South West Working and Pastoral Breeds Association 

6th October 2012


A quick thank you to those who supported this show and particularly those who entered under me. Some lovely dogs to go over with 5 of my top winners getting placed in the group / puppy group.


Siberian Husky


Special Yearling (3,1a)

1st  Crowther’s Kobuk Midnight Stargazer 14mth D of good shape. Pleasing head with correctly set erect ears. Well laid shoulders with correct return of upper arm. Good body proportions. Muscle building on rear end, good feet. Steady true mover.

2nd Raby’s Wolf Sprit


Graduate (1,0a)

1st  Raby’s Lannvorekice Shiya 2½ yr B. Good shape with a lovely head with correct ear set and carriage. Straight front, well laid shoulders and correct return of upper arm with good bone and neat feet. Good body proportions. Lovely rear but would like more muscle at this age. True mover and carrying and nice thick coat.


Open (2,0)


1st Crowther’s Prince Of The Five Valley’s of Kobuk 6yr D. Presenting a classic outline with good head and ears. Excellent lay of shoulder and correct upper arm. Well ribbed to strong loin and a nice rear end although again I would expect more muscle on this breed.  Moved with a light smooth easy gait and true fore and aft. BOB

2nd Raby’s Sun Beam Different in type to my winner but still a nice example preferred the upper arm and rear movement of 1. RBOB


Dogue De Bordeaux


Post Graduate (5,0)


1st  Black’s Rydogues Ellies Night Fury 11Mth D. Upstanding young man with a super broad head, deep stop, close ears and a characteristic expression. Muscle building nicely over the whole body. Good lay of shoulder with deep chest. Strong loin to a developing rear with good amount of muscle that he used well to give a free smooth movement. BP and later PG4

2nd Seward & Brocher Lionsriver Arya

3rd Gibbs’ Narddun Lily of the Valley


Open (8,1)

1st  Gibbs’ Neetkla’s Dolly Girl at Aldonforne 5yr B with a super typey head, broad, strong yet feminine. Lovely eye and ears giving a good expression. Super front with excellent shoulders and a lovely deep broad chest. Short coupled to a powerful, well muscled rear. Free powerful mover. BOB

2nd   Jones’ Narddun Osvaldo Graido at Dwyfan N.A.F  3Yr D, Longer cast that 1 but with a lovely head & strong neck. Well muscled body with good angles front and rear. Another free powerful mover. RBOB


Bernese Moutain Dog

Post Grad (3,0a

1st  Meakin’s Camlais Rule The World 16mth D. Lovely head of good breadth, dark eye and good ear set. Powerful body with good amount of bone and neat feet.  Good angles front and rear. Does tend to run close behind and is proud of his tail. RBOB

  2nd Jones’ Tickbern No Brakes  Nice outline but needs to body up and develop in head. Nice dark eye, steady mover.

3rd Meakin’s Meadowpark That’s Romance What a little sweetie. 9mths but so raw in this slow maturing breed. But everything is there. Well made with good depth of chest, nice bone and good feet. A super little mover. Lots to like. BP and later PG3.





Open (1,0a)

1st  Bird’s Ch Shirdees Love me Do at Cullumbern JW ShCM What a super young man. Exudes breed type with his super outline, broad head, dark eye & correct ears. Short strong neck, excellent shoulders with broad deep chest. Well muscled throughout. Wide powerful rear used when he moved to present a free true effortless gait. Topped with a good coat, nice bone and feet he was a pleasure to go over. Pleased to award BOB and then delighted when he won the group before winning Best in Show.  


Puppy (3,0a)

1st  Baily’s Highbend Junp’n’Jive A super 9mth typey Red/White B. Super feminine head with good planes and proportions. Correct bite, clean eyes and well set ears. Lovely arch to neck set on well laid, muscular shoulders. Good fore chest and depth of chest. Well ribbed to strong loin and a well muscled rear with correct angles. A typey true powerful mover. A top drawer puppy. BP and later PG2


2nd Cowell & Richards’ Astralune Volcanic Rock 10mth Brindle D. Another nice example. Well made with good shape. Nice head and neck. Steady mover.

3rd Brian’s Sandcliffe Phoenix Rising over Sebriville

Junior (3,0a)

1st  Baily’s Highbend Mr Weasley Decided I was being spoilt today. 15mth Brindle D. Another full of type. Excellent head with dark eye and good bite. Strong, well arched neck to well laid muscular shoulders. Good bone with nice feet. Good depth to chest and good amount of fore chest. Muscular rear end of good angles. Super typey true mover. BOB and Group3


2nd Cowell’s Astralune Core Magma with Sandexe 10mth D of good outline. Well made and well muscled with good depth of chest and deep through loin. Good mover but feet need to tighten.

3rd Russell’s Vasmascalls Streetwise at Rustar



Post Graduate (3,1a)

1st  Tibbotts’ Vasmascall Agusta Dark Brindle 2yr B. Nice outline with correct head and lovely dark eye and good ear set. Well muscled throughout with strong neck to well laid shoulders. Good bone and neat feet. Lovely rear with good width of ham. Just won this very close class on her front movement.

2nd Baily’s Highbend Nosey Parker 15mth Brindle D. Another lovely dog from this exhibitor. Strong, masculine and well muscled. Good shape with super rear. Tended to stand and move a little wider in front than the winner.


Open Dog (1,0a)

1st  Cowell & Richards’ Lava Flow with Astralune. 2yr Brindle D. Super head, Strong and masculine but not course. Lovely dark eye. Good neck to excellent shoulders. Deep chest and well ribbed to strong loin. Wide, well muscled rear and a typey, powerful mover. RBOB


Open Bitch (3,1a)

1st Cowell & Richards’ Dajoxx The Nutcracker with Astralune Pretty feminine 19mth B. Needs to mature. Good head with dark eye. Lovely arch to neck. Excellent shoulders. Well muscled throughout. Super rear angles. Lovely mover.

2nd Tibbotts’ Willrait Entrechat Another pretty young lady. Shorter coupled than 1 but with lighter eye. Good shoulders and good depth to chest. Well muscled rear and another good mover. Handler does tend to overstretch her on the stand which causes her to lose her turn of stifle.

Judge – Ray McDonald


Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show with Judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter