Worthing & DCS
28st August 2017


English Setter


Post Graduate (2,0a)

1st        Williams’ Richecca Colour of Love. 3yr Orange D. Lovely masculine head of good shape and a dark eye. Good length of well muscled neck to well laid shoulders. Nice depth and spring of rib. Could be a little shorter through the loin. Nice rear, well-muscled.  Moved well and carrying a good coat.

2nd      Kerr’s Ravensett Golden Charm

Open (3,4a)

1st        Deeking’s Skylark of Rosetimber, 3yr B, lovely feminine B of correct shape and proportions. Giving her handler a hard time today.  Super head with lovely eyes. Good reach of neck to well laid shoulders. Good spring of rib and depth of chest under a level top line. Short loin to a lovely well-muscled rear. True and steady on the move but handler needs to move her a little quicker to really show off her reach and drive. Pushed hard by 2nd but won through to win the class and BOB.

2nd        Whittington’s Julddean Excalibur ShCM. Really liked this boy too and pushed hard for the class. Another lovely D of good type, shape and size.  Really nice masculine head.Well made and another good mover. RBOB

3rd        Kerr’s Fanchon Lawdy Miss Clawdy Taffi (Imp NLD)

Irish Setter


Junior (3,2a)

1st        Williams’ Kirkavagh Final Decision. Standing alone but this young man has so much to like. What a character! Presents a nice outline on the stand, lovely head of good length and nice dark eyes. Well laid shoulders but personally I would like more forechest. Correct spring and depth of Rib. Very good rear angles with correct tail set. Rather ‘flighty’ on the move but glimpses of correct reach and drive. RBOB

Open (2,1a)

1st        Richardson’s Kirkavagh Hernado ShCM. 7yr D. Presents a lovely classic outline on the stand. Super head, long, lean and refined leading with a dark eye & leading to a muscular neck and onto well laid shoulders. Straight front with correct Depth and spring of rib. Well ribbed back to short loin and good rear angles.  Well-muscled all through and carrying a good coat.  True coming and going and steady in profile covering the ground well. BOB & Group 3.          

German Shepherd Dog


Puppy (1,0a)

1st        Milham’s Shadoshack’s My Girl. Just 6mth and this young lady should have a very bright future. Super for shape 7 type. Lovely body proportions and a super head of good length and breadth. Best ears of the day. Excels in bone and construction with well laid shoulders and a straight front. Good depth of rib and well ribbed back. Correct body proportions and top line. Super rear angles and such a lovely mover.  Couldn’t take my eyes off her. Close to stealing RBOB but a well deserved BP.

Post Graduate

1st        Shaw’s Astradine Kornishman JW. 2yr D, super boy, lots of maturing to do but coming along nicely. Lovely head of good length and breadth. OK ears that could be closer. Nice front assembly with good forechest and excellent bone. Well ribbed back to a well angulated rear.  Correct top line. Firm and steady on a walk with power and an effortless gait at a trot. Very nice boy.

2nd        Slaughter & Parsons’ Kintaro Valencia with Franzille


1st        Nolcini’s Broadmaynes Eclipse to Nolmacdon ShCM JW. 3yr D. Wow, what a lovely boy. Lovely masculine head of good with and length although ears could be more erect.  Super neck and shoulders with good forechest and nice depth and length of rib. Good top line and he excels on the move, firm and straight coming and going then powerful and ground covering in profile.  Well-muscled and in good coat. BOB & Group 2

2nd        Milham’s Shadoshack’s Real Charmer. 2yr D. Another lovely D for type. Correct masculine head but not as good in top line as 1.  Another good mover. RBOB

3rd        Shaw’s Astradine Keepsake JW


Puppy (1,0a)

1st        Wall’s Aritaur Pacific Passion  . 7 Mth Liver B. WOW, what a super picture on the stand.  Needs to develop in head.  Super neck with good arch flows into well laid shoulders. Excels in her well-muscled front assembly. Good bone and neat feet. Good depth of chest and loin giving a strong underline with a slight rise. Top line needs to firm up a little. Super true mover and excellent reach and drive. BP


Post Graduate

1st        Wilson’s Granadeya Val Veny. 18mth B.  Nice B of good size, pleasing head and dark eye. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Nice forechest with good bone and tidy feet. Correct depth to chest and loin. Moderate, well muscled rear angles. High tail set and moved well. True and ground covering on the move.

