Tunbridge Wells & DCS - 10/5/2015


Junior (2,1a)

1st Canning’s Mermaids Pride Jello Shot avec Zentaur (Imp Fra) 11mth Landsear D. A stylish young man. Pleasing head with good width and dark eye. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders and return of upper arm.  Lovely deep chest and good forechest giving plenty of heart and lung room.  Good bone and neat feet, rear developing nicely. Stylish and ground covering on the move with plenty of power and a little roll.  A promising young man. BP and Puppy Group 3


Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st  Canning’s Mermaids Pride Jello Shot avec Zentaur (Imp Fra)


Open (2,1a)

1st  Coldwell’s Zentaur Sigh No More. What a lovely lady. Good shape with a broad yet feminine head with dark eyes and a lovely expression. Well muscled neck leading to well laid shoulders with good deep chest & forechest.  Lovely bone a feet.  Love her rear end. Super free gait. Preferred her forechest and rear extension BOB & Group 1

2nd  Coldwell’s Zentaur I WillWait JW BJWBE’14


AVNSC Working

Junior (4,1a)

1st Tousent & Crawley’s Minaelea Taylored By Choice- Rottweiler 13mth D.  What a lovely young man. Strong, powerful & well balanced. Masculine head of good proportions, dark eye giving intelligent expression. Strong well muscled neck to well laid shoulders and good forechest.  Lovely depth to chest and loin. Well muscled and angled rear. Strong powerful mover.  One for the future. BAVNSC


Open (1,0a)

1st Hau & Hyde’s Lakaribay Up All Night – St Bernard 3yr B with plenty of substance. Broad head but rather small in eye and I would like a little more length of neck. Good width and depth to chest with well laid shoulders. Super bone and nice feet. Rear angles ok and well muscled. Easy unhurried mover.

Junior Handling

I was somewhat disappointed in the standard of the handling, particularly the older classes.  A number of handlers rushed the teeth and only gave a brief glimpse of the bite. Slow everything down so that every action is measured, calm and never appearing rushed. 

Another simple way to improve the neatness of patterns is to point the dog in the direction you want them to move. Only 2 handlers did this, the rest faced their dog straight up the ring then went off on the triangle.  The result is that the dog thinks they are going one way then get ‘yanked’ off in a different direction thus spoiling the very first line. 

Up & down still seems to cause problems for handlers.  Most judges expect you to go away and back on the same straight line. Not one handler managed this today yet it is the basis of most patterns.  

Finally, when a judge asks for a circuit the general expectation is a flowing circuit round the ring. Not a square with slightly rounded corners.  Try to keep the dog moving without any sudden changes of direction. 

Note, I am happy to discuss / demonstrate these at any show you see me at.

6 – 11 yrs (9,4)

1st            Jessica Bootes handling a beagle. You stood your dog very well on the table and showed the teeth clearly. Good lines to the
                  triangle and I like the way you set up and get your dog ready before moving off. Nice to hear a handler talking to her charge

2nd           Mia Brown
handling a Golden retriever. Very close between 2 & 3. You did show the teeth clearer although the hesitancy at that
                  start of the triangle could cost you places.  Work out where you are going before moving off.  Good up & down although not on the
                  same line.  Good shadow work and circuit

3rd            Miss Stevie Lou Norley. 
Handling a Siberian Husky. When showing the teeth, take your time and show each section for a little
                  longer. Try lifting the lips more when showing the front to make it clearer. As with Mia, work out where you are going before
                  moving off and make sure it is in the right direction
4th           Emma Fisher.
5th           Roxy Turner.

 12 – 16 yrs (4,2a)

1st            Miss J Gausden handling a Miniature Schnauzer. A very accomplished handler. Good table work with clear teeth. Calm pattern
                  work with good lines.  That said, to make it better, point your dog in the direction of movement and plan your route before you go
                  off so you avoid any obstacles in the ring like tables or other handlers.  Good reverse triangle.

2nd           Yazmin Chloe Russell. Very good table work although make sure the legs are in alignment. At this level, judges want precision.
                  Good triangle with good lines. Although on your reverse you went off in the wrong direction.  The triangle itself was good though
                  with the dog moved at the correct pace.

