Rutherglen Canine Club

5th June 2011


Flat Coated Retrievers


 Junior (4,2a)

1st Stevenson’s Steelriver Heatwave JW. 15m B. Lovely for type with super head, good planes, lovely dark eye and correct bite. Excellent front and shoulders, lovely body, deep chest and good fore chest. Well muscled rear, super free mover


2nd.Fletcher’s  Glendaruel Charisma


Post Grad (2,1a)

1st Chipperfield & Higginbotham’s Bonnyhilbrae Gentle Prince at Howlingale. 19mth D. At that “in between”male stage. Still a baby at heart, nice head with lovely eye and expression. Good front, excellent shoulders, lovely rear, good bone. Very well muscled, good mover but needs time to settle.


Limit (2,1a)

1st Chipperfield & Higginbotham’s Torrweaving Ryme or Reason at Howlingale. 5yr D. Heavier head than I prefer. Good eye and correct bite. Excellent shoulders, good bone, lovely depth of chest and fore chest. Good rear angles and a lovely free easy mover, very well muscled.


Open (2,1a)

1st Stevenson’s Steelriver Sunny Spell ShCM. 6yr B. Lovely bitch for shape and type. Super head, dark eye, with a “knowing” expression and good bite. Excellent shoulders, lovely depth of chest, well ribbed to super rear. True driving free mover with super tail action. BOB.



Labrador Retriever


Graduate (1,0a)

1st Jennings’ Seatallan Snowdrop at Kiltyrie. 5yr B. Good overall shape. Good head, not overdone, lovely dark eye and attentive expression. Excellent shoulders, lovely fore chest and depth of chest. Well ribbed back to well angled rear, although lacking a little muscle. Good tail action but a little lacklustre on the move.


Open (1,0a)

1st Jennings’ Seatallan Shamrock at Kiltyrie ShCM. 5yr D. Litter brother in to the graduate winner. Masculine head with dark eye. Super fore-chest and excellent shoulders. Good depth of chest and well ribbed. Good tail carriage and steady mover. BOB



Golden Retriever


Puppy (6,1a)

1st Welch’s Rannaleroch Beinn Dorian. Headed up a lovely class of puppies. 7mth D with super head and dark eye. Good neck through to excellent shoulders. Lovely fore-chest and depth of chest. Excellent rear. Coat coming. Smooth flowing mover. Very together for one so young.


2nd.Neilson’s Stanroph Still on Top at Bufeigh

3rd Barron & Jenkins’ Rannaleroch Beinn A’Chroin


Junior (5,3a)

1st Williamson & Thomas’ Ronjalee Roxy Lady. 14mth B. A very nice young lady. Good for outline and type. Nice head & eye, excellent shoulders with good fore-chest and depth of chest. Lovely topline and very good rear. True easy mover.


2nd.Ponsford’s Grassyards Liberty Belle


Post Grad (5,1a)

1st Purdie’s Dunnybrae Honolulu. 2½ yr B. Liked her for type and shape. Lovely head & eye. Good neck leading to super shoulders with good fore-chest and depth of chest. Super rear and an easy free flowing mover.


2nd. Williamson & Thomas’ Ronjalee Roxy Lady

3rd Barron & Jenkins’ Rannaleroch Beinn Bhreac JW


Limit (4,1a)

1st McGuffie’s Drumkilty Oisin of Milltimber. 3yr D. Loved him for type and shape. Good head with soft expression. Super shoulders, good fore-chest and depth of chest. Well ribbed to very good rear angles. Lovely true, free easy mover which won him the class and BOB


2nd.Harper’s Tullochmohr Ultimate Diva ShCM

3rd Welch’s Linirgor Luv Em N Leave Em


Open (5,2a)

1st Harper’s Megarvey Master Craftsman. 9½ yr D. Good overall shape. Masculine head with nice expression. Excellent shoulders, super fore-chest and depth of chest. Well ribbed to very good rear. Still a super mover.


2nd. Barron & Jenkins’ Rannaleroch Beinn Sgritheall JW

3rd Bradley’s Ceilcaesar Delta Caesar



Cocker Spaniels


Puppy (3,1a)

1st Rodger’s Pembrokegate Dandy Lad. 8Mth Blk D. Well grown but good shape. Masculine head and dark eye. Lovely shoulders, well sprung ribs.  Steady mover with typical ‘bussle’. True fore and aft.


