Southern Counties - 29th May 2015


Junior Dog (2,0a)


1st          Atwood’s Crunchcroft Pulsar.  Not a bad young man but as longer than ideal. Nice eye and ear although skull is a little broad for me, stop a little deep and muzzle too rounded to be typey.  Well made front assembly with well laid shoulders and a good depth of chest. Good rear angles and a nice mover with correct tail carriage.

2nd         Miller’s J’emile du Moulin de la Combe.  This young man was not happy today under examination.  Small in frame but balanced with a good head shape, nice eyes and ears.  Well made in body, both front and rear and a lovely brisk mover. Lots to like but his attitude let him down.


Limit Dog (2,0a)


1st          Williams’ Crunchcroft Kinsman Of Gladsheim.  This dog has many good breed points and lots to like.  I would have preferred him not as tall but that is all and he is still slightly longer than tall. He has a typey head with good eyes and ears.  Super front assembly with lovely well laid shoulders, correct spring and depth of rib, good bone and feet. To the rear he is again well made with correct angles. On the move he excels. The standard calls for the movement to be ‘flowing and springy’ which is a difficult balance but this boy has it together with correct tail carriage and action. BD & BOS

2nd         Whybrow’s Oorbellen Lewis At Unosta (Imp Fin). This young man is the opposite of my winner on the stand. Not as tall but as long in body which gives him a long low appearance. He does however have a lovely head with correct eyes and ears.  Super shoulders over deep ribs through to a well angulated rear. On the move, his length gives him more of a flowing action without the spring. Good tail set and carriage.


Open Dog (1,0a)

1st          Williams’ Maximillian Alfie Of Gladsheim SHCM. I love this boy for his size and shape. Pleasing head with good ears although I would prefer a darker eye. He does have super front and rear assemblies, well laid shoulders, correct depth and spring of rib and correct angles to the rear. Another good mover but not the spring in the challenge of the PG winner. RBD


Veteran Dog or Bitch (3,1a)

2 nice ladies but again very different

1st          Whybrow’s Unosta Trixie. Very typey of a lovely size and shape and has kept improving as she matures. Super head and dark eye with good ear fringing. Well laid shoulders over correctly sprung deep ribs. Lovely rear and good feet. Super mover with correct action.
2nd         Johnson’s Crunchcroft Justified of Valleyrise. Another quality B but totally out of coat today which does affect the outline. Lovely head and neck, well made front and rear. Not quite her usual self lacking a spring in her step today as she went round the ring. Tail carriage level which is acceptable but I prefer to see it carried higher.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog or
Bitch (2,0a)

1st          Clarke & Rees Crunchcroft Nightingale In Oranjeweg.  A pleasing young B, another out of coat but she is well made and I love her head. Well made with good shoulders and a nice rear. A steady mover with correct tail carriage who moved much better in a later class when moved by the handler’s husband.
2nd         Atwood’s Crunchcroft Pulsar.  (1st Junior Dog)

Junior Bitch

1st          Miller’s Millhanger Faith.  A sweet young B. Nice shape, good length but would benefit from being a touch taller. Pleasing in head with dark eye and good ears. Well made with well laid shoulders, good ribbing and well made rear.  Not at all happy on the floor but more settled on the table and once she got moving she was much happier with a good springy gait.


Post Graduate Bitch (1,0a)

1st          Miller’s Millhanger Sherpa.  Now 3yrs, a very nice young lady I gave BP to as a youngster. Liked her size and shape. Good head with correct stop, dark eyes and correct ears. Well laid shoulders, good length and depth of rib. Lovely rear and good on the move. Correct and with the best of fronts.



Limit Bitch (2,0a)

1st          Whybrow’s Millhanger Susie at Unosta. What a lovely B. Presents a lovely outline. Correct typey head with a lovely dark eye and good ears. Good neck, super shoulders and good depth to chest. Correct rear angles and a lovely mover.  Correct action and tail carriage.

2nd         Miller’s Millhanger My Way Again. A sweet B with a pretty head, good eyes and ears.  Not as tall as 1 but just as long to give a different outline. Another not settled under examination but much happier on the move. Well made with good shoulders and rear angles.


Open Bitch (4,0a)

1st          Williams Daniella Vom Thyrowberg To Gladsheim (Imp Deu)One of those dogs that when you go over them everything feels right, and when you look at her, everything looks right. Handler just needs to watch where she stands to make her look her best.  Super head and eye. Excels in shoulder and upper arm, correct ribbing with good depth. Nice bone and feet. Epitomises the correct movement of the breed with a balance between flowing and springy. Correct tail carriage. BB and BOB. Gave a good account of herself in a nice group.
2nd         Miller’s Millhanger Daisy. Another really nice B presenting a correct outline. Very nice head, dark eye and good ears. Super shoulders and upper arm with correct spring of rib and depth of chest.  Good rear angles and a lovely mover with good tail carriage. Just shaded out the other class winners in the challenge to win RBB 

3rd          Clarke & Rees Crunchcroft Nightingale In Oranjeweg

4th          Hollis’ Manusia’s Flin

Judge – Ray McDonald