Romford & DCS - 19/07/2014


Spaniel (Cocker).

Junior (1,0a)

1st Clark’s Harbethol Look Missminimee.

11 months blue roan bitch. Good size and shape with feminine head and lovely dark eye. Good neck and shoulders flowing to a lovely spring of rib. Well angulated front assembly. Short deep loin to correct rear angles. Loved her constantly wagging tail and correct movement once settled. Went better in the challenge and just preferred her overall shape to award BOB, BP, Group 4 and Puppy Group 2.


Graduate (1,0a)

1st  Clark’s Harbethol Look Ms Star Quest

Lovely shape to this young lady, pleasing head and dark eye. Well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth. Nice deep short loin to correct rear. Lovey tail action. Tended to move a little wide behind but super true front movement.


Open (2,0a)

A close class and a difficult decision between two differing types.

1st  Clark’s Harbethol Look Mr Zaffre Sun

Five-year-old blue roan dog. Presented a very nice outline masculine in head but not overdone good neck through to lovely front assembly, well angulated with correct depth of chest and fore chest. Well ribbed with good spring, short coupled and deep loin, good rear angles. Typey mover with good tail action. RBOB


2nd Pilkington & Gain’s Molkara Vuvuzele

Retriever (Golden).

Puppy (2,1a)

1st Fleet’s Eastbury Scarlet O’Hara

Seven months bitch. Such a baby and enjoying her day, giving her handler a tough time. Head needs time to develop, good length of neck to super front assembly with lovely fore chest and depth. Well proportioned body to adequate rear angles. Good tail set, very happy on the move but settled enough to see she can do it. BP


Yearling (1,0a)

1st Fleet’s Rheincroft Ice Tea by Eastbury

17 month bitch. This young lady still has some maturing to do. Beautiful head with dark eye and lovely soft expression. Strong neck that could be a touch longer. Well made in front with good depth of chest and nice fore chest, well ribbed back but would like her a little shorter in loin. Nice rear end, flows round the ring with slight role, super coming and going.


Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st WilliamsCatcombe Country Tzar of Busheyhall

2yr D. Young man presenting a good outline. Head as broad as I want but with a lovely dark eye and soft expression. Well muscled neck of a good length. Good angles front and rear with a balanced body and level topline to correct tailset. Lovely free profile movement with good reach and drive, and true coming and going. BOB

Open Dog (2,1a)

1st Maker’s Thornywait Coldplay in Dreamland .

6yr D. Liked his body with deep chest deep loin and well laid shoulders. Good breadth of skull and nice dark eye although he did hold his ears back which spoilt his expression.  Free easy mover, true coming and going and showing good reach and drive in profile. RBOB


Spaniel (English Springer)

Junior (2,0a)


1st Wayman’s Spuffing Rioja

15mth L/W B. Beautiful size and outline with a lovely feminine head. Still some maturing to do and should finish with style. Elegant yet workmanlike all in one package. Beautifully made fore and aft with good depth to chest, spring of rib and fore chest. Lovely to watch on the move. RBOB


2nd Rowlinson’s Cassapple Kentucky Dream at Meltarose

8mth D. Well up to size but with lovely head although I would prefer a darker eye to complete the expression. Well made with good angles.  Such a puppy on the move but true coming and going. BP

Graduate (1,0a)

1st Wayman’s Spuffing Rioja


Open (1,0a)

1st Wayman’s Donarden Trailblaizer for Spuffing

2yr Liver D. Masculine in head with good eye and correct ears. Good length of neck, well made with good lines stop lovely depth of chest and for chest. Short strong loin to well muscled rear of good angles. Good tail set and carriage. True mover who flowed round the ring. BOB


AVNSC Gundog

Junior (1,0a)


1st Brooksmith’s Medogold Kiss N’Tell (Pointer)

9mth L/W Pointer B. What a lovely young lady, presenting a pleasing outline of good proportions. Lovely head with a mischievous look very good in neck through to well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and nice amount of fore-chest.  Short loin to well angulated rear that provides plenty of power as she powers round the ring.  So together for one so young.  Walked away with BAVNSC, BP, Gundog Group 3 and Puppy Group 1 and thrilled to watch her win Best Puppy in Show.


Open (5,1a)

1st Brooksmith’s Nightgold Blackavar (Pointer)

Bl/W Pointer B. Another good exhibit from this owner. Pleasing outline although a little longer cast than the puppy. Pleasing feminine head with good eye and ear. Elegant and well muscled neck, super front assembly.  Flowing lines through strong loin to well angulated rear. Another good mover but lost out to the stunning puppy. RBAVNSC

2nd        Lynus’ Lovenjoel Christmas Spirit (IRWS)
rd        Harrison’s Riccini Abrielle JW (Italian Spinone)
Res      Gatefield’s Gunstrux Stormhawk. (Bracco Italiano)

AV Gundog

Veteran (1,0a)


1st Buckwell’s Killena Addicted to Love (Welsh Springer Spaniel)

8yr B. Pretty lady with a feminine head of good proportions, well made front, good length of neck. Nice spring and depth of rib to short coupled loin. Steady mover who was finding it hard in the heat.


Group 1 Whittington’s Juldean Exalibur ShCM (English Setter)

This lovely B/B D demanded attention.  Lovely type and size, masculine but not course. Well made fore and aft with strong neck of correct length, deep ribs through to short muscular loin. In good coat and moved with ease round the ring covering the ground with easy true strides.

Group  2 Boxall & Lamburt’s Laurelhach Causin a Storm (Gordon Setter)

Another strong masculine dog with good lines and angles. Correct head with dark eye and well set ears atop a well muscled neck of good link. Well made front with good depth of chest through to short strong loin and well angled rear. True and free flowing on the move with plenty of drive.

Group  3 Brooksmith’s Medogold Kiss N’Tell (Pointer)

Group 4 Clark’s Harbethol Look Missminimee (Spaniel (Cocker))


Gundog Puppy Group


Puppy Group 1 Brooksmith’s Medogold Kiss N’Tell (Pointer)

Puppy Group 2 Clark’s Harbethol Look Missminimee (Spaniel (Cocker))

Puppy Group 3 Wallwork’s Astrazone Avocet to Braefell (Weimaraner)

Very much a baby, feminine with pleasing head and nice outline. Well made front and rear, full flowing on the move with lovely reach and drive for one so young

Puppy Group 4 Rowlinson’s Cassapple Kentucky Dream at Meltarose (ESS)

Ray McDonald (Judge)