Wealdstone & Northolt CS – 27th December 2016 


Junior (1,0)

1st         Culyer-Dawson’s Culdaws Legend of Gold. 13mth D. Liked his outline and proportions. Pleasing head shape, well furnished with dark eye and an inquisitive expression. Lovely front with well laid shoulders and upper arm giving  good forechest. Well ribbed back and good depth through to firm loin and well angulated rear. Level topline and correct tailset. Nice free movement, straight coming and going with good drive in profile. BOB

Post Graduate (1,0)

1st         Bishop’s Jamar Angeliou. 3yr B. Pretty B with pleasing head and eye. Lovely neck to a good front assembly with forechest, deep chest and well-rounded ribs. Good rear angles.  Not as level in topline as my BOB and not as straight in front but true going away and lovely in profile. RBOB


 Puppy (3,0)

1st         Furneaux’s Bassoodon Zugzwag – MWH Dach.  Oh what a sweetie. Just 6mths but such character. Lovely shape with good length and proportions and a super topline. Head of correct shape and dark eye. Well made front with good amount of keel. Lovely round rear and very settled on the move. Hopefully he will have a bright future. BP & Puppy Group 3

2nd       Harris’ Skyswift Moonbeam - Greyhound
3rd        Vaitekunaite’s Uganda Dagi Dog Senegrerii – MLH Dach


Post Graduate (3,1)

1st         Furneaux’s Shardaroba’s Slient Witness – 12mth Std LH Dach. What a lovely boy. Super outline. Head of good shape and with dark eye giving a lovely expression. Long muscular neck to a lovely front with well laid shoulders, good length to upper arm and prominent keel. Deep through chest to firm loin. Well rounded rear.  Good top and underlines. Super free mover, correct coming & going  and showing good drive. Stood out for me taking BAVNSC and Group 1.

2nd        Wilenczyc’s Dreamlight Northern Dancer at Kashiba - Borzoi


Open Dog (2,0)

1st         Price’s Wellsbayview Oracle – Basset. 23mths and liked this boy for his presence and attitude. Clean lines, pleasing head and eye with correct ears of good length. Good front assembly with prominent sternum. Good lay of shoulder and well boned legs nicely tucked under. Lovely level topline, correct tail set and broad rear with good angles. Nice neat feet. Powerful and effortless on the move. RBAVNSC

2nd        Grimshaw’s Feorlig Bolt From The Blue ShCM - Basset


Open Bitch(2,1)

1st         Tresh’s Lyndorthwin Ethel Grey – Deerhound. 4yr B. Lovely outline on the stand. Liked her head and her lovely dark eye. Good front assembly with well laid shoulders and depth of chest. Correct topline with slight arch over the loin. Good rear angulation and well muscled. Tends to toe in a little in front but super going away and light easy action in profile.



GP 1     Furneaux’s Shardaroba’s Slient Witness - LH Dach

GP 2     Cannon’s Ch Calamus Mediator (Imp) ShCM – Afghan.  Lovely boy of good shape and size, pleasing head, Well made with super shoulders and in good coat. A little erratic on the move.
GP 3    Home & Fisher-Home’s Citycroft Crème Caramel – Whippet . Very smart 10mths B. Lovely size and shape, feminine head, smooth lines, well made and a lovely mover.
GP 4      Scarlett’s Timamso Saskia for Michelroy – Beagle. Smart young lady of good proportions. Well made fore and aft, Clean on the move.


PGP 1  Home & Fisher-Home’s Citycroft Crème Caramel – Whippet

PGP 2  Kimber’s Coachbarn Coda – Beagle. Loved this baby, smart clean lines, good size and shape. Well made and moves with reach and drive due to her correct angulation
PGP 3  Furneaux’s Bassoodon Zugzwag – MWH Dach
PGP 4  Rudkin’s Dynastydax Periwinkle -        MSH Dach A well made youngster of good length with pleasing head and neck. Moves well.


 Junior (4,0)

1st         Woodhams’ Glynell Jiffy.  14mth D. Love his clean outline, pleasing head with nice dark eye. Very good front assembly, forechest, correct spring and depth of rib. Neck flows into level topline, Moderately angled rear used well on the move to give correct drive. Lovely and true fore and aft help to win him BOB then so pleased to see him win Gundog Group 2
2nd        Gough’s Julita Rukester. 6Mth Baby who has lots of potential. Loved his head and body shape. Well made throughout with a good spring and depth of rib. Lovely level topline and steady on the move. With the right training this owner and dog could have a fun future. BP & RBOB

 2rd      Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Ortlinde
Res     Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Martinka          

Post Graduate (3,1)

1st         Charles’ Starth A Kind Of Magic. A close call in this class, just preferred the outline of this 2 yr B. Pleasing head, good neck and well made forequarters. Level topline and good tailset. Like her rear angles. Free moving in profile with good reach and drive. Nice going away but could be tidier in front.

2nd        Woodhams’ Tobermyn Minstrel Boy


 Junior (2,1)

1st         Bramble’s Shirdees Lethal Weapon. At 7mths this young boy is such a baby but what a lovely one he is. Nice head with flat skull, dark eye & good stop. Well laid shoulders, deep chest. Still growing and today his rear end was leading the way. Surprised me on the move, already has control of his limbs and shows coordinated reach and drive already. For a big breed he was quite elegant on the move. Look forward to seeing him in the future. BP and pleased to hear he went Working Puppy Group 4

Post Graduate (3,2)

1st         Vaychkus & Vaickus’ Blue Aira Bernenskie Ranszo JU (IMP PL). 19mth B. Nice girl, perhaps would prefer her a little more compact. Good head with flat skull, defined stop and deep muzzle. Would like a little more forechest. Good depth of chest and nice bone. Good rear angles.  Moves well although a little wide coming towards.

Open (2,0)

1st         Bridges’ Kernow Something.  What a lovely picture. Super outline and size, in full coat, with a masculine head with correct skull, well defined stop and a strong muzzle. If I was to be critical then I would like a slightly longer neck. Super front, deep chest, forechest, lovely bone and super feet.  Firm level topline, correct tailset and carriage. Well muscled rear used on the move. Super on the move combining strength with correct reach and drive. BOB and thrilled to hear he went Working Group 1

2nd        Vaychkus & Vaickus’ Flintas Kalnu Suo (IMP LT)


Ray McDonald