 Adult Handling

 17-34 yrs (1,0)

1st          Emily Bennet  handling an English Setter. A smooth calm handler. You stack your dog beautifully and move him at the correct
               pace with good use of your voice.  A lovely flowing circuit although your triangle could have been neater and your up & down tidier
                and straighter.

35 – 54 yrs (4,0a)

1st        Jo Lomax handling a pug. Good tablework but try to give firmer commands and not to keep moving the dog.  Your patterns were
              tidy and at a good speed.  The line on your up & down was very good.
2nd       Helen Butcher handling a Whippet. Another good handler. You stack your dog well on the table and moved it well in straight lines
             with good use of the voice.  I would have preferred it if your up & down had been on the same line

Elly Bass
Res      Emma Crapton


55+ Years (5,2a)

1st            Jane Ferguson handling a PBGV. Contrived to throw this class away but then so did the others. Good tablework, nice triangle
                 and up & down, the latter being on 2 lines but only about 6 inches apart.  Remember to maintain concentration and check the
                 judge to ensure your dog comes back on the correct side.

2nd           Sue Pounds-Longhurst
Longhurst handling a Golden Retriever.  You stood your dog well but the front teeth could have been
                 shown more clearly. Your triangle was good but your up & down could be straighter. Good use of the voice and again remember to
                 check the judge during your pattern
3rd            Jo Lamb


Working Group

I must say that I was very pleased and impressed with the depth of quality in the groups.  While a pleasure to judge it did mean that I decisions were very close and some very good BOB’s left the ring with nothing


Group 1  Coldwell’s Zentaur Sigh No More – Newfoundland   This young lady got better as the day went on and outside in the big ring she looked wonderful.


Group 2  Niall & Rothery’s Debbollinby Warrior Dancer at Davenheath JW ShCM- Leonberger  This young man gets better and better. Judged him as a youngster and did him well. Now he is maturing he is looking wonderful. Lovely outline and a super head. Well made fore and aft, in good condition and carrying a nice coat. On the move he has grace and power, true coming and going with lovely easy ground covering profile gait


Group3 Taylor’s Luponooshka London Wasp (AI) – Alaskan Malamute   Another lovely bitch. Just 2yrs and coming along well.  Super head with nice eye and lovely ears. Well made, in reasonable coat and moved out a dream.


Group 4 Cobb’s Topauly Wizards Mistress - Boxer  So lovely to see and substantial yet feminine boxer bitch with good bone. Love her head, super neck, well made throughout with a lovely outline and classic movement.

Working Puppy Group


Puppy Group 1    Pocock’s Ravendane Frozen with Tamzdane – Great Dane Only a baby but what a lovely one. Super head on a good length neck set on well laid shoulders. Such a lot to change but the basics are all there.  So sound on the move for one so young and so elegant in profile.


Puppy Group 2 Bowden & Hughes’ Arcticskies The Wow Factor at Staggan – Siberian Husky Another lovely baby, good shape, with a good coat over a well made body, good bone. Pleasing head. Another good mover.


Puppy Group3 Canning’s Mermaids Pride Jello Shot avec Zentaur (Imp Fra) - Newfoundland


Puppy Group 4 Kirkwood’s Draxpark Lots To Like – Giant Schnauzer Along with the Leonberger this was the baby of the group. That said, he is a well made baby of good size and shape. Moved well


A V Champion Stakes

Special Yearling (1,0a)

1st Carley & Ward’s Sh Ch Jupavia Seventh Heaven JW ShCM – Border Collie 3yrs and what a super boy. Type, conformation and movement. Lovely head and ears, well made and such a typical mover. Had to be on top form is such a high quality class and he was.

2nd           Coldwell’s Ch Zentaur Tee Tea Effen JW ShCM - Newfoundland
3rd            Allchorne’s Diheath Guns n Roses JW – Bassett Hound
Res         Niall & Rothery’s Benellieson Fruitful Fancy at Davenheath - Leonberger
VHC        McEwan’s Ch Maudaxi Tycoon Ginger from Marunnel ShCM - PBGV

Ray McDonald (Judge)