Coventry (Foleshill) CA

6 November 2011


Thank you to the society for inviting me but a special thank you to the Labrador and Cocker exhibitors for such super entries and for giving me a number of really good exhibits to go over. Unfortunately, in a number of classes some really nice dogs that I liked had to go unplaced.


Labrador Retriever


Puppy (5,2)





1st- Williams’ Millerdan Vision of Love – Super young Yellow B of 8mths. Very typey, lovely head with correct bite, lovely eye and correct ear set. Good amount of forechest through to excellent shoulders. Well sprung ribs, strong through the loin with good depth. Lovely bone and feet. Correct tail set and carriage. Free mover and a lovely straight front.BP






2nd Grummitt’s Flossfalls Serengeti Manorwell

3rd Giddings’ Rubytamu Porshe

Graduate (12,4a)

1st Williams’ Lembas Name of the Game at Millerdan – Another super bitch of good type and shape that I see is the Dam to my BP. Lovely breadth of head but retaining femininity. Correct close ears & super eye. Good forechest and well laid shoulders ofer well sprung ribs. Well muscled rear with good turn of stifle. Good tail carriage. Lovely mover. A very nice Bitch. – RBOB

2nd Ryan’s Eviespride Precious Time

3rd Lambert’s Mattand For Your Eyes Only

Junior (7,2a)

1st Stafford’s Farnfield Phantom Menace JW – 15mth Black D. What a strong masculine boy he is. Another good head of good bredth with correct eye and ears. Strong neck and well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs. Short coupled throught to well muscled rear. True mover

 2nd Lambert’s Mattand For Your Eyes Only

3rd Woodall’s Thirlmere Secret Obsession


Open (7,2)





1st Grummitt & Carpanini’s Carpenny Riva Manorwell – What a super Blk B. The first impression you get when you lay your hands on this lady is what super condition she is in. Well muscled throughout. A regular worker who shows that brains and beauty do mix. Lovely head, super shoulders over well sprung ribs with good depth in chest and loin. Very good rear angles with correct tailset. Super true, free mover that one would expect. Thoroughly deserved BOB and Gundog Group 3.




2nd Morgan’s Malcvale Scarlet Ribbons at Tessholly

3rd Ryan’s Tissalian Soft Suede in Eviespride


Cocker Spaniel


Puppy (10,1a)





1st Bymolen’s Joaldy Rumour Has It – This young man headed up a super class of puppies that demonstrated that age does make a difference and some lovely ‘babies’ were not placed.  At 11mth he was one of the oldest and showed his maturity. Masculine head, square muzzle, nice eye and well set ears. Well laid shoulders over good ribs. Short coupled. Such a lovely mover. BP




2nd Leslie’s Ferrersedge Painted Lady

3rd Beebe’s Clavaire’s Colour Code for Carangil

Junior  (3,1a)

1st Beddows’ Shanaz Slick – Blue Roan D. Just out of puppy. Lovely overall shape with masculine in head with good eye and lovely ears. Well laid shoulders over good ribbing. Steady true mover with correct action and tail carriage.

 2nd Dewar’s Fendrove Lilly The Pink 

Graduate (6,1a)

1st Lee & Hall’s Evaremoc Cherry Black – Heading up a super class this 18mth Blk B has a lovely head with dark eye and soft expression. Lovely lay of shoulder with matching rear angles. Super mover with correct ‘bustling’ action.

 2nd Pearce-Gudger’s Pearkim Peripeteia

3rd Jarman’s Sharemead Pipistrelle


Open (10,3a)





1st Reed’s Delindere Wanna B’The One JW – 4yr Golden B with a lovely correct shape. Lovely head, dark eye & correctly set ears. Good reach of neck, well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth. Good depth through loin/ Correct tail set and carriage. In good coat and a typical true mover with a good action. BOB




2nd Morgan’s Malcvale Scarlet Ribbons at Tessholly

3rd Ryan’s Tissalian Soft Suede in Eviespride





Puppy (2,1a)





1st Greenwood’s Ansona Blue Bell at Nizrick – Standing alone but what a super young lady. Lovely shape of good length. Lovely head of good length and proportions. Good reach of neck to well laid shoulders and correct depth of chest. Good rear angles and nice feet. Steady mover. At 10 mths everything is there and she should mature  nicely. RBOB & BP




Graduate (1,0a)





1st Abbott’s Gunalt Enterprise – Super young man, only 15mths but lots of promise. Lovely head, good length of neck to super shoulders. Well ribbed and good depth to chest and loin. Good bone and feet. Well muscled rear and a super free, easy, mover. The ring was too small for him to show off fully but he made the most of the group ring. BOB and Group 2





Open (3,2a)

1st Abbott’s Gunalt Enterprise



Graduate (2,0a)





1st Bodle’s Debbollinby Just the Ticket JW ShCM – 2yrs old and what a super young man. Head still needs to develop and mature and today he did have a ‘sleepy’ expression. That said, his head proportions are correct. Good ears. Lovely bone and good feet. Lovely broad, deep chest. Well laid shoulders. Well muscled rear with correct turn of stifle. Super mover. Easy to see why he has won well as a youngster and I am sure he will continue to do so. RBOB




2nd Eymor’s Detrah Ashera






1st Bodle’s Debbollinby Just a Rumour JW ShCM – Just when I thought it would be tough to beet my Grad winner in comes this young man. Strength throughout with a super head good eye and expression and a lovely dark mask. Well laid shoulders over a well sprung rib cage with good depth. Good bone and very good feet. Shorter coupled than the Grad winner and a super mover, True, free and powerful. Pushed all the way by his brother for BOB but went on to take Group 3.




2nd Eymor’s Detrah Harry Legacy



Judge – Ray McDonald