Gundog Society of Wales – 13/10/2010


Irish Red & White Setters.

First of all I would like to say thank you to the Officers and committee of GSoW for the opportunity to present my first set of CC’s and for their hospitality.  Second, a big thank you to my fellow exhibitors for giving me a lovely entry and also making it a very enjoyable experience.


Generally the overall quality of the exhibits was good and I was particularly pleased with the improvements we have made in the breed over the years with regard to consistency of type and front movement.  Still a way to go but we have some lovely exhibits out there who can hold their own among some of the more established breeds in the group.




Puppy Dog(1,0a)

1st  Davies’ Zymore Irish Cream. 9mth Nice young man with very good colour, good head nice dark eye giving a soft expression.  Good size of bone. Very good angles front and rear with body developing well. Would like a little bit more fore chest.  Correct turn of stifle, good tail set and carriage, moves steadily for a youngster.  BP


Junior Dog(2,1a)

1st    Davies’ Zymore Irish Cream.


Post Graduate Dog (6,1a)

1st    Wroxham’s Vanders Va Voom avec Wroxham. Lovely young man of good size & type. Lovely head and expression, dark eye & correct bite. Pleasing outline, well put together with well laid shoulders and strength of body. Good rear angles and well muscled. Good bone and feet. Clear coat with beautiful red markings, slightly out of the coat but with good feathering. Stylish mover with reach and drive. RCC.



2nd   Walton’s Gallybob Gold Standard.Another dog of good type, similar size to one, lovely depth of chest, not quite the angulation behind of 1st. Good bone and feet. Slightly heavier in head nice eye and expression.  Lovely mover true fore and aft, steady in profile


3rd     Whitaker’s Viewland Uncle Walter


Limit Dog (3,0a)

1st    Collins’ Casafelice Elliotdale at Forrestpoint. Nice boy for outline, well up to size. Nice head with dark eye and lovely expression. Solid throughout with good depth of chest and spring of rib. Good angulation front and rear, best rear angulation of the class. Moved well.


2nd   Lipscombe’s Kellizlot River Legend. Upstanding chap. Pleasing head but lighter in eye than 1. Good lay of shoulder over well muscled body but would prefer a better return of upper arm. Good depth of chest. Moved well with good drive.


3rd   Green’s Temynloah Quinlan at Viszaset.



Open Dog (2,1a)

1st    Griffin’s Sh Ch Corranroo Connexion. I have been competing against this dog and after judging him I can see why he has done so well. Super to go over, lovely type and shape with gorgeous head lovely expression with dark eye. Beautifully put together with correct angles, correct amount of bone, strong short coupled body, well muscled throughout. Correct tailset. Correct coat colours. Truest mover of the day, absolutely spot-on fore and aft, easy and free flowing in profle. Coped with the uneven ground with ease holding his topline, super tail carriage. A pleasure to award DCC & BOB.
Went on to show well in the group and pleased to see him shortlisted.




Veteran Dog (5,2a)


1st    Wade’s Sh Ch Vanders Venetic Legend at Oldestone. What a lovely gent he is. Nice size, good shape. Pleasing head, lovely dark eye, slight bit of grey giving him a distinguished look.. Lovely bone and feet. Well made throughout with good angles. Good colour. Move extremely true & steady, best mover in the class and one of the best of movers of the day. Strong contender for the Reserve CC.


2nd   Davies’ Corranroo Corsair at Zymore ShCM. Slightly shorter coupled boy, squarer in body shape. Pleasing head dark eye nice expression.  Good shoulders and depth of chest, good colour. Steady mover but needs to be moved a bit quicker to demonstrate his reach and drive.


3rd     Lipscombe Kellizlot Master Merchant.






Minor Puppy Bitch(2,0a)

1st    Horrocks’ Spiralwood Secret Love for Ichenwych. What a gorgeous typey puppy. Super head, beautiful dark eyes, soft expression. Lovely lay of shoulder and excellent rear angles giving correct turn of stifle that is lacking in a number of dogs these days. Excells in body shape with depth of chest and depth of loin too. Good bone and neat feet. Enjoyed her day and gave her handler a tough time particularly on the move. One I will be watching and would love to have at home. Best Puppy Bitch.


2nd   Peacock’s Spiralwood Lady Love.  Litter sister to 1 with many of the same qualities. Preferred the head of my winner today but should push her sister all the way as they grow up.


