Whitney & DCS

22nd May 2011





Junior (1,0a)

1st Rankine’s Tenshilling Rags to Riches at Fyldefair. 6½ mth orange & white bitch. Beautiful young lady, super for type with a lovely head, nice eyes and expression. Excellent shoulders, nice amount of fore chest, good bone and neat feet. Well ribbed, strong and well arched loin, and correct rear angulation. Super mover, absolutely loved her. Pleasure to give her BP & RBOB then to see her win PG1.

Post Graduate (3,0)


1st Rankine’s Heaven Can Wait for Fyldefair. 21mth liver & white B. Headed up the class of three different outlines. Good head but would like darker eye. Excellent shoulders, good fore chest, well ribbed back, strong loin and good rear angles. Nice neat feet, best mover in the class.

2nd Stangroom’s Lappakia Oasis Dream.

3rd Stangroom’s Lappakia Dune Song



Open (1,0)

1st Stangroom’s Medogold Wannabe Posh for Lappakia ShCM. 4½ yr black & white B. Another super typey exhibit. Lovely head, good eye and expression. Good for chest, excellent shoulders, well ribbed back, strong loin, good rear angles and well muscled. A lovely mover. BOB & G1



Gordon Setters

 Post Grad (2,1a)

1st Collingborn’s Melkinmere Easedale. Pretty 2½ year B. Nice head and expression, excellent shoulders and upper arm, good depth of chest and well ribbed. Nice feet, steady mover. B0B


Only my second time judging Dobermans and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for a lovely entry of quality dogs and I was particularly impressed by their condition, in particular their muscle tone. A credit to all the owners.


Puppy (2,1a)

1st Cleaton’s Roblore Heaven Scent at Jasdekoma. 8 mth bitch. Super shape & type, and well muscled. Lovely head & dark eye. Good fore chest, and well laid shoulders. Good bone and feet. Handler needs to ensure she is not under tucked when standing as this can spoil her outline. Lovely mover, true fore and aft. BP and PG 2.


Junior (3,0a)

1st Caffel & Kavanagh’s Chocktaws Chip to Doberway JW. 12 mth bitch. Lovely for type, super head with dark eye, strong neck leading to excellent shoulders and upper arm. Good bone and feet, well ribbed, strong loin. Good rear angles and lovely mover with super topline and good tail carriage.

2nd Knight’s Nearctic Sister of the Water

3rd Green’s Cockneyoka Strombolli at Artemisdream


Post Grad (2,0a)

1st Cleaton’s Jasdekoma Razzle Dazzle. Solid typey bitch, strong throughout. Super head with dark eye. Good fore chest in front of excellent shoulders. Good bone and feet. Well ribbed to strong loin, lovely turn of stifle, super mover with good topline and tail carriage.

2nd Green’s Cockneyoka Belle Star at Artemisdream


Open (2,1a)

1st Caffel’s Doberway Cherokee JW ShCM. Masculine, strong, of good size, imposing and typey. Good head with dark eye and nice expression. Excellent shoulders and upper arm, well ribbed to strong loin. Good rear angles, best mover, good bone and feet. Won of the class on his true front movement. BOB & G2.

2nd Evans’ Diamyst Wish Upon a Star JW. This B has all the attributes of a winning dog. Type, construction and movement. Lovely head with dark eye and good expression. Excelent shoulders, good forechest, well ribbed to strong loin. Good rear angles. Good amount of bone and nice feet. Very nice mover, just not a true in front today as the winner. RBOB

3rd Cleaton’s Jaydex Shining Light at Jasdekoma


Junior Handling

6 to 11yrs (3,2a)

1st Rhiannon Fahy. Handling a 15 month Bull Mastiff.  I liked your smooth calm manner and that you listened to what I asked for & delivered it. Just ensure you don't spend too long stacking your dog and make sure the front legs straight.


12 to 16yrs (7,1a)

1st Holly Kavanagh. Handling a Doberman.

2nd Leigh-Ann Smith. Handling a Bull Mastiff.

Very close between one and two. Both of you were very attentive and precise in stacking and moving your dogs. Both lined up well with the judge, and both listened to what was asked and delivered it. Today the lines from Holly were just a little more accurate.

3rd Lisarose Cole handling a Golden Retriever.


Judge – Ray McDonald