Three Counties - 9th June 2016

I must say a huge thank you to the exhibitors you entered today, and with only 1 absentee I was thrilled.  I make no apologies for pushing through the judging, it was hot out there and I didn’t want your dogs out in the sun for too long which is also why I didn’t move them as much as I would normally.
There is still a variety of shapes and sizes and while there are some super specimens in the breed, breeders need to work together to ensure consistency of type
However, I was very pleased with my line-ups and my winners.

Puppy Dog (2,0a)


1st          Westwood’s Eusanit Catch Me If You Can 11mth, Good type, nice size and shape. Very pleasing head of correct shape, enough neck, well made front with good lay of shoulder, deep chest and short loin. Well muscled rear with correct tailset and carriage. Nice feet.  On the move he is true coming and going with good reach and drive.

2nd         Fuard’s Tollelkin Bay of Ice. 9mth, built along finer lines than 1 and longer through the body. Pleasing head, good angles fore and aft, deep chest and nice feet. On the move he is true coming and going and graceful in profile.


Junior Dog (3,0a)


1st          Westwood’s Eusanit Catch Me If You Can . 

2nd         Dee’s Melanitta Carelinus 14mth. Lots to like about this young man, good for size and shape with a nice head. Good bone, well made fore and aft. Needs to be ‘shown off’ on the stand and encouraged a bit more on the move.

3rd Fuard’s Tollelkin Bay Of Ice


Post Graduate Dog (6,0a)


1st          Strevens’ Erikachen Conaire at Tollisty JW So much has been said and written about this young man and after judging him I can see why. Stood out in this class. Excels in many areas. Lovely head & neck, well laid shoulders, deep chest with forechest, well ribbed back to a short loin, lovely rear angles, correct tailset and carried well. True on the move coming and going with correct jaunty gait. Had to work hard in the challenge against the open winner but just had the edge on the move. BD & BOS

2nd         Dee’s Melanitta Carelinus

3rd Thompson’s Arbetsviljans Granit of Ambertollers (Swed Imp)
Res Crosby’s Born To Run for Valsannra
VHC Buckingham’s Gaberlunzie Tweed

Open Dog (7,0a)

1st          Westwood’s Littleriver's O' Canada to Eusanit (Imp) Another super young man. Good shape and size. Excels in head and neck, super front assembly with good depth of chest, nice bone and good feet. Short loin and a well muscled rear. Lovely on the move with good tail carriage. Well handled as one would expect. In the challenge he just didn’t catch the eye quite as much the PG winner. RBD
2nd         Fielder’s Eusanit Stand And Deliver at Cretshengan. A little taller than 1 but balanced and well made and typey. Deep chest, short loin, correctly angled rear, lovely tailset and carriage. Super mover, well handled.

3rd Gray’s Seahaven's Galactic Storm at Wulalowe
Res Palfrey’s Foxdown Bertie Allsorts
VHC Fielder’s Playing The Fielder at Cretshengan


Puppy Bitch (3,1a)

1st          Westwood’s Eusanit Best Of The Bunch. A name well suited & today was best of the puppies.  Lovely head of correct shape. Super front assembly, deep chest and short loin. Super rear angles. Nice bone and good feet. Her handler just needs to watch the dogs rear when standing to ensure she is covering the ground. True mover and in the challenges kept showing and stood out to win RBB and BP
2nd         Thompson’s Ambertollers Fantasy. Just 6mth and such a sweetie. Pretty head and well made but rather short on leg at the moment. Hopefully she will grow on.


Junior Bitch (2,1a)

1st          Westwood’s Eusanit Best Of The Bunch


Post Graduate Bitch (5,0a)

An intriguing class with a variety of shapes and sizes.


1st          Newson’s Tivalake More Than Wishes Won on size and shape over 2. Feminine young lady with a nice shaped head and good length of neck. Very good front with well laid shoulders & good depth of chest. Lovely rear angles and best mover in the class. Lacking in coat today.
2nd         Littlehales’  Melanitta Ambrose  Slightly taller than 1 and with a little more substance, balanced. Feminine head of good shape.  Well put together both front and rear. Another good mover but not quite as positive on the move as 1.

3rd Wallwork’s Eusanit Chineese Whispers at Schindow
Res Rogers’ Eusanit Chase The Dream
VHC Ward’s Melanitta Galatina


Open Bitch (4,0a)

1st          Westwood’s Sh Ch Eusanit Apple Of One's Eye JW. This young lady set the standard today. Mature, typey with the best of heads and bodies. A joy to go over, solid and so well made. Super front assembly, good deep chest and forechest, excels behind. So true and eye-catching on the move combining a typical carefree attitude with reach and drive. Pleased to award her BB & BOB then thrilled to watch her win Gundog Group 4.  Apparently this is a repeat of what she did at last year’s show. A fabulous achievement
2nd         Rogers’ Tollyhimmel Drunkun Duck This 2yr old did not have the presence of the winner today particularly on the stand where she did appear to be feeling the heat. She does have a nice head and is well put together throughout. Particularly like her rear angles. A steady mover.

3rd Ward’s Flushpoint Whata Accident for Melanitta
Res Buckingham’s Kymin Medart

Judge – Ray McDonald