Horsham & DCS - 4/12/2014

Thank you to the committee for Horsham & DCS for the prestigious honour of judging BIS at their show and for their hospitality on the day.
Not the warmest of venue’s but plenty of dogs and a quality line up for BIS and BPIS put through by the group judges. 


BEST IN SHOW - Lightfoot & Lock’s Telshotbriar Leonardo with Littondale – Lhasa Apso. 17mth, what a showman and with such presence. So well put together with lovely head and expression. Shown today in lovely coat and condition. On the move he really is eye catching, so important and this stage in the day. Lovely mover showing a clean true rear movement, straight in front and for a little dog he covers the ground so well. Could not be denied.

Whittock’s Kingsheath Willian Regal – ESS. Another youngster who could not be denied. Only 21mths. Quality boy of good type. Super head and neck. Lovely body, well made fore and aft with good bone and feet.  Loved watching him move, so true from all angles with just the correct amount reach and drive to allow him to cover the ground with ease.


BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Wickers’ Skimarque Sent From Heaven to Vukasin Siberian Husky. Only 6½ months and such promise. Super shape and type and so well made with lovely angles. So well balanced and didn’t put a paw wrong. Lovely head and ears. Such good true flowing powerful looking movement for one so young.

Howard’s Lanokk Szivos HWHV. 11mth and a lovely youngster. Liked his overall shape and stamp. Masculine head but pleasing proportions and shape. Well made fore and aft with good depth of chest.. Super rear end, well muscled and used to effect on the move giving reach and drive that catches your eye.



2 Beautiful 7mth litter sisters, both with lots to like. Both with lovely ‘classic’ heads, dark eye and a soft expression.  Both have lovely forechest and lay of shoulder.

1st . Wateron’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze. Has a slightly longer neck and I felt that today was the better balanced of the 2 and has better angles behind and a better width of ham. Not as settled on the move today but enough to show she can move true when she concentrates. BP and pleased to see her more settled in the group.

2nd        Wateron’s Sandstream Summer Breeze


Junior (2,0a)

1st         Wilkins’ Margretwoods Dolly Mixture. 13mth B. Like this young lady for shape. Pleasing head and dark eye. Good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders. Nice depth to chest with good spring. Lovely rear angles and super neat feet. True mover with good reach and drive.

2nd        Harrison’s Caskeys Midsummer Madness


Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st         Cuddy’s Sutersett Rebel Rouser in Balbrigan. 2½ Yr. D. presenting a correct outline with a slight slope, not exaggerated as a number are these days. Masculine in head with good eyes but broad across the skull so lack the refined ‘long lean head’ I was after. That said I really like everything else. Super front with good forechest and depth. Well ribbed back to short strong loin and a well muscled rear with correct rear angles. Lovely mover with good extension front and rear. In the challenge I just preferred the head of the open winner. RBOB


Open (2,0a)

1st         Richardson’s Kirkavagh Hernando ShCM. 4yr mature D in good coat. Lovely head and eye, nice length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders over correctly sprung ribs of good depth and with nice forechest. Super rear angles and another one who can move correctly. BOB

2nd        Cuddy’s Aoibheannes Quite the  Rebel by Balbrigan



Junior (3,0a)

What can I say about this class? Headed up by 2 litter sisters that are just so alike in body, and a young man you would have won a number of classes I have judged before but today was rather distracted.

1st         Stuckey’s Medogold Coralie of Pendan. WOW. Not seen this young lady before. Absolutely gorgeous 13mth B.  Super outline with lovely neck with smooth lines through to well laid shoulders over correct spring of rib of good depth. Short loin with correct arch. Wonderful rear angles with correct tailset and carriage. Loved her underline. And boy can she move. True coming and going and an effortless correct profile gait with reach and drive such that she covers the ground with ease. BOB and pleased to see her go Group 2. This young lady has a bright future.

2nd        Brooksmith’s Medogold Kiss N’Tell
3rd        Hazeltine’s Hookwood By George

Post Graduate (3,1a)

1st         Hazeltine’s Hookwood By George. 14mth D. 3rd in Junior but such a smart lad. Another with a lovely shape. Masculine head but not overdone, good neck and lovely shoulders. Strong athletic boy, well made and well muscled.  Powerful, ground covering movement in profile but rather distracted coming and going today which is what cost him the previous class.

2nd        Squires’ Droveborough Hoskings Hope for Bentham


Open Dog (3,1a)

1st         Welch & Hazeltine’s Hookwood only Me JW.  Another I have done well in the past, giving him a puppy group at 11 months. I said then that this young man has a bright future and now, at 2yrs, he is maturing into a lovely specimen. Pleasing head shape, with lovely length of neck and well laid shoulder. Good fore chest and depth of ribbing. Well muscled loin and rear which is correctly angulated. A good mover but just not a clean in front as my junior winner. RBOB.

2nd        Brooksmith’s Nightgold Blackavar


Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Junior (3,0a)


1st         Charles’ Stagarth A Kind Of Magic. Headed up this trio of littermates. A pretty B, scored for size shape and balance over her siblings. Well made front and rear with nice forechest and depth. Best mover. BP & PG3

2nd        Gills’ Stagarth Don’t StopMe Now at Brenros
Ridge’s Stagarth Now I’m Home at Saanu

Post Graduate (3,1a)

1st         Revill & Taylor’s Julita Rokahlua. 19mth B of good type. Pleasing head with nice eye and good ears. Super front assembly with nice amount of forechest. Well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth.  Nicely made behind. True on the move coming and going with a lively profile gait. In the challenge with her new handler she just impressed more on the stand that the open winner to pinch BOB

2nd        Pick & Chisholm’s Llon Ddraig Goch


Open (3,1a)

1st         Revill’s Julita Ringatasha JW. 3yr B and another nice one from this kennel. Pleasing overall shape with a lovely head and good length of neck.  Well laid shoulders, good depth of chest flowing to a well made rear. Another good mover. RBOB

Abbott’s Norlington Nector JW ShCM



RBOB Stakes

1st         Taylor’s Luponooshka Barbarian (A.I), 14mth Malamute.  What a lovely boy. Judged him as a puppy and he is maturing nicely. Super shape and type. Masculine head with good proportions. And dark eye which gives him a pleasing expression. Well made fore and aft with correct topline.  A strong powerful mover.

Ray McDonald (Judge)