Leeds - 29th July 2012


Thank you to the WELKS committee for their hospitality and welcome, and to the patient exhibitors. We had a long wait to get into the ring and due to the weather we had to judge inside although I am sure the dogs would have been just as happy outside getting wet.

That said, I had some lovely dogs to judge, general quality is good with some nice youngsters I look forward to hopefully seeing in the future.  Very pleased with my top winners and my BOB did himself and the breed proud in the group


Puppy Dog (2,0)

1st Hobbs’ Cartmel Debellador - 11mth of correct size and outline. Lovely head of good proportions correct into well laid shoulders. Deep chest and well ribbed back good bone and feet. Good topline with correct slope of croup leading with tail set. Lovely mover. BP

2nd Mellor’s Austwell I Get Around - Nine months, taller and squarer. Reasonable head but not the front assembly of the winner. Good rear angles. Tended to move close both behind and in front.


Junior Dog (2,0)


Two very nice boys


1st Reddin & Bussell’s Aviators Epitome Of A Bygone Era at Rarjo (Imp USA) - Black boy of good size and stamp. Very good in head, neck and shoulders. Correct spring of rib and good depth, Short loin and very nice rear angles. Good mover with correct stride

2nd McGill’s Winterkloud Hugo Boss - Brown boy, slightly stronger throughout, but similar comments apply. Very good masculine head. Lovely front with well laid shoulders and good ribbing. Not quite as positive in front as the winner which cost him the class


Post Graduate Dog (1,0)

1st Bongiovanni & Heard’s Ankors Vasud  -15 months eyecatching black and white in good coat. Lovely boy of good shape. Pleasing head and eye, good neck to well laid shoulders. Good spring and depth of rib, short strong loin. Careful not to over-extend him on the stand as on occasion this spoilt his outline. Moved well, lots of rear extension in profile.

it Dog (3,1a)

1st Bingley’s Winterkloud Mad And Bad - Black boy with pleasing outline well laid shoulders, good depth of chest. Good short strong loin and nicely angled rear, moved well fore, aft, and in profile

2nd Tweedie’s Rysalka Sailor Sam - Black and white dog rather racy in outline. Pleasing head but not the front angles of the winner. Would like more depth of the loin and is lacking in good rear ham and muscle.

Open Dog (3,0a)

1st Reddin & Bussell’s Ch Rarjo For Your Eyes - Four year old black dog of lovely size and shape. Super head of correct shape. Excels in front angles with good depth of chest, short strong loin, well-muscled rear, correct tail set and carriage. Lovely mover fore and aft with correct gait in profile. CC & BOB  So pleased to see him shortlisted in the group even if I thought he should have had a place.

2nd Mainland’s Ro- G Ch Dragonbank Sea Spider - Four year black dog. Lots to like about this dog. Super outline.. Another good head, strong neck to well laid shoulders and good depth of chest. Short loin of good depth and on to correctly angled rear. Carrying a good coat. True lively mover. RCC

3rd Randall’s Rysalka The Tornado At Rusara

Puppy Bitch (4,3a)

1st Pike’s Bregantia Oops I Did It  - Just six months and what a sweetie. Everything is there and in the right place. Lovely head and dark eye, super shoulders, good ribbing with correct depth. Lovely rear end, a true mover but not yet used to the grass.

Junior Bitch (2,1a)

1st Richardson’s Ankors Haminja - A lovely 15 months black lady good in head with dark eye. Good neck and shoulders, lovely depth of chest and short strong loin. Has a correct rear angles but was not 100% happy today and tended to straighten them on the stand. Tail down on the move, otherwise true coming and going. Would like to see her when she has matured in both body and mind.


Post Graduate Bitch (2,1a)

1st Reddin & Bussell’s Winterkloud Coco Chanel at Bregantia - 14 month Brown girl, a little longer than I was looking for. Good head and eye with lovely shoulders and good depth of chest good bone and feet, nice rear angles and well-muscled. Best of movers behind, good front and profile. Enjoyed playing her handler up.

Limit Bitch (3,1a)

1st McGill’s Winterkloud Mad Moments - Lovely two-year-old black bitch. Good size and shape. Feminine head of correct breadth. Super front assembly, correct depth of chest and spring of rib. Strong loin. Correct rear angles well muscled and a correct mover. Carrying a good goat.  RCC

2nd Morgan’s Belleville Anjo De Noite - 2 year brown bitch. Longer cast than 1 but with a good head and well made front. Good spring of rib and enough depth of chest. Well-muscled rear but a little too much angulation. Moves well if a little close behind.

Open Bitch (5,1a)

Some very nice Bitches in this class


1st Dring’s Cartmel's Brunilda - 3yr Black bitch who presents a lovely outline. Correct head, broad and feminine, with dark eye. Very good in front with well laid shoulders, correct spring of rib and good depth of chest. Correct strong loin through to correctly angulated rear end. Good mover both coming and going & in profile. BCC

2nd Creffield’s Ch Melfield Ruby Tuesday - Another lovely lady of good type. Super head, good neck and lovely shoulders. Correct depth and spring of rib. Good rear angles. Unfortunately she was not happy on the move, pulling away from her handler and not demonstrating on the day the movement that I know she possesses but at this level it all needs to be there on the day.

3rd Gibson’s Rarjo Here She Comes to Majesixs

Res Morgan’s Belleville Lua Da Noite




Judge – Ray McDonald