Stoke on Trent Gundog

30th September 2012



Flatcoated Retrievers


Puppy (2,0a)

1st  Brooks & Ayling’s Flathams Gaode Delbax from Castlerock. Just 6mths. A beautiful young lady with an elegant head and lovely dark eye. Well laid shoulders over ribs of good depth. A pleasure to watch on the move. True fore and aft with a free easy profile gait. BP and pleased to see her win Puppy Group 4 in a strong group.

2nd Smitherman, Walker & Roberts’ Covellyns Artic Icon of Seaheart


Junior (3,0a)

1st  Orme’s Elmstock Thyme to Dream. 17mth D coming on nicely. Good shape with correct head and dark eye. Good neck to excellent shoulders. Good rear angles. Lovely mover and best of feet.

2nd Hammersley’s Buckleyhill Morpheus for Nellspeace

3rd Smitherman, Walker & Roberts’ Covellyns Artic Icon of Seaheart


Graduate (3,1)


1st Hammersley’s Buckleyhill Morpheus for Nellspeace.  A close 2nd in the previous class. Another of good shape with pleasing head and dark eye. Very nice shoulders over good ribs with good depth. Correctly angulated rear. Not as settled on the move in the previous class but better in here.


2nd Ashcroft & Long’s Canalhouse Top Suit to Keepersway


Post Graduate (5,0)


1st  Ashcroft & Long’s Beanit Luka to Keepersway. 3½ yr B. Took my eye. Super head of correct shape and a lovely dark eye. Good forechest and depth of chest. Well laid shoulders. Well muscled loin and rear end.  Good amount of bone and best of feet. Truest of movers with lovely profile gait. If I were critical I would like a little less length of body but her overall quality shone through. BOB


2nd   Burroughs’ Elmstock Echoes Of Thyme over Rokaness

3rd   Orme’s Castlerock Northern Sky over Elmstock


Open (8,1)

1st  Salt’s Brihensol Mandria at Wetnoses.  8yr D. Headed up a very varied class. Classic head with dark eye. Super shoulders, good forechest and lovely depth. Well ribbed and short loin to well muscled, correctly angulated rear. Moved well and won the class on his head and movement. RBOB


2nd   Hammersley’s Stranfaer Doctor for Nellspeace

3rd   Ashcroft & Long’s Beanit Ned Kelly to Keepersway



Curlycoated Retrievers

Junior (1,0a)

1st  Cawdell-Owen’s Lilholm’s Champagne A l’Orange among Cawdowen (Imp Dnk). 8mth Blk B. Lovely baby with pleasing head, dark eye. Good front and shoulders, deep chest and good rear. Nice curls. Needs to tighten up on the move but correct for this age. BP



Post Grad (1,0a)

1st  Whitehead’s Springcurl Spin Doctor for Foxriever. 2yr Liver D. Didn’t want to play the game today particularly on the move. Masculine throughout, broad head but in proportion with his body, correct eye and nice close ears. Strong neck to musclular well laid shoulders. Good ribs with lovely spring and depth. Strong loin. Moderate angles to rear. Not happy on the move and this meant he lacked the drive I was looking for. RBOB



Open (1,0a)

1st  Davies, Bradstock & May’s Kagemusha Bertie Bayleaf Con Redanimo. 2½ yr Blk D. What a lovely boy. Super head with dark eye and nice ears. Strong neck of good length. Good lay of shoulder, well sprung deep ribs to a strong muscular loin. Correctly angulated rear that is also well muscled. Lovely mover with good reach and drive although the ring did not allow him to drive to his pull potential he showed it in the group ring where I was delighted to watch him win Reserve Best in Show.


German Longhaired Pointer.

Open (1,0a)

1st  Whiting’s Questor Jacob.  There may have only been 1 entered but he is a quality example. Masculine yet elegant and powerful. Head broad and well proportioned with good eye shape and lovely ears with good feathering. Muscular neck to well laid shoulders. Super forechest, ribs well sprung and of good depth. Well muscled across loin and to his powerful rear. Exuberant on the move but true and showing good drive. BOB and shortlisted for BIS.


Junior (1,0a)

1st  Maddox’s Enryb Loces to Party.  Very nice 10mth B. Well up to size but balanced. Feminine head of good length. Correct eyes and nice ears. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders. Good forechest and good depth of chest. Lovely length of body well ribbed and good topline.  Good width of ham giving her a well turned stifle when she is not overstretched. Lovely free mover. BP & RBOB

 Post Graduate (2,0a)

1st  Gibbons, Gilbert & Pearce’s Gunalt Can Dance. What a lovely young lady. Only 19mths presenting a pleasing outline. Good length of head with nice eye and correct ears. Super neck and front with well laid shoulders and good depth of chest. Well muscled loin and well muscled rear with correct turn of stifle. True free mover. Pleased to award her BOB then delighted to see her awarded Best in Show.

2nd Gosling’s Enryb Party Act at Glasarian

Open (2,1a)

1st  Gosling’s Enryb Party Act at Glasarian.  Built along longer lines than the BOB. Good length to head with nice ears. Round eye but for me a little too light giving a staring expression. Well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth. Strong loin and well muscled rear. Lovely turn of stifle.  Moved well.

Judge – Ray McDonald


Best in Show & Reserve Best in Show under Richard Bott