Poole Canine Club

26th June 2011


Golden Retriever


An interesting appointment with a mixture of types, differing heads and many different ‘levels’ of movement.


Puppy (7,1a)





1st Russell’s Rosinante Roxanne. Heading up a class of nice puppies. 7mth B with lovely head and dark eye giving a soft expression. Good neck through to excellent shoulders. Lovely fore-chest and depth of chest. Short coupled to excellent rear. Coat coming. Smooth flowing mover. Very together for one so young. BP then lovely to see her win the Gundog Puppy Group.





2nd.Chapman’s Cassatess Just Heaven Sent to Kidston

3rd Beer’s Tashsheen Elegance


Special Yearling (9,3a)

1st Taylor’s Rosinante Loverboy by Tannerdice JW. 18mth D. Good for outline and body shape. Skull a little too broad for me but he has a nice eye and expression. Strong neck and excellent shoulders with enough fore-chest and good depth of chest. Lovely topline, short couple loin and good rear. Well muscled. Best mover in the class.

2nd.Thompson’s Goldenwheat Luck Be A Lady

3rd Cole’s  Rooksbury La Roux


Post Grad (11,5a)

1st Taylor’s Trebettyn Teryrnon to Tannerdice JW. 2½ yr D. My notes say “Very similar to SY winner” then found out they are ½ brothers. Many of the comment for Loverboy apply here. This boy is a little longer cast, I preferred his fore chest and he has a better turn of stifle. Again, best mover in the class.


2nd. Comer’s Willowlawn Supergrass at Cracksavon JW

3rd Howard & Sharpe’s Torsinki Lord of the Dance at Glenavon


Open Dog (5,2a)





1st Rosinante Fun to Run at Fieldacre. 5yr D. Mature Boy, Loved him for type and shape. Lovely head with the correct balance between breadth and length, strong neck, ex shoulders, super fore chest, well sprung ribs and good depth. Level topline over strong loin to correctly angulated, well-muscled rear. In good coat and a true, driving mover which won him the class and BOB





2nd.Carter’s Canaleigh Hot Gospel JW. 6yr D. liked this boy in the class. Lovely shape, slightly broader in head than the winner but has and lovely dark eye. Excellent shoulders, well ribbed with good depth, short coupled and a lovely rear. In good coat. RBOB


3rd Clarke’s Bramblebriar Coachman at Sunnyoak.



Open Bitch (5,2a)

1st Hunt’s Muskan More Dior. 4 yr B. Pretty lady with a nice outline. I would like a bit more breadth to the skull and a darker eye. Lovely shoulders and very good fore chest. Good Depth and well ribbed. Good rear and a lovely mover. In her ‘summer coat’ today.


Special Poole Huntick Stakes.


1st Evans’ Diamyst Wish Upon a Star JW. This 2yr old Doberman headed up a very strong class. It was hard enough to make my split but then to choose a winner was even harder. This young lady just kept on showing, an attribute that top winning dogs need to have. Her other qualities, which she has in abundance are type, construction and movement. Lovely head of good length with dark eye. Excellent shoulders, good forechest and well ribbed to strong loin. Good rear angles and well muscled. Correct bone and nice feet. Powerful true mover with good drive.


2nd. Allum’s Macarica Stella Di Mare JW. 4yr Italian Spinone. Another lovely B, Super for type with lovely head with correct planes and good eyes. Correct topline and underline, good depth of chest and well laid shoulders. Strong well muscled rear. Elegant, free, relaxed mover.


3rd Jordan-Davis’ Norlyght Airgead Liat. (Belgian Shepherd – Tervueren)



Judge – Ray McDonald