Swansea & DCS- 14/02/2015

Cocker Spaniel

Open (1,0)

1st  Owen’s Damsantes Sheer Delight at Bryniver. 13mth Golden D. Nice young man of pleasing shape, lovely dark eye and well set ears.  Good neck to well laid shoulders, deep chest with good spring. Nice rear angles.  True mover. BOB

American Cocker Spaniel

Graduate (1,0)

1st Roberts’ Veltuds Buff Hello Bill. 8mth Buff D. What a lovely boy. Very nice shape, masculine head of good proportions, nice eye and expression. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders and good depth of chest. Good rear angles, muscling well.  Lovely clean true mover. May have been standing alone in his class but his quality showed through in the puppy group.  BP and PG2

Open (3,0)

1st Bedding’s Nujax Hey Micky NAF. 2yr Black D. Stunning. Loved him for his shape, size, head, confirmation and movement. Super head of good shape and proportions with dark eye. Clean neck to well laid shoulders over good ribbing.  Good bone and feet.  Correct topline to good rear end.  So clean and positive on the move.  An eye-catching dog that won BOB and Group 1.  Thrilled to hear that later he went BIS.  Thoroughly deserved

2nd          Roberts’ Veltuds Tegwen
3rd           Jones’ Alkimadus Gwn Ben Y Gardigan

Welsh Spinger Spaniel.

Graduate (2,1)


1st Worth’s Sarabande River Breeze (AI). 20mth B. Very pretty Feminine B. Liked her head, good shape and nice eye. Good neck and shoulders. Nice bone and feet.  Well ribbed with good depth. Nice rear angles.  A little hesitant on the stand which affected her topline and a little distracted on the move at first.  Improved in the challenge to show she can drive and hold her topline.

Open (3,2)

1st Worth’s Sarabande Perfect Storm (AI). Litter brother to the Grad winner. Very nice young man, super shape with lovely head and eye.  Lovely neck, well laid shoulders and nice forechest. Good rear and solid to go over. More positive on the move than his sister and went very well in the group.  BOB & Group 3.

Labrador Retriever

Junior (5,2)


1st Jones’ Oakhouse One For Joy. 12mth Choc B. Won the class on her overall type and shape. Good head and ears.  Well made fore and aft with good angles. Well ribbed with deep chest.  Good bone and neat feet.  Best mover, true coming and going and covers the ground in profile. BOB

2nd          Phillips’ Sheenaron Merry Iron Maiden


3rd  Barker’s Deerbrook Zacate. 10 mth Yellow D. Different in type and well up to size. Well made front but I would like a little more angulation behind.  Good depth of chest and needs to be moved a little faster to show off his movement.   BP

Open (5,3)


1st Jones’ Adoraden Milky Way. 2yr Choc D.  Enjoying his day and giving his handler a tough time. Head as broad as I would want but all in proportion. Well made with nice feet. Just needs time and practice with his handler to get the best out of him in the ring.    

2nd          Barker’s Deerbrook Millionheir

Golden Retriever

Graduate (1,0)


1st Gutteridge’s Ipcress Pearl’s a Singer at Criafol. 7mth B. What a sweetie. New to the show ring and a little in awe to begin with and not happy being parted from her kennelmate. But as the day went on she grew in confidence.  Beautiful head with a dark eye and soft expression. Good length of neck to well made fore-quarters over well sprung ribs of good depth. Lovely rear angles and good tailset. Moved ok in her class. In the challenge she was happier and more settled. Here, and again in the groups she moved like a dream, true, easy and flowing.  Could have a bright future.  BOB, BP, Group 4 and Puppy Group 3

Open (1,0)


1st Gutteridge’s Criafol Storm. 17mth B. Pretty B with pleasing head and dark eye. Well made with good bone, nice forechest and depth of rib. Rather pre-occupied on the move and a little unsure on the stand after a previous incident. Moved well but lacked drive due to her loss of confidence.  


Irish Setter

Graduate (5,3)

Two very nice bitches with all the same qualities

1st Taylor’s Danaway Goody Two Shoes. 17mth B. Small feminine B with a classic body and head. Lovely dark eyes and good earset.  Good length of neck to well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and better forechest than 2nd. Nice rear angles. True mover and elegant in profile. BOB

2nd          Davis’ Lanlin Blue Casanova

Open (6,2)

Nice class

1st  Taylor’s Wynjill Well Done. 2yr B. Another classic B with a lovely head, correct outline and well made. A little lighter in eye but lovely neck and shoulders, good depth of chest and forechest, correct topline and good rear angles.  Needs to be run on a loose lead to get the best out of her and try not to overstretch her on the stand

2nd          Lewis’ Danaway Love Me tender.   
3rd           Lewis’ Tarandell Jade.   
4th           Lewis’ Tarandell Rocher’s Desire


Graduate (3,0)

1st Fleetwood’s Tyremy Southseaspice. 2yr Blk / White B. Presents a good shape with flowing lines and the best of heads. Good neck to well laid shoulders and lovely deep chest. Good bone and neat feet. True on the move both coming and going with good drive behind.  Would like a little more forward action in front.

