Suffolk KA - 19th July 2015

Spaniel (Cocker)

Puppy (1,0a)

1st Reed’s Reemif Seventh Heaven. 7mth B. What a lovely start to the day. Beautiful shape, super head and neck and well made fore and aft. Correct spring of rib, short coupled. Lovely level topline and coped well with the uneven ground showing good extension. BP.

Junior (4,2a)

1st Height’s Dreamlereve Betty Boo at Fourtails. 15mth B. Pleasing outline. Head as long as I would want but has nice dark eyes.  Well made fore and aft, good ribbing, well sprung and deep. Nice mover especially coming and going

2nd Harris’ Melgrove Dark Crusade

Post Graduate (4,1a)

Two very nice cockers

1st Wildman’s Harbethol Look Rockmaster with Chanmalo. 2yr D. Loved his shape and type, super head, masculine yet refined. Dark eye and kind expression.  Well made fore and aft, lovely lines from neck, over shoulders to level topline. Good spring and depth of rib. So true on the move and good profile action. RBOB

Clarke’s Harbethol Look Miss Minimee


Open (7,4a)

1st Reed’s Reemif Ice Ice Baby. 3yr B and what a lovely lady. Correct in so many areas.  Lovely size and shape with a beautiful head of good proportions. Dark eye and that intelligent expression with a hint of ‘naughtiness’. Nice length of neck that flows into a level topline and correct croup. Good spring of rib with well laid shoulders. Presented in lovely coat and condition. Moved with ease, true and good drive. BOB

2nd Crisp’s Genavieves Winter Solstice
3rd Height’s Harbethol Spring Quest at Fourtails


English Springer Spaniel

Junior (2,0a)

1st Wallis & Levene’s Petranella The Real Deal. 15mth B developing nicely.  Liked her shape and flowing lines. Pleasing head although I would prefer a darker eye. Good front with well laid shoulders, correct spring and depth of rib. Strong loin with good arch to nice rear.  Good mover and very well handled..

2nd Wilson’s Hunterheck Withchcraft at Chelmeress. 7mths and such a baby. Is at that ‘up on the leg’ stage and needs to lengthen to regain his balance. Mature in head, good neck and shoulders. Nice rear and needs to settle

Post Graduate (3,1a)

1st Wilson’s Peasblossom Luna at Zawspring. What a lovely young lady. 2yrs and scores in so many areas. Strength of head and muzzle yet retaining her femininity, lovely eye and expression. Neck flowing into well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth. Nice rear angles and well set tail. Well muscled throughout with a free easy gait, true fore and aft and good reach & drive in profile. BOB and so pleased to hear she went on to win Gundog Group 1.

2nd Wilson’s Chelmeress Hawkspur Green

Open (3,1a)

Two nice boys but very different.

1st Wallis & Levene’s Torbek Penrhyn Bay. A nice boy I have done well by in the past. Pleasing head, refined though masculine, good proportions. Good length of neck, well laid shoulders and enough forechest. I like his depth and spring of rib. Well muscled loin and good rear quarters.  Out moved 2nd place with lovely reach and coped especially well driving up the slope. RBOB

2nd Wilson’s Mosi Mahbub for Zawspring


Irish Setter

Open (4,2a)

1st Haill’s Snuggler Honey Pie over Smokeywater.  3yr B, Racy with long lean head and dark eye.  Nice neck and shoulders and correct spring of rib.  Well angled rear and won out on her movement. BOB

1st Wood’s Moyna Amigo. 6yr D. On first impressions I thought he would be my winner.  Very eye catching, pleasing head and eye, good neck and shoulders, lovely forechest, good rear especially his 2nd thigh and in good coat. On the move however he just didn’t want to perform . RBOB

Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Open (1,0a)

1st Revill’s Julita Rinatasha JW ShCM. Standing alone but more than worthy. 4Yr B. Like her shape and size, pleasing head with soft expression.  Love her neck, shoulders and forechest. Good spring and depth to her ribs.  She does tend to straighten her rear legs on the stand which spoils her rear angles and topline but on the move she is lovely to watch. BOB


AVNSC Gundog

Puppy (3,0a)

1st Maddran’s Narddamway Chasing The Pace – Spaniel (Sussex)  What a lovely young lady. Liked her size and shape with good proportions to leg and body. Pleasing head. Well made front and a super rear end. Took my eye especially on the move.