Puppy Bitch(4,0a)

1st    Davies’ Zymore Christmas Rose. Heading up a very nice class and very close between 1 and 2. Pleasing head and expression, lovely neck, well put together. Good shoulders and rear angulation. Lovely chest and ribbing. Very good coat and colour. Steady true mover.


2nd   Blackmore’s Courtdown Beautiful Dancer. Another lovely young lady, super body lovely neck and well made throughout. Lovely coat and colour and very nice mover. Preferred her rear end over the winner but preferred the head of 1.


3rd     Peacock’s Spiralwood Lady Love.



Junior Bitch(4,0a)

1st    Davies’ Zymore Christmas Rose


2nd       Henderson’s Corranroo Caro at Temynloah. Nice young bitch. Smaller than the others but in proportion. Pleasing head, a touch light in eye, correct bite. Good depth of chest and well put together. Good Colour Moved well fore and aft and particularly in profile just didn't have quite the outline and the presence of one.


3rd     Callaghan’s Mizen Cait via Laoirbay (IKC).


Novice Bitch(1,0a)

1st    Davies’ Zymore Christmas Rose


Post Graduate Bitch (4,1a)

1st    Howatson’s Vanders Vida Loca.   Lovely bitch, super for type and shape.  Good bone and feet, slightly out of coat but of good colour. Lovely head and expression. Would like slightly darker eye, very alert, super mover fore and aft and lovely in profile. Considered her for the RCC but in the challenge did not have the maturity and finish of the Open bitches today but I am sure her time will come.


2nd   Peacock’s Spiralwood Sweet Mulberry. Slightly finer in head than 1 but with lovely dark eye, pleasing expression. Very good angulation front and rear. Good colour, lovely dark chestnut. Needs to be moved a bit quicker. When she does she flows much nicer. Handler needs to stretch her out on the stand so she covers more ground and shows off her correct shape.


3rd     Henderson’s Temynloah Buffie JW.


Limit Bitch (7,1a)

1st    Sherratt’s Casafelice Cormo at Charnborough. Young bitch, pleasing outline, short coupled and nicely put together with good angles front and rear. Nice head and expression. Good bone and feet. Out of coat at the moment but good colour. Nice mover.


2nd   Wade’s Oldestone Snow Shower Different to 1 and difficult to choose between them. Pleasing head and expression with nice dark eye. Good body shape with lovely shoulders but not quite the angles behind of the winner. Moved nicely in profile with good tail carriage. Not quite as true on the move in front today.


3rd   Howatson’s Whispers about Vanders.



Open Bitch (5,2a)

A class of quality bitches. Very close between all 3 and in the end I had to be ‘picky’ on movement to separate them.

1st   Blackmore’s Sh Ch Courtdown Beautiful Dawn. A lovely bitch I have always admired on the move from ringside and there was no disappointment when I got to judge her. Super body with lovely front and rear angles. Well muscled with correct amount of bone and nice feet.  Nice head with beautiful dark eye and soft expression. In moderate coat at the moment but good colour. Movement absolutely beautiful in profile and fore & aft. A quality bitch throughout. BCC


2nd   Bayne’s Sh Ch Corranroo Continental. In many ways very similar to 1. Same shape and very good angles. Pleasing head and expression. Also between coats at present.  Lovely mover going away and in profile but just not quite as true in front today as the winner. RCC


3rd     Barcroft’s Sh Ch/Ir Sh Ch Ballakinnish Mistiguette.


Veteran Bitch (3,0a)


1st    Blackmore’s Sh Ch Corranroo Celtic Breeze over Courtdown ShCM.  Very nice typey 8yr old. Lovely head with intelligent expression. Good neck through to well laid shoulders and lovely matching rear angles. Still moving soundly fore and aft but a little lack lustre in the challenge which was a factor when awarding the RCC.


2nd   Barcroft’s Sh Ch Ballakinnish Minuet. Another nice B. Pleasing head with nice dark eye and attentive expression. Well made and presented in lovely coat and condition. Not quite the angulation behind of the winner and not quite as true in front.


3rd     Newman’s Taxus Glistening Opal.



Breeders Competition (1,0a)


1st   Corranroo - Mr & Mrs G & J Bayne

Ray McDonald (Judge)