Worthing & DCS – 20th September 2014

 English Setter 

Post Graduate (2,0)
1st         Bennet’s Mariglen Blue Star.
19m Blue Belton Dog. Lovely stamp but still lots of maturing to do. Pleasing head and eye with correct bite and nice ears. Nice neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good amount of forechest and depth of chest. Well muscled loin through to sufficiently angulated rear. Moved well coming, going and in profile. Would like to see him in a year or so when he has matured up. BOB
2nd        Davis’ Richecca Baby Doll of Merleycopse.

Open (3,0)
1st         Deering’s Rosetimber Foxy Breeze.
4yr Blue Belton Bitch.  A lovely B I have done well before. Pleasing head and eye. Good shoulders with depth of chest and enough forechest. Well ribbed to strong loin. Good rear angles and lovely feet. Such a free easy mover.
2nd        Deering’s Rosetimber Lady

Davis’ Culverwell Claypso of Merleycopse

Spanish Water Dog

Post Graduate (1,0)
1st         Grigg’s Glenturret Fry’s delight for Kimsha.
A lovely 21m Brown B. One of those exhibits that is so nice to go over. Good shape and size with good coat. Well made in head but would like a darker eye. A super little mover, true and positive. RBOB

Open (3,0)
1st         Grief’s Chasfenka Tiggywick of Goldfly.
2yr B/W B. What a lovely girl. Super shape and I loved her head. Lovely front assembly, well ribbed back with deep chest and short strong loin. Nice rear angles and such a lovely mover. BOB

Retriever (Flatcoated).

 Puppy (6,0)
What a lovely class with quality all down the line.

1st         Wojciechowska’s Cornfolk Sparkleberi.
11 mth B. My notes say beautiful! Lovely head and eye with a typey head and nice shallow stop. Super shoulders and return of upper arm, good bone and feet. Well ribbed with enough depth, well muscled loin. Super rear with good width of ham used well on the move, so steady and true. BP
2nd        Bowen’s Candilz Black Admiral for Clandrift

3rd        Durrant’s Glenturret Colour Me Crazy
Res      Durrant’s Glenturret Cutting Crew
Wojciechowska’s Cornfolk Thimbleberi

 Junior (2,0
1st         Durrant’s Glenturret Colour Me Crazy.
6mth B, 3rd in Puppy and just had the edge over her brother.. Such a baby but all there ready to blossom given time. Lovely head and eye, well made front with nice ribbing and short loin. Good rear angles and true on the move
2nd        Durrant’s Glenturret Cutting Crew

Post Graduate (3,0)
1st         Wojciechowska’s Rebus at Cornfolk.
2yr D. A lovely boy but as broad in head as I would want. Super front assembly, well ribbed with deep chest and good forechest. Lovely rear and another good mover, true fore and aft with a positive flowing profile gait.
2nd        Tagg’s Oiyou Maid by Lady Muck JW
3rd        Bowen’s Bochilbarley Dark Moon over Clandrift

Open (5,1)
Nice class with 2 super ladies 1 & 2.
1st         Wells’ Gemswin Lily The Pink JW .
3yrs and maturing beautifully. Lovely head and eye with correct shape and stop. Super, well muscled front, with well laid shoulders & deep chest. Short strong loin to well angled rear. Best of movers, so true fore and aft with that correct, easy, free flowing profile gait. BOB
2nd        Wojciechowska’s Cornfolk Spirit of Mystery. 5yr B. Another one of good type and size. Well made with feminine head, deep chest, short well muscled loin and lovely rear angles. Just not quite as positive on the move as the winner but a worthy RBOB.
3rd        Taite’s Gayplume Bowled Over ShCM
Res      Osborne-Brown’s  Perrymel Spring El’Nino


Retriever (Labrador).

 Puppy (1,0)
1st         Stocks’ Ernsheenie Sunbeam.
A gorgeous 8mth Black B.. Lovely head with dark eye, well made front with well laid shoulders. Correct amount of rib for age with good depth. Short loin to a correctly angulated rear with well set tail. Super little mover. So true and settled. BP & RBOB 

Junior (3,2)
1st         King’s Linthwaite Louisiana.
14mth Yellow B. Lovely head with dark eye and close ears. Nice neck leading to well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib and depth of chest. Short loin and good rear angles. Rather naughty on the move but did settle. Particularly nice behind. 

Post Graduate (1,0)
1st         King’s Linthwaite Cleopatra.
15mth Yellow B. Another nice young lady from this exhibitor. Another lovely head with correct eye and lovely expression. Super front with good angles, depth of chest and forechest giving heart and lung room. Short loin to well angled rear. Good bone and feet. Super mover, true and steady. BOB

Open Bitch(1,0)

1st         King’s Linthwaite Cosette.
Dam to the BOB winner and similar comments apply simply because this breeder does seem to breed to type. Pleasing head and eye, well made fore and aft. And a good mover. In the challenge, for me she looked a little matronly against the youngsters and had to give way.

 Ray McDonald