Newton Abbot & South Devon Canine Society – 1/5/2011


Thank you to the society for a lovely day. Super hospitality, a well run show and lots of quality dogs to judge.


Finnish Laphund.


Graduate (3,0)

1st       Cooper’s Elbereth Kippis to Pavoskas. 22mth D. Typey masculine boy with good head. Short coupled muscular body, good bone and feet. Nice brisk movement and true. Good coat. BOB


2nd       Drake’s Millermead Dove of Peace to Marymead.


3rd       Moore’s Tekoira Hint of Promise..


Open (2,0)

1st       Cooper’s Elbereth Apina at Pavoskas ShCM. 5yr B. Female version of my Graduate winner, typey with good head, dark eye. Lovely shape, good bone, also in good coat, just not as positive on the move in the challenge.


2nd       Moore’s Tekoira Spark of Brilliance..




Open (4,1)

1st       Gooday & Mock’s Duckslake Icelandic Spirit JW. 2yr D Lovely boy. Lovely head, dark pigment and dark eye. Lovely shape, good bone and feet. In good coat. Lovely true free flowing mover. BOB & Group 1


2nd       Prout’s Duckslake High Spirit at Furzeland ShCM.


3rd       Argyle’s Elygra Ice High Society..



Norwegian Buhund.


Open (2,1)

1st       King’s Trelowen Heligan. 20mth D. Good wedge shaped head, dark eye, good expression. Well made throughout. Good feet. High tail set and carriage. Nice mover.




Border Collie.


Graduate (5,1)

1st       Welsh’s Lydeardlea Lawdy Miz Clawdy. Feminine but slightly on the fine side. Nice head, very alert expression. In between coats at the moment. Good typey profile movement with head, back and tail all in one line, true fore and aft.


2nd       Scott’s Lydeardlea Supersonic of Belsmard.


3rd       McDevitt’s Bottlesford Highland Mist.


Open (2,0)

1st       Scott’s Lydeardlea Buttons and Bows of Belsmard ShCM. Feminine Typey B with good substance. Lovely head and expression, good ear set and carriage. Good angles front and rear. Typey mover, holding a lovely firm topline, true fore and aft. BOB & Group 3


2nd       Garland Caristan Dom Perignon ShCM.




Rough Collie.


Junior (5,0)

1st       Wilson’s Valleyhaven Rose of Dreams. Leading a class of nice puppies. 7mth B. Very good head. Nice eye, correct ear set and used them well. Well made with good body shape, good tail set and carriage. Lovely mover. Very promising puppy. BP & Puppy Group 2


2nd       Harvey’s Valleyhaven Rose of Hope


3rd       Morey Nutslade Dizzy Storm.



Graduate (4,1)

1st       Avery’s I’m Posh an Smart via Vonarkal. 2yr B, What a lovely young lady. Correct head planes, nice eyes & good ears. Lovely body shape. Good angles front and rear and a sound mover with a smooth light driving action. Stood out in the class and kept showing and moving to win BOB


2nd       Evan’s Nutslade Dizzy.Martini.


3rd       Scamp’s Marketdene The One and Only..


Open Dog (7,2)

Lovely class with 5 nice dogs.

1st       Harvey’s Ladnar Mr Bojangles from Brooklynson. Lovely boy for type. Nice head shape & planes, correct eyes and ears. Well made all through, moved with drive and purpose, true fore and aft. My eye kept being drawn back to him which won him the class.


2nd       Avery’s Lynviews Lucas.


3rd       Scamp’s Marketdene Apple Of My Eye..


Open Bitch (5,3)

1st       Evan’s Nutslade Dizzy.Martini. Young lady, not quite 12 months. Good overall shape. Nice head with good ears and well put together throughout, moved well.


2nd       Avery’s Aaronwell Annmarie at Lynviews.



Bearded Collie.


Graduate (4,2)

1st       Ranson’s Tristan Saint Breaca. Very nice 2yr B. Good head, correct eye and bite. Good length of neck. Well made with good lay of shoulder, well ribbed back, short loin. Somewhat out of coat but a true free smooth mover.


2nd       Carter’s Breaksea Silhouette.



Open (4,2)

1st       Ranson’s Kristoncourt Keysha for Trystam. 3yr B. Nice head. Well made with well laid shoulders. Good rear end. Handler need to stack her covering a bit more ground to present her best outline. Another good mover. Slightly more coat that the Grad. Winner BOB


2nd       Carter’s Breaksea Silhouette.



