Critique for Grantham & DCS - 22/10/2011

Golden Retriever

 Puppy (7,0a)

1st Aulton’s Winnatts Veronna 8mth B. Lovely shape, Compact and beautifully put together. Lovely head and ears with beautiful dark eye but still needs to develop in head. Well made front with nice feet.Lovely rear end, correct amount of muscle for age. Super little mover. BP & Puppy Group 4.

2nd Crick’s Goldlyn Going To Dazzle

3rd Walker’s Gloi Marilyn Munrose

Junior (4,2a)

1st Kirkman’s Amilone Star Performer by Tsarmont. 12mth D. Nice boy for type & shape, Liked his head, dark eye and good ears. Well made front with good feet. Good rear angles. Steady true mover.

2nd Webb and Battle’s Eastbury New Grace n Favour

Yearling (5,1a)

1st Webb’s Fletlanders Pumpkin. 23mth D. Lovely boy of good shape and type. Masculine head that I wouldn’t want any stronger. Well put together front and rear. Coming into coat and looking good. Super mover.

2nd Anderson’s Linchael Lacoste JW

3rd Kirkman’s Amilone Star Performer by Tsarmont

Post Grad (52a)

1st Webb’s Fletlanders Pumpkin

2nd Waller’s Anslea Stowlangtoft Snowdrop


Open (6,3a)

1st Walker’s Gloi Keltic Sunset JW. Difficult choice between 1 and 2. Different in type and in the class my winner moved better in front. As strong in head as I would want but with a lovely dark eye and soft expression. Well made both front and rear and well muscled. Good bone and lovely feet. In good coat and just kept on showing to win BOB and went on to win what looked like a very strong Gundog Group.

2nd Kirkman’s Gloi Browneyed Handsone Man at Tsarmont JW ShCM

3rd Waller’s Bramhills Blue Spruce for Anslea


Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

 Junior (0,0a)

 Post Grad (1,0a)

1st Widdowson’s Corlitgold Tokala. 2yr B. Pretty feminine head with nice expression and good ears. Well made front and rear and nice body shape.  ½ in and ½ out of coat at the moment. Correct springy movement. BOB

Open (2,0a)

1st Strudwick’s Corlitgold Tula for Kumamatata. 3yr B. Smaller that the PG winner but still balanced. Out of coat today. Pretty head of good shape with nice dark eye and correct ears. Well made front and rear and another good mover.

2nd Hibb’s Corlitgold Minninnewah of Tolteko



 Junior (1,0a)
1st Hopkinson’s Otago Fuzzy Logic. 6mth B. Super young lady, excels in type and outline. Lovely head, with dark eye. Well made front and rear with good bone and lovely tight feet. For one so young she moved with purpose and style. BP.

Post Grad (0,0a)

Open (1,0a)

1st Hopkinson’s Otago Pina Fria. 14 mth B. Another super B from this breeder. Lovely shape and type, super head with dark eye. Excellent shoulders, good bone and lovely tight feet. Good rear end, well muscled and a pleasure to watch on the move.  BOB


Great Dane

 Junior (1,0a)

1st Mansell’s Droolakiss Ezze Tiger. 6mth Brindle D. Super shape with lovely head and eye. Well made throuoghout. Good bone and feet.Nice steady mover for one so young however his handler needs to stride out more to get the best out of him especially as he grows. BOB & BP

Post Graduate (1,1a)

Open (2,1a)

 1st Robson’s Damarkann My Girl Lollipop. 3yr Black B. Good body shape and well laid shoulders. Good rear. Steady mover.

Judge – Ray McDonald