2nd Skinner’s Bonnygate Miss Quiz at Juennerfly. 8mth Orange / White B. A pleasing youngster with a lovely head. Well made in front and preferred her front movement to the winner but preferred the winners rear end. BP & Puppy Group 4

3rd            Cooper’s Trosnant D’Gerous Liaisans.   


Open (3,0)

1st Theobald, Phillips & Westaway’s Penwest Pallaton JW. What a fine young man. 2yr Blk / White D. Typey head with dark eye, good length of neck flowing into well laid shoulders over deep ribs. Has a good length of upper arm that is missing in so many these days and it is this that gives him is lovely reach in his front movement. Deep chest through deep well muscled loin to good rear angles that he uses to get drive on the move. Well muscled and in good condition.  And I understand that congratulations are due as today he won the last points for his ShCM . BOB & Group 2.

2nd           Skinner’s Tycarreg Sassy Fontaine at Juennerfly.   
3rd            Fleetwood’s Nitegold Bluebell.   

AVNSC Gundog

Graduate (3,1)

1st   Wakely’s Riverwatcher Nukilik. 2yr NSDTR D. Liked this boy for his size and shape.  Head is of good shape but a little broad across the skull.  Nice eye and ears. Well made with good bone and neat feet. Good depth and spring of rib.  Correct angles behind and moves out well with good tail carriage.  BAVNSC

2nd           Thomas’ CrunwereMarley Magic by Graylswater - Flatcoated Retriever

Open (2 ,0)

1st Thomas’ Casanjay Rhian of Graylswater. 5yr Flatcoated Retriever. A workmanlike yet feminine 5yr B in lovely condition. Pleasing shape with a lovely head and dark eye. Well laid shoulders, good spring of rib with nice depth and good forechest.  So solid to go over and steady on the move

2nd          Griffiths’ Sonnetend Tic Tac Toe. Field Spaniel  

AV Gundog

Puppy (3,1)


1st Cooper’s Trosnant Casting The Runes. 8 mth Blk / white Pointer D. WOW, what a lovely young man. Super shape and gorgeous head with dark eye and lovely expression. Beautiful neck to well laid shoulders over deep chest. Super rear. Lovely bone and very good feet.  On the move he is a joy to watch, true, with a ground covering driving movement and correct front action. A young man with a very promising future, one to watch. BP and Puppy Group 1.


Gundog Group


Group 1 - Bedding’s Nujax Hey Micky NAF – American Cocker Spaniel


Group 2 - Theobald, Phillips & Westaway’s Penwest Pallaton JW - Pointer


Group 3 - Worth’s Sarabande Perfect Storm (AI). – Welsh Springer Spaniel


Group 4 - Gutteridge’s Ipcress Pearl’s a Singer at Criafol – Golden Retriever

Gundog Puppy Group


Puppy Group 1 - Cooper’s Trosnant Casting The Runes - Pointer


Puppy Group 2 - Roberts’ Veltuds Buff Hello Bill – American Cocker Spaniel


Puppy Group 3 - Gutteridge’s Ipcress Pearl’s a Singer at Criafol – Golden Retriever


Puppy Group 4 - Skinner’s Bonnygate Miss Quiz at Juennerfly - Pointer


Junior Handling

6 – 11 yrs (5,0)

1st            Ebony Marie Hooper handling a Chihuahua. The most accomplished handler in the class. Stood her dog well on the table and on the floor. Calm and assured on the move giving a nice triangle and up & down.  Remember to return to the judge if they move and present directly in front of them.
2nd           Jarrad John Hooper Handling a Chihuahua and turns out to be a sibling of the winner.  Although he has only been handling for 2 weeks this young man has a grasp of the basics but it was his rapport with his dog and the way he communicated with it that impressed me the most. With the right training and encouragement this young man could become a top handler.
3rd            Connah Howell.   
4th           Jodie Cook.
5th           Sophie Johnson.

12 – 16 yrs (6,2a)

1st            Catherine Webb handling a GSD. Not the easiest of breeds to handle and this one was determined to make his handler work.  However she proved she was up to the challenge by giving a demonstration of calm, controlled, intelligent handling that I loved. When her dog repeatedly moved his feet, not once did she get flustered and rush things, but just kept calmly putting them correct.  Teeth were clearly presented and her lines were beautiful especially considering he was a big fast dog. A well deserved BJH and her display meant she is one of the few people I would happily trust to handle my dogs.  Congratulations also on your BAVNSC and Pastoral Group 1.
2nd           Ciaran Howell. handling a Beagle. Another very competent handler who in escence didn’t do anything wrong. Teeth and tablework were precise and patterns accurate and at the correct pace.  I just felt that all movements round the dog were a little quick and jerky that just takes the judges attention away from the dog rather than being smooth and un-noticed.
3rd            Ffion Thomas.   
         Catherine Kesson.

Ray McDonald (Judge)