Critique for Retford Canine Society - 28/03/2010



Graduate (4,0a)

1st  Dunn’s Meadowpoint Spirit Dancer. 15mth Blk/W B. Very typey of lovely shape, correct head properties. Well laid shoulders, lovely deep chest & well ribbed. Well muscled and a true mover with an easy effortless stride.

2nd Walton’s Galema Gael at Pointmoor

3rd Pringle’s Spinray Woman in White


Post Graduate (2,0a)

1st Dunn’s Meadowpiint Spirit Dancer.

2nd Rayner & Spink’s Spinray Annie Get your Gun


Open (4,0a)

1st  Whiting’s Rodale Ringleader JW Sh. CM. 2˝ yr Blk/W D. Lovely young man, masculine with lovely head through to strong neck and well laid shoulders. Deep chest, nice forechest & well ribbed. Good bone and nice feet. Well muscled free & easy mover. BOB

2nd Rayner & Spink’s Spinray Miss Saigon

3rd Dunn’s Meadowpoint Boogie Woogie




Cocker Spaniel

 Puppy (5,1a)

1st  Clinton’s Oramiss Foreign Affair. 10mth Black D. Lovely shape throughout. Good head with dark eye and nice expression. Excellent Front and rear assemblies, strong and well muscled body, well turned stifles. In good coat. Moved with confidence, true and with correct cocker action. BP, RBOB and PG3

2nd Stubbs’ Plaiglan Mister Magic

3rd Reed’s Reemif Blue Reflection


Graduate (4,2a)

1st Oliver’s Oramiss Goldilocks at Olivesong. Pretty 2yr Golden B. Nice head, dark eye, sweet expression. Nice shoulders & well ribbed. Good rear.  A little reserved on the move.

2nd Reed’s Molkara Tangerine Dream at Reemif.


Open (4,2a)

1st Clinton’s Claramand Cilla Black for Oramiss.  2˝yr beautiful feminine B of good shape in lovely coat and condition. Very nice head leading to a super front assembly. Well ribbed and a good rear used well on the move showing a happy true typey action. Pleased to award her BOB then watch her take Gundog Group 1

2nd Durrance’s He’s my Moonlight Magic at Shannakiel




Flatcoated Retriever

A lovely entry that while short on quantity had lots of quality.  

Graduate (4,0a)

1st Romeo-Dieste’s Bochilbarley November Mist over Hopevalley. 2˝ B. Lovely typey B. Lean head of good shape with lovely dark eyes. Super front assembly, well ribbed with forechest and lung room. Lovely rear used well when moving. Good drive making her lovely to watch on the move.  I thought there would need to be something special to beat her and unfortunately for her, today I had a number of lovely dogs.

2nd Murrey’s Gayplume Tickled Pink.

3rd Baxter’s Onyxro Lyra over Mayla


Limit (3,1a)

1st Huckle’s Gayplume Fly by Night. 3yr Liver D. Super shape, full of type. Excellent shoulders, lovely spring of rib with good forechest giving plenty of room inside. Solid and well muscled throughout. Well angled & well muscled rear end. True fore and aft and a purposeful easy ground covering stride. Just won this class with slightly better front movement and was pushed very hard by the 2 girls in the challenge but did just enough to take BOB

2nd Baxter’s Polgara All that Jaz with Mayla


Open (2,0a)

1st Murray’s Gayplume Ebon Plow. A lovely typey 3yr B. Super head with good eye. Exellent shoulders, well ribbed through to a super rear. Well muscled.  Another lovely mover, true fore and aft with and easy profile gait and good use of her tail. RBOB

2nd Huckle’s Ladyleys Collis Beau Sh.CM.


Ray McDonald (Judge)