2nd Head’s Combleywood Abrakebabra - Spaniel (American Cocker)
3rd Whttaker’s Bramatha Brownie – Retriever (Flat Coated)

Junior (5,3a)

1st Mitchell’s Herlinga Auden – Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla. Just had the edge today of these litter brothers. Preferred the topline and movement of my winner. Good head and neck and well laid shoulders. Liked his feet.  Well made fore and aft. More settled on the move that 2nd

2nd Hill’s Herlinga Haylan– Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Post Graduate (6,0a)

1st Savory’s Alliance De La Vie Rabbit Racer of Katimba – NSDTR. WOW. 19th and looking lovely. Super for type, size and shape. Gorgeous correct head, lovely eye and expression. So well made fore and aft and a joy to watch on the move.  So close in the challenge but looked untidy on the move compared to the American. RBAVNSC

2nd Hawtree’s Highclare Hold Your Horses at Bremalyn JW - Brittany
3rd Nickleson’s Blitzan Eternal Light – Large Munsterlander
Res Maddran’s Meggamooch Razzlde Dazzle at Narddamway – Spaniel (Sussex)


Open (2,1a)

1st Pridemore & Head’s Saltdean Keep Um Coming – Spaniel(American Cocker).  6yr Buff. Loved his outline on the stand and on the move, and such attitude.  Lovely head of good proportions and an aristocratic look. Super shoulders with good forechest and depth of rib.  Well angled rear and what a mover.  True coming and going but such drive on the circuit which won him BAVNSC

2nd Hawtree’s Highclare Hold Your Horses at Bremalyn JW - Brittany
3rd Nickleson’s Blitzan Eternal Light – Large Munsterlander
Res Maddran’s Meggamooch Razzlde Dazzle at Narddamway – Spaniel (Sussex)


AV Gundog

Puppr (1,0a)

1st Hughes’ Aymsbury Albertino – Retriever (Golden). 10mth D. Nice boy with pleasing head and nice dark eye. Lovely neck and shoulders, good forechest and lay of shoulder. Deep ribs.  Like his top and underlines. Super rear angles. Steady on the move, just needs to tighten in front. BP

Post Graduate (10,6)

1st Wildman’s Harbethol Look Rockmaster with Chanmalo – Spaniel (Cocker). (see previous)
2nd Beecham’s Baileydale Eliza Doolittle- Retriever (Labrador)
3rd Clarke’s Harbethol Look Miss April Sun – Spaniel (Cocker)
Res Evans’ Lestorm Sapphire Blue - Retriever (Golden)


Open (7,3a)

1st Beecham’s Baileydale Eliza Doolittle - Retriever (Labrador) 18mth B. 2nd in the previous class.  Like her shape and love her head.  Well made fore & Aft with good depth and spring of rib.  Moved much better in this class.

2nd Clarke’s Harbethol Look Mr Zaffre Sun – Spaniel (Cocker)
3rd Savory & Moult’s Corlitgold Tahlia of Croftwell - NSDTR
Res Evans’ Lestorm Princess Aurora - Retriever (Golden)


1st Waters’ Tarkanya Lytas Llewellyn - Large Munsterlander. Now 9½ yrs and typical of this breed that are slow to mature and still look great in veteran. A lovely boy, typey and well made. Love his head, super shoulders, good depth of rib and fore chest. Strong loin and well angled rear. Can still show some of the youngsters how to move.

2nd Maddran’s Sh Ch Meggamooch Jester at Narddamway ShCM – Spaniel (Sussex)
3rd Savory & Moult’s Corlitgold Malila of Croftwell - NSDTR
Res Taggart’s Altindan Anything Goes - Retriever (Golden)
VHC Watkins’ Lembas Saving Grace at Amberwatch - Retriever (Labrador)

Pastoral Group


Gp 1 Macdonald’s Jupavia Seventh Blessing JW – Border Collie.  What can I say about this young lady.  She has it all, type, conformation and typical Border movement that is not always evident at this level.  Stood out in the group and so pleased that she went on to win BIS.

Gp 2 Jones & Gibbons’ Austrian Dream Be Well Suited of Wispafete JW (IMP). Australian Shepherd Liked this young man for his type and head. Steady true unexaggerated mover.

Gp 3 Cutler’s Ch Littlehive Daisychain around Lankeela ShCM. Couldn’t leave this lady out of the placings. Well put together and a lovely free brisk mover.

Gp 4 Frosdick’s Kalwig Ruadan –Welsh Corgi (Cardigan). My 4th place who also took my eye on the move, true with a free easy gait. Liked his head and presents a lovely outline on the stand with good outline.


Pastoral Puppy Group

PGp 1 Stock’s Shemist Fairy Mist - Shetland Sheepdog. Lovely size and shape, beautiful head, well made and a good mover.  A promising future.

PGp 2 Pullen’s Meadowbears Destiny In Blue - Old English Sheepdog.  What a sweetie, has a lovely shape and head. Just 6 months but so much more mature in mind and on the move.  A real showgirl with a very promising future.

PGp 3 Syrett’s Ganseblume Enchantress – Lancashire Heeler. Didn’t like the table but not to be denied. Well made and so good on the move.

PGp 4 Carter’s Gerian Sunfever – Collie (Rough). Promising youngster, pleasing in head and ears, good body shape.  A little erratic on the move.


Ray McDonald (Judge)