2nd      Tant’s Granadeya Aosta


Open (1,0a)

1st        Wall’s Dobehaven Atlantic Storm JW ShCM My notes start WOW.  Have to admit I have liked this boy from a youngster but never had the pleasure to judge him. Classic outline with a masculine head of correct proportions and ears held close to head. Lovely arch of neck leading to a super front assembly. Well laid and well-muscled shoulders, good forechest and nice bone and feet. Deep ribs and loin. Level top line and good tail set. Well-muscled rear used to effect on the move. True with powerful profile gait. BOB then won through a strong Group. Thrilled to watch him then win Best in Show



Puppy (2,0a)

1st        Allen’s TK’s Time Bandit (Imp SRB). Better behaved than his kennel mate today. Very raw but presenting a nice outline. Good breadth to a correctly proportioned head, nice eye & well set ears. Well made front with good bone and feet. Ribbed back to a short deep loin and a moderate rear. Steady mover. BP

2nd        Allen’s Jodipas Times One

Post Graduate

1st        Ezzard & Allen’s Jodipas Paint It Black to Kassasan JW ShCM.  Really liked this young lady. Took complete advantage of her handler today.  Lovely head, eye and ears atop a short strong neck. Well made forehand with good forechest. Good top and underline to a well muscled rear that she used well on the move. Just not as settled today. RBOB


Open (1,0a)

1st        Tousent & Crawley’s Minaelea Taylorded By Choice JW ShCM. Liked this young man as a puppy and he has come on well. Now 3yrs and matured up. Head as broad as I would want it and with a nice dark eye. Short strong neck to a well muscled front. Shoulders well laid. Deep, well sprung ribs and short deep loin. Moderate, well muscled rear and such a powerful looking mover. BOB & Group 4


AVNSC Working

Post Graduate (1,0a)

1st        Gregg’s Philoma Ms Kalifornia – Gt Schnauzer – A very happy 19mth B. Good size and a presenting a good outline. Feminine head of good length with dark eye. Well muscled neck leading to well made forequarters. Good depth to chest and loin.  Moderate angles to rear. Somewhat distracted on the move, and needs to tighten in front. Held her top line and moved with drive when settled. RBOB


Open (1,0a)

1st        Kirkwood's Draxpark Lots to Like - Gt Schnauzer – 2yr D. Masculine of good size and shape. Super head of good length and shape with dark eye and well placed ears. Short well muscled neck to well made front with good bone. Depp through chest and loin. Good rear angles and well muscled. A stylish true mover with good drive. BOB


AVNSC Working Veteran

A very close class with 3 nice veterans.

1st        Ta & Coldwell Ch Zentaur Tee Tea Effen JW SHCM – Newfoundland. 7yr Brown B. Lovely lady, well balanced and of good size and shape. Good head with deep broad muzzle and skull. Well made forequarters and good bone. Level top line and deep loin to well made rear.  In good coat and best mover which ultimately won her the class. 


2nd        Pearn’s Teldeeann Little Miss Diva - Boxer
3rd        Simpsonson’s Simberger Maycas Del Limari - Leonberger


Working Group


Gp 1       Wall’s Dobehaven Atlantic Storm JW ShCM – Dobermann - See above

Gp 2       Simpson’s Simberger Red Hot – Leonberger – Lovely 3yr B. Well made with a lovely head and mask. Well muscled and in good coat. A picture on the stand and such and effortless mover with reach and drive.

Gp 3       Ta & Coldwell’s Zentaur Ain’t No Thang – Newfoundland. What a beautiful 11mth B. Lovely shape and a picture in good coat. Correct head for age, nice eye and broad nostrils. Well made fore and aft and takes your eye on the move. One to watch for a bright future.

Gp 4       Tousent & Crawley’s Minaelea Taylorded By Choice JW ShCM – Rottweiler – see above



Working Puppy Group


PGp 1     Ta & Coldwell’s Zentaur Ain’t No Thang – Newfoundland – See Group

PGp 2     Wall’s Aritaur Pacific Passion - Dobermann – See above

 PGp3     Todd’s Pleats Surprise Attack for Delarhia – Bullmastiff – A very nice youngster. Lovely head developing well. Well made with good bone.  A confident boy on the stand and on the move.

PGp 4     Pocock’s Tamzdane Cake my Day – Great Dane – Feminine young lady, very raw as one would expect at this age.  Liked her shape and head. Well made with clean lines. Positive, clean and true on the move.





Ray McDonald (Judge)