Southern Counties C A 
9th June 2017

Irish Red & White Setter

Puppy Dog (1,0a)


1st Gardner’s Alanea Game Reserve With Danwish

What a happy boy! 10mth with a pleasing head of good shape and with a lovely dark eye. Correct length of neck into well laid shoulders & good length of upper arm. Correct Spring of rib , level topline and good body proportions. Correct rear angulation, muscle developing.  Such a typical ‘teenage’ R/W male on the move.  Will watch him with interest.


Junior Dog (3,0a)


1st Stevens’ Corranroo Clooney of Annagh

A lot to like about this 17mth boy. Lovely size and shape. Best head for shape and planes although his light eye does detract a little from his expression. Good length of neck through to a well made front assembly. Good length and correct spring & depth of rib. Short coupled but still needs to drop in the loin.  Correctly angulated rear and well set tail although he can be proud of it at times on the move. Handler needs to make sure she gets him right on the stand and does not overstretch him or tuck his front legs too far back. Best mover in the class, true coming and going with good reach and drive.


2nd Green’s Zendarric Heart Shaped Box with Viszaset.

A 14mth stylish boy.  Longer cast than 1.  Another pleasing head although again rather light in eye. Well made forequarters with good spring and depth of rib. Ribbed well back to a short loin of good depth. Lovely rear angles and well muscled. A little erratic on the move.  Carrying a nice coat of good colour.


3rd Walpole’s Gallybob Quantum Leap


Post Graduate Dog (3,0a)


1st Jones’ Alanea Royal Reward of Berryessa.  

Headed up a very mixed trio of dogs. Not one that shouts out at you but one who’s qualities you appreciate when you go over him. Liked his head, correct stop and a lovely dark eye. Super shoulders and upper arm, good forechest with correct depth and spring of rib. Level topline and short coupling of good depth. Correct rear angles and well muscled. Truest mover with good reach and drive.

2nd Ward’s Cornadore Argyle With Copperwhite (Imp Pol)

23mths and looks lovely in profile but for me not as pleasing in head as my winner. That said, this boy has lots to like. Well made fore and aft, correct depth of rib and loin, nice rear angles and carrying a lovely coat which completes a nice picture. He can run rather close behind but in profile he is a joy to watch with super reach and drive and correct tail carriage.


3rd Bailey’s Rustasha Golden Rhythm


Limit Dog  (6,0a)

Best class of the day where I had to get picky as every dog has lots of good points..


1st Birch & West’s Corranroo Camero at Hitides.

This 2yr old came out on top today. Maturing nicely, of good size and presents a lovely picture both on the stand and on the move. Masculine head but still with the correct softness of expression and a nice dark eye. Good length of neck, well muscled, well laid shoulders, good forechest, correct depth and spring of rib. Short well muscled loin of good depth.  Well muscled rear of correct angles used well on the move. Level topline and correct tail set and carriage. Carrying a nice amount of coat of good colour. Steady true mover coming and going then showing reach and drive in profile. Just had that edge to win the class then carried on in the challenge to win the Dog CC

2nd Cuddy’s Taxus Golden Prince in Balbriggan.

I have watched this boy develop into a young man. I like his head shape and proportions but would benefit from a darker eye. Good neck to well laid shoulders & lovely forechest. Good depth and spring to rib. A little longer cast than some but well ribbed back so not long in loin which itself is of good depth. Carrying a solid level topline through to a well set tail and correctly angulated and well muscled rear quarters. Another true mover fore and aft with a good reach and drive. Called in to the challenge and continued to show well to win the Dog RCC.


3rd Bayne’s Corranroo Casper


Res Barrett’s Rustasha Golden Riviera

VHC Ward’s Courtdown One In A Million


Open Dog (5,0a)

An interesting yet slightly disappointing class.  All five dogs have lots of good qualities but there was a lack of consistency in type.


1st Lipscombe’s Sh Ch Courtdown Finnians Rainbow.

Like my PG winner this boy is very quiet and unassuming. You have to get your hands on to appreciate the quality. 4ys and just coming to maturity. Love his head and dark eye, good neck to well laid shoulders and best forechest of the day. Correct spring of rib, good depth and well ribbed back to a short deep loin. Correct level topline and good tailset. Well muscled rear. Carrying a good coat with lovely furnishings. Steady mover with good reach and drive..


2nd Barry’s Sh Ch Rustasha Golden Rapper JW.

Built on a slightly larger frame than my winner. Head as broad as I would want but with a nice eye. Good neck and shoulders. Deep through chest with correct spring of rib back to a short well muscled loin although I would like a little more depth here to balance with the front. Good rear angles and nice tailset. Good on the move.


3rd Barry’s Rustasha Rhapsody In Red ShCM


Res Green’s Courtdown Field Of Dreams for Viszaset

VHC Walpole’s Lovenjoel Ice Cool

Dog or Bitch (4,1a)

1st Barry’s Sh Ch Shireoak Hurricane Ruby Rustasha (Imp Can).