2ndMcAngus’ Carmelfair China Model


Junior (3,1a)
2 very nice young bitches

1st McCabe & McGregor’s Winterstale Porridge for Shanaz.. 12mth Golden B. Petit young lady of good shape and proportions. Lovely head with good eye and lovely expression. Very good front and rear assemblies, well ribbed and short coupled. Very close call but won out on her more animated movement.


2nd.Flowers’ Totenkopf Milky Way


Graduate (3,2a)

1st Flowers’ Totenkopf Phanessa. Standing alone but what a gorgeous honest true B. Excells in type. Super head, dark eye and melting expression. Well sprung ribs, strong coupling to lovely rear assembly. Excels in movement. Kept showing in the challenge and it was a pleasure to award her BOB and later Group 3


Post Grad (3,1a)

1st Flowers’ Totenkopf Kirlinjis Dutch Dabloon JW. Another excellent typey specimen. Lovely head, masculine but still soft with a dark eye. Super front assembly on good deep ribs. Short coupled, well muscled and a typey, true mover. Pushed the Grad winner all the way in the challenge.


2nd.Murray’s Strathturret Boogte Woogie


Open (3,1a)

1st Murray’s StrathturretMoonwalker. Typey 23mth Blue R. Dog. Very nice for type with a lovely head and good eyes. Very good shoulders, well ribbed to short loin and good rear assembly. Steady mover with good action but not the presence on the day of the grad winner.


2nd. Flowers’ Totenkopf Dutch Dabloon JW



Irish Setter


Puppy (5,2a)

1st Sturrock’s Arenzano Liberato de Forfarian. This young man, 11mth, excels in type, head and movement. Super front assembly, lovely depth and good fore chest for age. Well ribbed to correct rear angles. Lovely top line with that correct gentle slope. Super mover especially for his age.


2nd.Watt’s Shenanagin Softly Softly

3rd Richardson’s Brabrook Flash Harry at Montgreenan


Junior (6,2a)

1st Sturrock’s Arenzano Liberato de Forfarian

2nd.Laidlaw & Richie’s Glencarron Summer Lovin

3rd Wark’s Drumwhaur Good as Gold.


Graduate (5,0a)

1st Laidlaw & Richie’s Glencarron Summer Lovin. A lovely young B who also excels in type. Correct outline and a super head. Feminine, correct shape and nice eyes. Well made front and rear and a very good mover. Should only improve with age and I am sure will do well.


2nd.Cameron’s Balnagown Ruby Tuesday

3rd Sturrock’s Forfarian Catch Me If You Can


Post Grad (4,2a)

1st Laidlaw & Green’s Glencarron Olympic Gold. 3ydr D. A good ‘old fashioned’ Irish Setter. Well up to size, of good type with correct gently sloping topline that so many are lacking these days. Masculine head with correct eye and good expression. Lovely shoulders, and good rear angles. Steady mover.


2nd.Paterson’s Heathclare Muirs Magic.


Open (5,2a)

1st Bryson’s Glencarron Kentucky Blue ShCM. It is easy to see why this young man has won his ShCM. Super outline, good type with correct outline. Very good head, masculine but refined. Excellent shoulders, good bone and feet. Excellent rear assembly that he uses well on the move. In good coat to complete the picture. Super true mover with good reach and drive. A well deserverd BOB. Didn’t move as well in the group which cost him places.  G4


2nd.Cameron’s Balnagown Ballroom Blitz JW

3rd Richardson’s Tatterslee Bon Affectueux avec Montgreenan



English Setter


Special Yearling (1,0a)

1st Vallance & Callander’s Shambellie Last Stand at Rowanmyle. 11 mth B. A strong typey boy with a good head and dark eye. Good depth of muzzle. Well laid shoulders, good depth of chest. Lovely rear. Super mover.


Open (3,1a)
2 lovely dogs. Liked them both but had to choose 1.

1st Vallance’s Bargrennan Bressay with Rowanmyle. 3yr boy of good type. Lovely shape with good head and expression. Excellent shoulders, good depth of chest, good bone and feet. Super mover, free easy and ground covering. BOB


2nd.Thompson’s Swannery Valentino’s Legacy to Caspellwynd ShCM



Gordon Setter


Special Yearling (6,1a)

1st Gray’s Birniehill High River. 11mth B. Lovely young lady. Super feminine head with dark eye and good expression. Good reach of neck to well laid shoulders. Nice bone and good feet. Correctly angled rear and a lovely mover. Stood out in this class then went on to take 2nd in a very strong AV Gundog Puppy class.

