Rugby & DCS

6th February 2016

Retriever (Flat Coated)

Junior (6,1a)

1st Wojciechowska & Richards’ Cornfolk Spicebush. Only 6 mths this beautiful young lady has a classic outline and typey head. Super front assembly with lovely forechest and depth of chest. Well ribbed back. Balanced with correct rear angles and muscles developing nicely. Correct tailset and carriage. Lovely mover for one so young. BP

2nd Salt’s Gemswin How You Remind Me of Levelmoor. 7mths and built along different lines to 1. Well made fore and aft with good forechest and depth.  Feet ok. Moved ok when settled. Such a character!


3rd        Branscombe’s Torinmill Gaelic Aurora
Gardiner & Bambrook’s Kulawand Kookaburra for Svenjak


Post Graduate (3,1a)

1st  Goodman’s Blacklake Cordelia. 2½ yr B. Another well made young lady with a classic head and body. Lovely dark eye and well set ears. Super front assembly with good forechest well laid shoulders and well muscled. Front feet could be tighter. Deep chest through to short loin and correct well muscled rear. Such a fluid mover with correct tail set and carriage. RBOB

2nd Wojciechowska & Richards’ Cornfolk Thimbleberi.2 yr B. Shorter coupled and a little broader throughout than the winner. Pleasing head with nice dark eye, super front and rear assemblies with lovely deep chest. Well muscled throughout and a good mover.


Open (2,0a)

1st  Gardiner & Bambrook’s Kulawand Time To Treasure with Svenjak. 4 yr D. A solid powerful boy head as broad as I would like with a lovely dark eye. Super shoulders with deep chest and lovely forechest. Lovely feet fore and aft. Well muscled throughout, short strong loin, super rear angles and well muscled excellent tail set and carriage. Such a strong yet free mover true coming and going and ground covering in profile. BOB

2nd Wojciechowska & Richards’ Cornfolk Spirit of Mystery. 3 yr B. Pleasing head with nice eye, good front with well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, short strong loin to well angulated rear. Moved okay.



Retriever (Labrador)

Junior (4,1a)

1st Wilkinnson & Jelfs’ Lapema Scarlet 17 mth yellow B. What a super young lady, loved her outline and head, nice ears and good eye. Short strong neck to well laid shoulders. Would benefit from a little more forechest. Chest deep and well ribbed back, short coupled, good rear. Lovely bone and feet. Best mover. BOB

2nd Brewster’s DentonsideChinock. 11 months black dog. What a character giving his handler a hard time. Lovely shape and well made. A little distracted on the move but this young man should have a bright future. BP

3rd Foulds’ Amberstop Bowmore Darkest


Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st Longhurst’s Hurstmeon Erin Boag. 2 yr Blk B. This young bitch scores well in head flat skull and lovely dark eye. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders over deep ribs, good bone and feet. Rear is well angulated and well muscled. Very attentive to her handler the stand but quite active and tends to drop topline. Not entirely happy on the move today.


Open (4,2a)

1st Longhurst’s Hurstmeon Calamity Jane. 6 yr chocolate B. Pleasing young lady with nice head and expression. Well made fore and aft with good forechest and depth, short loin and lovely level topline with good tail set. Good bone and feet, moved well.

2nd Foulds’ Amberstop Maker’s Mark. 4 yr D. Built on slightly larger lines but of good shape, liked his head, well set ears and dark eye. Well made fore and aft but not as positive on the move as the winner.


Ray McDonald (Judge)