Critique for Wickford, Basildon & DCS



AVNSC Working

Puppy (5, 2)



1st- Brown’s Chepam Tennessee. Bouvier Des Flandres. 9mth B. Nice compact body and short coupled but a little up at the rear today. Broad head with lovely dark eye. Neck flows into well laid shoulders. Compact body and good rear angles. Good bone. In good coat. Still very much a baby on the move. BP



2nd Ellis’ Laugh A Minute. St Bernard

3rd Clarke & Sutton’s Chepam Thunderbolt. Bouvier Des Flandres

 Junior (4,1a)




1st- Matton’s Broek’s Freeze Frame for Austwell (imp USA) Portuguese Water Dog. 17mth. What a lovely young lady. Typey with good shape, good head shape with square muzzle and nice eye. Well laid shoulders, good ribbing to short loin. Correctly angled and well muscled rear. Correct tailset and carriage, lovely mover. Should have a bright future.




 Connelly’s Carabaz New Blues. Bernese Mountain Dog

3rd Ellis’ Laugh A Minute. St Bernard

Graduate (8,2a)

1st- Staples’ Riesenheim Rufus Black. Giant Schnauzer. Young 2yr D. lovely clean outline. Pleasing head of good length and well furnished. Dark eye and neat ears. Strong neck of good length leading to well laid shoulders and straight front. Good forechest and depth of rib. Good rear end, well muscled. Free powerful mover. Very close in the challenge. RBAVNSC

 2nd Freeman’s Potterspride Witch Is Back. Russian Black Terrier

3rd Dickenson’s The Ace of Spades. Russian Black Terrier


Open (10,3)

1st Raper’s Heriol Hot Ticket at Constantia JW. Bullmastiff. What a lovely dog.  Strong, powerful with a super outline. Broad, square head of correct proportions. Pronounced stop with pleasing eye and expression. Well muscled shoulders over a broad deep body. Well boned. Short strong loin to well muscled rear. What was most pleasing was that even on a warm day this boy could move. Powerful and true. A pleasure to judge. BAVNSC and G4

2nd Pocock’s Tamzdane Jamaican Me Crazy JW. Great Dane

3rd Matton’s Robenger Forest Sunrise over Austwell. Portuguese Water Dog



I was fortunate to inherited this small but quality entry as the scheduled judge was unable to make it to the show.


Junior (1,0a)

1st Sambrook’s Ruholfia Aragorn (IKC)(IMP) 8mth D. Lots to like. Pleasing outline, good head with dark eye. Well made with good forechest and depth of chest.  Short strong loin of good depth to give correct underline. Good rear angulation. Lovely bone and nice feet. Well muscled for age. Smooth powerful mover. Has a bright future. BP and RBOB

Graduate (3,0a)

1st Gallagher’s Izralight Zorro JW . Another fine example. Just 16mth. Lovely outline, long lean head of good shape. Nice dark eye. Good length of well muscled neck. Well laid shoulders over a deep chest. Short strong loin to well muscled rear. Good bone and neat feet. Another good mover.

 2nd Goodwin’s Satinea Bad Romance


Open (4,2a)

1st Brown’s Newford’s Fame Monster JW.  What can I say?  A stunning young man. Superb outline, Lovely head with dark eye and an ‘alert & attentive’ expression. Lovely arched neck to well laid shoulders. Deep chest, good forechest, and well ribbed to muscular loin. Lovely rear angle to his well muscled rear.Good bone, neat feet.  Powerful & true on the move with lovely reach and drive. BOB & G2

2nd Goodwin’s Gianna De La MaisonDe Keyala Pour Satinea

Dogue de Bordeaux


Junior (2,0a)

1st Graham’s Jerivindi Evie B. Only 6mth but a lovely solid young lady. Super head, broad and deep with good proportions. Good length of neck. Well laid shoulders, deep chest & straight front with good amount of bone. Broad well rounded rear. Steady mover. BP

Tranmer’s Godric Gryffindor De La Tour Gelee

Graduate (3,0a)

1st Lane’s Danjerrie Chevie Chevelle. This 13mth B stood out for me in this class. Nice size and good shape. Super head, broad yet feminine with good proportions, deep stop and correct lip placement. Well muscled front, deep broad chest, well muscled shoulders and correct topline.  Well made rear. Super mover with a powerful gait. BOB

 2nd Courtney’s Danjerrie Londons Pride

3rd Courtney’s Gammorreon’s Poker Face


Open (5,1a)

1st Lane’s Lady Bibi at Danjerrie. 3yr B. Lovely type and shape. Broad head with good stop. Nice eye and expression. Good lip placement. Well muscled throughout. Good deep chest. Lovely rear angles. Good amount of bone and nice feet.  Not as free on the move as her daughter in the challenge. RBOB

2nd Banks’ Born to Run at Redaboux

3rd Darley’s Cymrygold Neulah Jr Ir Ch CJW 2010



Puppy (5,1a)

1st Lee’s Leebee’s Hocus Pocus. 11mth. Lovely outline. Nice head, deep stop. Good length to muzzle and nice ears. Straight front, well laid shoulders over deep chest. Good amount of forechest. Good rear angles and well muscled for age. True, easy, powerful mover. BP & PG2

2nd Warren’s Jezeve Take That

3rd Mitroi’s Cai From House Rotvis

Graduate (3,0a)

1st Lee’s Leebee’s Tina Turner JW. Headed up a super class. 23mth B with a nice outline. Needs to mature but everything is there. Super head, dark eye and nice ears. Well laid shoulders, deep chest, good forechest. Strong loin through to well muscled rear end. Good bone and neat feet. Free, easy, powerful mover. RBOB

2nd Benstead’s Carsal Kenzo

3rd Benstead’s Carsal Kendy


Open (6,4a)

1st Lee’s Chapmeek Jamaican Rhythm avec Leebee’s JW ShCM. Strong well muscled, powerful looking boy. Broad, masculine head of good depth with strong muzzle. Well laid muscular shoulders, lovely forechest, good depth of chest.  Good bone and feet. Lovely rear end. Free powerful mover with good reach and drive while holding a level topline. Handler needs to be careful she does not overstretch him on the stand. BOB, G1 & BIS

1st Lee’s Chapmeek Jamaican Rhythm avec Leebee’s JW ShcM

2nd Osborne’s Carsal Earl



Working Group



Group 1 Lee’s Chapmeek Jamaican Rhythm avec Leebee’s JW ShCM. Rottweiler


Group 2 Brown’s Newford’s Fame Monster JW. Dobermann


Group 3 Walker’s Hanningfield Black Ice. Newfoundland 


Group 4. Raper’s Heriol Hot Ticket at Constantia. Bullmastiff


Working Puppy Group



Puppy Group 1 Leonard’s Blacktide Heaven Knows. Newfoundland. 7mth Blk B. My notes say ‘Beautiful!’. Lovely shape with super bone and feet. Lovely head, dark eye. Well laid shoulders. Broad chest throught to lovely rear. Lovely free, fluid mover. RBPIS


Puppy Group 2  Lee’s Leebee’s Hocus Pocus. Rottweiler


Puppy Group 3 Sambrook’s Ruholfia Aragorn (IKC)(IMP). Dobermann


Puppy Group 4. Vanston’s Vandenrob Striking’n’Sassy. Boxer


Judge – Ray McDonald