sera
3rd Sanford’s Erinnis Silver Charm

Post Graduate (3,1a)
1st Reese’s Hazelnut Honeycomb. 2yr Fawn B. Correct in outling. Good head but her light eye gives a harsher ‘staring’ expression. Good bone and neat feet. Well laid shoulders. Another good mover.
2nd Kirtland Erinnis Star Attraction

Open (4,0a, 1w/d)
1st Kirtland’s Palmik Starlight Raider. 2yr D. Another of correct outline. Good head and expression. Well laid shoulders over deep chest ribbed back to strong loin. Correct topline & underline. Correct angles at rear. Well muscled. Good bone and neat feet. Another lovely mover with correct reach and powerful rear. BOB.
2nd Taylor’s Willingwisp Star Singer
3rd Dyball’s Huntinghill Mister Mischief


Junior (1,0a)
1st.Denny & Francis’ Debucher D’Artagnan at Janimist – GBGV – Only 13mths but what a super young man. Lovely type and super outline. Loved his head and expression. Super front and rear assemblies with well laid shoulders and correct return of upper arm to give plenty of forechest. Well ribbed back with good depth to chest and loin. In good coat and such a super mover. One with a very bright future ahead of him. BAVNSC and Group 1.

Open (2,1a)
1st Marsh’s Marshwick Blackberry – SSHD. Another quality dog. Super head, dark eye, good length of neck Lovely keek and excellent shoulders. Correct ribbing, correct topline and underlind. Wide powerful rear with correct movement. Cartainly gave me a lot to think about in the challenge.

AV Hound

Puppy (1,0a)
1st Huntley’s Tendrow She’s a Diamond in Springvalley – SWHD

Graduate (1,0a)
1st Rudkin’s Hartshound Jade – MSHD

Veteran (1,0a)
1st Sanford’s Erinnis Midnight Star – Whippet – 9yr Fawn B. Nice head and eye. Good outline, well laid shoulders and a lovely rear. Tended to move a little close in front and very nice behind.

Hound Group
1st Denny & Francis’ Debucher D’Artagnan at Janimist – GBGV
2nd Scott’s Overbecks Cheddar George - PVGB
3rd Huntley’s Majalis Miss Milly in Springvalley – Basset Hound
4th Roberts & Spearing’s Redcap Break the Mould at Linkenlees - Beagle

Hound Puppy Group
1st Scott’s Overbecks Ain’t Misbehavin - PVGB
2nd Denny & Francis’ Janimist Eucalyptus - Beagle
3rd Huntley’s Tendrow She’s a Diamond in Springvalley – SWHD
4th Taylor’s Jzan Zizadorable - Whippet

Ray McDonald (Judge)