Norfolk & Norwich CS – 16th April 2017

BIS was the Lhasa Apso - Sutcliffe & Fleet's Newcliff Rameses JW ShCM. This 4yr D stood away in this line up. Presence, balance, type and good movement all wrapped up in one package. Masculine with good head, well furnished. Well laid shoulders, short coupled, good tailset and carriage. Shone on the move.

RBIS was the Gordon Setter - Wojcik-Maksymiec's My Shining Star Black Lofty (ATC-AT02394POL).
A feminine Stylish 3yr B.  Pleasing throughout, nice head with correct length of neck. Well made with good lay of shoulder. Super level topline and lovely rear angles.  Free flowing on the move with good reach and drive.

BPIS was the Golden Retriever - Angell's Millanza Toy Story. Loved this young man in the breed and pleased to see him win through the group. In the BIS ring he shone even more and moved with even more purpose. The sign of a future champion.

RBPIS was the Leonberger - Studholme's Leosrus We Will Remember for Kalizmar.
9mth D. Made this award his own. A well made young man presenting a good outline with a masculine head of good length. Lovely shoulders, good depth of chest. Lovely rear angles and muscle.  Moves really well covering the ground with ease showing reach and drive.

BVIS was the Papillon - Waller's Lilnrose Mistletoe and Wine ShCM.
9yrs young and definitely not showing his age. Love his outline, super head and ears. Well made fore and aft and sucha  good mover. Light, brisk and true.

RBVIS was the Welsh Springer Spaniel - Lloyd's Anibesco Dancing Shaddows.
Lovely 8yr B. Good shape and well made fore and aft. Moved well and still has drive.

Miniature Schnauzer

Special Yearling (1,0a)


1st          Beckson’s Twister V D Blesswichof (IMP NED). 7mth Blk/Silver B. Good overall shape with pleasing head and ears with a nice dark eye.  Well made with a good jacket.  Moved well once settled. BP & RBOB

Open (1,0a)


1st          Beckson’s Adore (IMP LTU). 2yr Blk/Silver B. Lovely shape with a good head and eye. Well made but lacking a little in bone. Good tailset and carriage. Nice mover. BOB


Poodle (Standard)

Special Yearling (2,0a)

1st          Clarke’s Kalizar Ooaky Monkey). 8 mth Blk B. Lovely shape with a lovely well chiselled head with a dark eye. Well made fore and aft with good lay of shoulder.  Still a little unsettled on the move but showed enough and this will come with age and practise.BP 


2nd        Winnington’s Fingolfin’s Celebrian   

Open (3,1a)

1st        Stokes’ Kertellas White Dahlia at Madsovtik 2yr White.  Nice B of good shape who sums up ‘elegant and proud’. Lovely long fine head with dark eye and pigment. Well made front with well laid shoulders and correct spring of rib. Elegant on the move with plenty of drive. BOB
2nd        Winnington’s Fingolfin’s King of Rohan
6yr Blk D. Nice shape and a lovely head.  Well made but not the drive and presence of my winner. RBOB
2nd        Winnington’s Fingolfin’s King of Rohan 6yr Blk D. Nice shape and a lovely head.  Well made but not the drive and presence of my winner. RBOB


Retriever (Golden)

Puppy (6,1a)

1st            Angell’s Millanza Toy Story. 11mth D. What a lovely boy and he had to be to head up a class of quality puppies.  Loved his shape.  Super head, broad through skull but not coarse, lovely dark eye. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders and a lovely return of upper arm which gives him his forechest. Ribs deep and well sprung through to short coupling and on to a well angulated, well muscled rear. True powerful mover with lovely reach and drive. BP  then so pleased to watch him win the Puppy Group. Kept improving on the move to win Best Puppy in Show.
2nd        Beeson’s Esined Titania. Lovely 10mth B. Super size and shape, feminine head of good breadth with dark eye. Lovely through neck and shoulders, well sprung deep ribs and a well muscled and angulated rear. Not so happy on the move today

3rd        Seamons’ StVincent Moonlighting at Messano
Res      Bowden’s Gillbryan Dare I Say
VHC     Tarsey’s Mitchnel Pink Peppercorn

Post Graduate (5,1a)

1st          Squirrell’s Thornywait Savannah.  14mth B. One of those dogs that you don’t immediately notice but once you get hands on there is so much to like. Feminine, super shape with a lovely head. Super front assembly with depth and spring of rib. Correct rear, level topline and moved out with drive. Handler could do so much more to show her off.
2nd        Beeson’s Messano All Or Nothing. 3yr B, Built along similar lines to my winner, well made with nice head & good coat. Not as clean on the move as the winner.