Shetland Sheepdog.


Special Yearling (6,0)

1st       Eldred’s Belthorne Gifted and Black. Nice Blk/Tri B. Lovely head with good shape, correct eye. Good ears, used well. Good overall shape. Well made, good coat and nice mover. Headed up a very nice class


2nd       Hirst’s Sundark Surprise Mission. 11mth Puppy. Holding his own among some older dogs. Lovley type with correct head. Good ears used well. True little mover. BP & Puppy Group 4


3rd       Dicker’s Neerodan Nutmeg..


Graduate (7,0)

1st       Marsh’s Mohnesee Mackeson. 21mth Blk/tri D heading up another really nice class. Super head of correct shape, nice eye. Good ears, used well. Lovely overall shape. Well put together, good coat and lovely mover. Kept taking my eye in another class of good dogs.


2nd       Hirst’s Sundark Tsarina.


3rd       Wood’s Petara Sheer Destiny..


Open Dog (4,0)

1st       Hirst’s Sundark Starlight. 2½yr Bl mrl D. This young man took my eye for type movement and showmanship. Good head & eye. Good ears that he used well. Lovely overall shape. Well put together with well laid shoulders, good coat and lovely true smooth mover. BOB & Group 4


2nd       Moore’s Mohnesee Devon Star at Santiara.


3rd       Prout’s Penvean Golden Hind at Furzeland..



Open Bitch (8,1)

1st       Mitchel & Fiddock’s Conorvene Poll Brandy at Lowenek ShCM. Very nice feminine Blk/Tri B. Lovely shape. Good head, dark eye, good ears. Well made with correct angles front and rear. Sound true easy mover.


2nd       Rodwell’s Glass Slippers at Glensanda.


3rd       Dicker Coneypark Gypsy’s Secret..



AVNSC Pastoral.


Special Yearling (7,3)

1st       Southcott’s Bilnetts Diamond Doll (GSD). A very nice, well made 17mth B. Good for type. Well made. Lovely head and expression. Good ear set and carriage. Correct topline, well muscled. Lovely free powerful sound mover. Best AVNSC


2nd       Burdett-Coutts’ Chevle Hot Totty (Polish Lowland).


3rd       Hackney’s Bilnetts Diamond Raider. (GSD)



Open (7,3)

1st       Burdett-Coutts’ Dobrany Dorianblue Grzmot at Chevle JW ShCM (Polish Lowland).Lovely young man. 2½ yr. Good shape, Good head and bite. Well made and with a good coat. Lovely smooth mover


2nd       Siviter’s Bredwardine Aled ShCM. (Cardigan Corgi)


3rd       Southcott & Petrie’s Bilnetts Zapphire.(GSD)


AV Pastoral.


Puppy (4,1)

1st       Avery’a I’m Posher Than You at Lynviews. (Rough Collie) Very nice typey B. Correct shaped head with good ears used well. Good outline and in good coat. Nice mover. Handler needs to remember to move her a little quicker.


2nd       Rodwell’s Kimarg Summer Surprise. (Shetland Sheepdog)


3rd       Morey Nutslade Dizzy Storm. (Rough Collie)



Veteran (10,3)

1st       Argyle’s Elygra Ice High Spirit (Samoyed) 8yr D. Lovely specimine with good head & pigment. Typey overall shape, correct amount of bone and well made throughout. True mover and very nice in profile. Best Pastoral Veteran and RBVIS


2nd       McCawley’s Braddabrook Dunnett ShCM (Bearded Collie).


3rd       Cooper’s Elbereth Taru at Pavoskas. (Finish Laphund)



Pastoral Group


1st       Gooday & Mock’s Duckslake Icelandic Spirit JW. (Samoyed)


2nd       West’s Shepalian Toffee Crisp. (Australian Shepherd)  The only one I hadn’t judged.  Nice dog of good type with correct shaped head. Nothing overdone. Well made with nice feet and in good condition. Sound mover.


3rd       Scott’s Lydeardlea Buttons and Bows of Belsmard ShCM. (Border Collie)


4th       Hirst’s Sundark Starlight. (Shetland Sheepdog)



Pastoral Puppy Group


1st       Burdett-Coutts’ Chevle Hot Totty (Polish Lowland)


2nd       Wilson’s Valleyhaven Rose of Dreams (Rough Collie)


3rd       West’s Shepalian Flickers Flock (Australian Shepherd)


4th       Hirst’s Sundark Surprise Mission. (Shetland Sheepdog)




Judge – Ray McDonald