Who would believe this girl is 11½ years? A lovely feminine B of good size and shape. Unmistakeably feminine in head but with good breadth of skull and nice eyes. Correct length of neck and super shoulders. Good forechest, correct ribbing both in spring and depth.  Well ribbed to short loin of good depth. Level topline.and a super rear. Carrying a cood goat, not the darkest of red but a lovely pearly white.  On the move, this girl can show many of the youngsters how it’s done and the best is she does it all with a smile. Considered for the RCC but an easy Best Veteran.


2nd Hawkins’ Courtdown Devonshire Dawn over Aislingwood.

A baby at 7yrs. Built on bigger lines that the winner but with lots of nice qualities. Pleasing head, feminine with nice eyes. Well made front with well laid shoulders, good depth and spring of rib, short deep loin and nice rear with a lovely width of ham that you just don’t see much of these days. Not quite the style of the winner on the move but has plenty of reach and drive.


3rd Bailey’s Gallybob Rhett Butler


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog or Bitch (3,0a)

1st Soper’s Caispern Winning Colors.

4yr Petite B but love her proportions. Sweet head, a little short in muzzle but nice eyes. Well made fore and aft and everything is balanced. Nice depth to loin, level topline and correct tailset.  Beautiful colour and a steady true mover with reach and drive.


2nd Chapman’s Ballakinnish Moulin Rouge.

An old fashioned B that can be easily overlooked. Pleasing head, enough neck, well laid shoulders, good ribbing to short loin and a very nice rear. Level topline and correct tail carriage. Can be a little erratic on the move coming and going. Good reach and drive in profile.


3rd Bailey’s Gallybob Rhett Butler



The challenge for the Dog CC

Puppy Bitch

Two very nice but very different babies.


1st Sherratt’s Alanea Holly Fern At Charnborough.

What a little poppet. 9mths and on the day beautifully balanced. Lovely head with dark eye. Super neck and well laid shoulders. Depth through chest and loin with level topline and correct tailset. Correct angles to rear. Moved well when settled but now she is growing up and settling her handler needs to take her a little quicker.  I will watch this one with interest.  Best Puppy.


2nd Lamb’s Lanamore Alpha Edition Aurora at Casafelice (Imp Skv) Naf.

Just 6mths and making her debut. Such a sweetie and just embarking on a long journey. Feminine head of good proportions. Well made fore and aft and a lovely body shape. Once she settled on the move she showed that she has been learning and could step out in style when she concentrated.

Junior Bitch (5,1a)


1st Wade’s Oldestone Charlie's Angel. 

 Love this B for her size and shape. Beautiful head, dark eye and correct neck. Well laid shoulder with good return of upper arm, forechest developing. Correct spring and depth of rib. Short deep loin, level topline and correct rear angles.  Moved well once settled.

2nd Sherratt’s Alanea Holly Fern At Charnborough (Puppy Winner)

3rd Walker’s Zendarric It's A Kind Of Magic within Wroxham


Post Graduate Bitch (3,2a)


1st Soper’s Lovenjoel Belle Of The Ball.

Like the stamp of this B. Would prefer a little more femininity in head but she has a lovely neck into a well made front assembly. Good depth and spring of rib with nice depth to loin. Good rear angles and well muscled. Lovely dark red markings. Steady on the move showing reach and drive.



Limit Bitch (4,0a)


1st Soper’s Caispern Winning Colors  (GC winner)


2nd Callaghan’s Corranroo Coco.  

Nice B of good proportions. Handler needs to ensure she does not bring the front legs too far back as it spoils her outline.  Head not my ideal but I like her dark eyes. Good length of neck and well made front and rear. Level topline and good tailset although she can be proud of it on the move at times. Moves ok but can toe in coming toward, good in profile.


3rd Chapman’s Ballakinnish Moulin Rouge


Res Whitaker’s Lowdon Light Shift to Viewland


Bitch (4,1a)

3 quality bitches in the best B class.


1st Tattersall’s Sh Ch Alanea Summer.
A B that we have all seen doing the winning and now I get to see first hand why she wins. I gave her best puppy just under 3 years ago and today she did not disappoint. Feminine head of good shape & proportions with lovely dark eyes. Good through neck to well laid shoulders & correct upper arm making good forechest. Correct spring and depth of rib back to a short deep strong loin and a level topline. Correct rear with good width of ham and well muscled. Presented well in lovely condition. True on the move fore and aft with an easy ground covering gait in profile.  A worthy champion, pleased to award her the Bitch CC & BOB and then thrilled to watch her win Gundog Group


2nd Hawkins’ Corranroo Carousel over Aislingwood.
A little taller than my winner but I liked her overall balance. Pleasing feminine head, would prefer a slightly darker eye. Lovely neck and shoulders. Good forechest with correct spring of rib and depth of chest. Nice level topline and correct tailset. Good depth to loin. Clean and true on the move with lovely profile reach and drive. Called in to the challenge and won through to win the Bitch RCC.


3rd Barry’s Sh Ch Rustasha Rosa Kim


The challenge for the Bitch CC



Ray McDonald (Judge)