Critique for Whitstable & DCS


Golden Retriever

Puppy (4, 3)




1st Todd’s Toddrosa Oasis Dream. Lovely young lady with a pleasing head, lovely dark eye and soft expression. Well laid shoulders, good deep chest, well ribbed back. Good rear angles and good muscle for age. Still very much a baby on the move. BP






Junior (7,1a, 1w)




1st Hughes’ Aymsbury Aurora. 17mth B. Close between her and her brother. Lovely head of good proportions which I preferred over her brother. Dark eye. Well muscled neck to well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest. Lovely rear with well turned stifle, correct tail set and carriage. True mover with reach and drive. RBOB




2nd Dean’s Aymsbury Angus with Rugglestone
3rd Todd’s Toddrosa Oasis Dream

Post Graduate (5,2a)




1st Dean’s Aymsbury Angus with Rugglestone. 2nd in Junior behind his sister. Head broader than I prefer but has a lovely dark eye giving a kind expression. Well muscled neck to well laid shoulders. Excellent forechest. Good bone and nice feet. Well ribbed to short loin and well muscled rear. Well bent stifle. True mover.





2nd Purvis’ Popptgold Shooting Star
3rd Austyin’s Kiteeno Oratia Rowanga


Open (9,3)





1st Fisher Palizolla Polar Bear JW. Headed up an interesting class of differing types. 6yr B. Nice shape with lovely head and dark eye. Well muscled neck to well laid shoulders. Good bone & neat feet. Deep chest, strong loin and lovely rear angles. Free easy mover, true fore and aft, reach and drive in profile. BOB




2nd Evans’ Nativegold Sacre Coeur
3rd Dean’s Aymsbury Abounding Grace at Rugglestone


Labrador Retrievers

I was really disappointed neither my BOB or BP were not in the groups .

Puppy (6,1a)





1st.Metcalfe’s Baileydale Be Bop a Lula. 6mth Yellow B. Took my eye. Super shape, lovely head with dark eye. Well set ears. Lovely bone and feet. Well laid shoulders over well spring ribs. Lovely rear angles and good muscle for age. True mover with a promising future. BP & RBOB.




2nd Davies’ Driffwold Midsomer
3rd Grinham’s Allenies Sea Salt at Frant






1st Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Honey. 14 mth Yellow B. What a lovely girl. Super shape with lovely head and dark eye. Nice close ears. Super shoulders, deep chest and well sprung ribs. Well muscled loin and rear end. Best mover. True fore and aft with an easy profile gait. BOB and pleased to hear that her wins in PG and Open gave her the final point for her JW



2nd Romeng’s Stellamaris Aidens Girl

Post Graduate (5,0a)

 1st Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Honey
2nd Wagstaff & Venables’ Driffwold Hologram at Dewcovny
3rd Goodman’s Lulukella’s Just Maybe


Open (4,1a)

1st Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Honey
2nd Elliott’s Winsleywood Whisper to Lyndham
3rd Romeng’s Stellamaris Aidens Girl




The pointer handlers were tested today when a number of pigeons decided to descend into the rings.  It did give everyone a chance to see the dog’s natural instinct with the birds and a smile when the handlers tried to get their dogs to move.

Junior (6,0a)



1st Dyer’s Sharnphilly Juici Cuture.  8mth Liver/White B. A classic young lady. Lovely outline and super head with well defined stop and hazel eye that complimented the coat. Lovely shoulders and good depth of chest. Good bone with nice feet & pasterns. Strength through loin to a well angled and correctly muscled rear for age. Super mover. BP


2nd Welch’s Hookwood Solar Star
3rd Lambert’s Nightgold Blackavar

Post Graduate (5,1a)




1st Smith & Welch’s Hookwood Hey Jude. 2yr B/W D. Headed up a very close class. Nice head with good shape and dark eye. Well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, good bone and neat feet. Strong loin and good rear. Won the class on his positive movement




 2nd Welch’s Ilfield Jenny with Hookwood
3rd Perren’s Mistin Pure Mischief


Open (4,1a)




1st Welch’s Moulou Minstrel at Hookwood. 2yr B/W D. Another classy dog with a lovely outline and pleasing head with a dark eye. Well muscled neck to well laid shoulders. Good depth of chest. Well muscled through the loin to his rear quarters. Good bone and neat feet. Free flowing, ground covering movement. True fore and aft. BOB then thrilled to watch him with G1. Pleased later to hear he went Reserve Best in Show under Christina Chapman.



2nd Smith’s Hookwood Tickadeeboo Says Lypal ShCM.  3yr O/W B. Very similar in body to the winner but with a different head which was the difference on the day. Liked her for body and her movement. RBOB

3rd Perren’s Mistin Fitz The Bill


Judge – Ray McDonald