3rd        Foreman’s Camestone Field Day at Ambersun
Res      Evans’ Lestorm Sapphire Blue

Open (4,1a)

1st          Barber’s StVincent Golden Gun from Swansreach.  4yr Mature, masculine D. This boy stood out for size, shape and quality. Super head of correct breadth with good stop and nice eye. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders and return of upper arm. Super forechest ahead of well sprung deep ribs. Lovely short coupling, correct tailset and well angulated rear with nice short rear pasterns. True on the move. BOB and Group 3.
2nd        Bowden’s Ousevale Xtravaganza 4yr B. Liked her size and shape. Lovely feminine head of good breadth, well made with well laid shoulders and good depth and spring of rib. Lovely rear angles with good topline and tailset. Another good mover who won through in the challenge to take RBOB

 3rd        So’s Criafol Ice Wall

Spaniel (Cocker)

Puppy (3,0a)

1st          Harris’ Stromboli Dark Desiree for Melgrove.  Headed up a trio of nice puppies. 10mth Blk B. Loved her head, feminine with dark eye. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs. Good rear and a lovely mover.  A promising baby. BP
2nd        Clarke’s Withiflor Bootlace. 11mth. Another of good shape and well made. Preferred the head and neck of the winner

3rd        Wildman’s Reemif Midnight Blue for Chanmalo          

Post Graduate (9,3a)

1st          Hutson’s Stobytill Shake Ya Booty. 2yr Blue roan B. Stood out for me in the class for her type and shape. Lovely head & neck, super shoulder and front assembly. Depth and spring to ribs, firm short loin and well made rear.. Typey true mover with good drive. Please to award BOB.
2nd        Whitham’s Arrifana Ulysses. 17mth Blk D.  Another boy of good type. Pleasing head and well made fore & aft. Not quite the movement of the winner

3rd        Clarke’s Harbethhol Look Mr Musicman
Res      Potter’s Elm Romneya
VHC     Height’s Breamlereve Betty Boo at Fourtails

Limit (4,0a)

1st          Wright’s Chazbaz Black Lace. 3yr Blk B. Lovely B, feminine all through, really liked her head. So well made fore and aft with well laid shoulders, nice forechest with good depth and spring of rib.  Excelled on the move with good drive and the only one that retains some of that old Cocker bustle. RBOB
2nd        Wildman’s Harbethhol Look Rockmaster with Chanmalo ShCM.  Another lovely dog. Liked his shape, super head, well made and a good mover.

3rd        Clarke’s Harbethhol Look Chorus Girl
Res      Height’s Fourtails Fenland Dawn


Open (5,0a)

1st          Whitham’s Arrifana Athena.  5yr Blk B. Beautiful feminine head on good neck and shoulders. Nice ribbing and short coupling.  Nice rear angles. Best mover.
2nd        Wildman’s Mystical Milow at Chanmalo ShCM. Another lovely boy from this owner. Like his shape and size.  Good head and well made throughout.  Just not as clean in rear movement as the winner but hopefully this is a one off.

 3rd        Hutson’s Carmelfair Tarrarrah at Stobytill       
Res      Collier’s Pepperbox Summer Time
VHC     Height’s Harbethhol Spring Quest at Fourtails


Variety/Stakes Classes

Brace (10,8)

1st         Hull – Border Collies. Looked good and moved well together.

2nd        Weldon - Papillon

A V Special Yearling Stakes (19,13)

1st         Fewkes’ Imzadi Fast and Furious for Jatinker – Shar Pei.  Lovely 10mth D. Nice boy with a good head and well made. Took my eye in a nice class particularly on the move...

2nd        Saich’s Lindcoly Sweetest Oreo – Cairn Terrier
3rd        Harris’ Wembholt Just Bliss - Bulldog
Res      Connelly’s Shirdees Top Gun – Bernese Mountain Dog
VHC     Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun – Bernese Mountain Dog

A V Open Stakes (22,16)

1st         Saich’s Hocombewood Hot Tody for Lindcoly – German Spitz (Mittel). 5yr D.  Such a showman. Well made with pleasing head, in good coat and a lovely brisk mover.

2nd        Powley’s Chrilikas Duke of Danehaven (IMP NOR) - NSDTR
3rd        Gedge’s Cowboy Wookie Wolf – Irish Wolfhouund
Res      Saich’s Lindcoly Wishing On a Star – German Spitz (Mittel)
VHC     Weldon’s  Perfect Porche - Papillon


Ray McDonald (Judge)