2nd.MacAra’s Cromasaig Dancing Diva

3rd Beagle’s Bryerddale Morris Dancer


Post Grad (2,0a)

1st MacAra’s Cromasaig Little Star.   Difficult choice. This young lady seems to have had a bad experience and was a bit wary. However she scores well for type with a lovely head, good shoulders, good rear with correct angles and she is a lovely mover. I hope she gets through her silly phase.


2nd.Danks’ Liric Tuxedo Rag


Open (4,2a)

1st McNeill Barrabrae Misty Thyme. 8yr and a very typey dog. Super head of correct shape, lovely dark eye. Very good shoulders and depth of chest. Correct rear angles & well muscled. Best mover on the day.BOB


2nd.Ness’ Boyers Strauss



English Springer Spaniels


Post Grad (1,0a)

1st Linton’s Rosannoch Ansuz. 23mth. Lovely boy with good head. Well laid shoulders, good depth of chest & good rear angles. Lovely smooth true mover. In good coat.


Open (2,0a)

Lovely class with 2 very nice dogs.

1st Rose’s Rosannoch Eihwaz JW. 5yr boy who oozed type and had the personality to keep showing throughout the day. Super head with lovely dark eye. Excellent front and rear assemblies. Well laid shoulders with good depth of chest and good amount of fore chest. Nice amount of bone a good feet. Excels on the move, a lovely free true stride with good reach and drive. In good coat which completed the picture. A pleasure to award him BOB then in the group he seemed to rise to occasion displaying the showman in him that won him the group then ultimately Best in Show.

2nd.Donaldson’s Donarden Star Attraction



Welsh Springer Spaniels


Post Grad (4,1a)

1st Bremner’s Ferndel Aled at Romach. Heading up another nice class. 23mth D. with a lovely masculine head but not overdone. Very good shoulders, good ribbing through to good rear angles. In-between coats today. True mover. BOB


2nd.McCall’s Bejamac Satin N Lace

3rd Tyler & Shiels’ Eiriandylis Jems Jasper


Open (2,2a)






Open (1,0a)

1st McCallum’s Weemaes Brown Sugar (Irish Water Spaniel). 3yr with good head. Well laid shoulders, and deep chest. Well ribbed back to strong loin. Well muscled and well angulated rear.  Free sound mover.  Standing alone but a worthy winner. Best AVNSC



Gundog Group


1st The English Springer, Rose’s Rosannoch Eihwaz JW


2nd.Weimariner, McAndrew & Murray’s Magregor Kiss This Through Brackenmist ShCM JW.  Very nice typey 6yr B. Good head  with correct eye. Well made with well laid shoulders over deep chest. Well ribbed back to strong loin and good rear angles. Stylish, smooth mover with good ground covering action..


3rd Cocker Spaniel, Flowers’ Totenkopf Phanessa

4th Irish Setter, Bryson’s Glencarron Kentucky Blue ShCM



AV Gundog Puppy (20,4a)

1st Hardie’s Mistyayre Fire Bird. (Hungarian Vizsla). 11mth Boy.Nice head with good width. Good overall shape, well made throughout. Well muscled. Graceful true mover.

2nd.Gray’s Birniehill High River (Gordon Setter)

3rd Vallance & Callander’s Shambellie Last Stand at Rowanmyle (English Setter)

4th Welch’s Rannaleroch Beinn Dorian (Golden Retriever)



AV ‘Strawberry’ Junior Stakes

1st McIntosh’s kelansue She’s The One. (Basset Hound). 7mth B. Lovely young lady of good overall shape with good topline and underline. Nice head with good dome and well set ears of good length. Well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs. Correct muscle for age. Sound mover.

2nd.Auld & Byrne’s Siddhartha Hooch (Tibetan Terrier)

3rd Flowers’ Totenkopf Milky Way (Cocker Spaniel)



AV ‘Sunflower’ Post Graduate Stakes

1st Flowers’ Totenkopf Phanessa. (Cocker Spaniel).

2nd.Linton’s Rosannoch Ansuz (English Springer Spaniel)

3rd Cameron’s Balnagown Ruby Tuesday (Irish Setter)



Judge – Ray McDonald