Shropshire Gundog Society- 24/05/2015

Flat Coated Retriever

Junior (1,0)

1st  Hammersley’s Ghilgrange Dudley Do Right - 15mth D. Nice young man with pleasing head although as broad across the skull as I would like. Lovely neck and shoulders, super forechest and good depth. Nice bone and feet. Good rear angles, well muscled, nice level topline with correct tailset.  Nice waggy tail. True fore and aft with good ground covering stride in profile.

Post Graduate (4,1)

1st  Wojciechowska & Richards’ Cornfolk Thimbleberi - 2yr B. Pleasing B of nice size and shape. Lovely head with dark eye, correct stop and well set ears. Good neck and super shoulders, deep chest and a short well muscled loin. Nicely angulated rear, again well muscled. Level topline and good tailset, correct action although she could at times be rather proud of it on the move.  Lovely mover with correct amount of reach and drive. RBOB

2nd    Hammersley’s Ghilgrange Dudley Do Right
3rd     Lovatt’s Cast No Shadow

Limit (4,1)

1st  Mantle’s Rhiewvalley Black Magic - An unassuming B that has lots of good qualities. Very nice head, not too broad and with correct stop. Well laid shoulders with good amount of forechest and depth of rib. Good length of back and level topline. Well muscled although lacking in coat today. A steady mover with good tail carriage.


2nd     Wojciechowska & Richards’ Matlaras Rebus at Cornfolk
3rd      Hammersley’s Stanfaer Doctor Foster for Nellspeace

Open (1,0)

1st  Wojciechowska & Richards’ Cornfolk Sprit of Mystery - 6yr B, well made B with lots to like. Loved her head,. Super neck and so well made in front with well laid shoulders and lovely return and length of upper arm. Good bone and neat feet. Short strong loin and a well muscled rear completed the package. Best of movers. BOB


Gordon Setter

Junior (3,1)

1st Butler’s Yennadon Lochan at Rubymoon - Only 16mth and what a super young man. Terific outling and a classic head. Clean neck into well laid shoulders over a deep chest. Short loin to a correctly angled rear. Lovely amount of bone and really nice feet. Carrying a good coat.  On the move he is balanced with good reach and drive. Really liked him. BOB then Best in Show 3

2nd Palliser’s Lignum Miss Fabbri

Post Graduate (4,2)

1st Butler’s Yennadon Lochan at Rubymoon
2nd Palliser’s Lignum Miss Fabbri -
Liked this young lady’s head.  Well laid shoulders but not quite the return of upper arm of my RBOB winner. Nice rear angles and moved well.

Open (4,1)

1st Butler’s Yennadon Lochan at Rubymoon

2nd  Moore’s Gadhelic Spirit Of The Celt JW - . A 5yr B. Pleasing in a number of ways. Well made and although I preferred the head of 2nd in J & PG, this lady was more balanced on the stand and tidier on the move. RBOB


3rd Butler’s Yennadon Fortes at Rubymoon

Italian Spinone

Post Graduate (1,0)


1st Kay, Brooker & Spencer’s Bannonbrig George Gently - A young man I last judged as a puppy, he was the only one then and here he is at 2 yrs, again the only one here. Support your classes before you lose them! That said, he is maturing into a very nice young man. A solid Spinone with a lovely head and expression. Well muscled neck to super shoulders. Good depth of chest and nice fore chest. Lovely rear of correct angles and well muscled. Correct topline both standing and moving. Lovely to watch him move, free, effortless, ground covering stride. BOB


Spanish Water Dog

Post Graduate (1,0)


1st Booth, Frost & Booth’s Josalyn Juanita Kira of Maravilla  - 4yr Brown B. What a sweetie. Nicely shaped compact girl. Good head with an enquisitive expression. Well made with good shoulders, deep chest with good bone and feet. Nicely angled rear and such a happy girl. Nice brisk mover and a coat of lovely tight curls. BOB


Irish Water Spaniel

Open (1,0)


1st Margerison & Davies’ Malanis Sea Minx at Kandrelli - Another I have judged as a youngster and she is definitely fulfilling her promise. Lovely size and shape with a pleasing head. Well made front with excellent shoulders.  Super forechest and depth of chest. Short coupled to a well muscled and correctly angulated rear. A good coat of tight curls.  Suck a beautiful free mover. True coming and going. BOB then Best in Show 4



Ray McDonald (Judge)