National Gundog - 3rd July 2014


Veteran  Dog (2,0a)

1st Pettifer’s Vanders Vital Flame to Crosswest.

10 yrs old but belies his years especially on the move. Loved him for his type and shape. Lovely head with good reach of neck. Well made fore and aft with enough forechest and good depth.  Nice rear angulation. Free easy ground covering mover with good tail action.

2nd Lipscombe’s Sh Ch Kellizlot River Legend

A well built 8 yr. old. Heavier in head than my winner but not overdone. Well made front with deep chest. A touch longer, and not the rear angulation of my winner but another good mover.


Puppy Dog (3,0a)

1st Lamb’s Casafelice Plezzana

Only just 6mths and such a baby but what a lovely one he is. Everything is there and in the right proportion. Lovely head with dark eye. Good length of neck, super front assembly with forechest. Well ribbed back to short deep loin and correct angles to the rear. Moved as one would expect at this age but is true coming and going. A stylish young man with a bright future. Handler need to ensure she doesn’t over stretch him on the stand or move him too fast.

2nd Hart’s Redmore Diamond Geezer Mit Gilliegrae

10 mths. Another nice boy, different in head to 1, broader in skull tapering to muzzle. Good angles front and rear with deep chest and loin. Needs to strengthen in back to improve his topline on the stand. True steady mover.


3rd Tattersall’s Alanea Game Warden


Junior Dog (3,0a)


1st Bayne’s Corranroo Casper

17mth. Lovely young man developing well. Super outline with pleasing head and although I prefer a darker eye. Super front with forechest and good depth. Short, muscled, deep loin. Lovely rear angles with correct tailset and carriage. Coat developing a lovely rich colour. True fore and aft with a lovely easy profile gait  with good reach and drive.

2nd Hart’s Redmore Diamond Geezer mit Gilliegrae


3rd Jarrett-Wilkins’ Spiralwood King Of Jazz


Yearling  Dog (3,0a)


Very close between 1 & 2, litter brothers but different.

1st  Green’s Courtdown Field Of Dreams for Viszaset

Smaller of the 2. Good head and neck. Lovely front assembly when stood correctly. Handler needs to learn to take her cue from the dog when setting up his front. Good deep chest, short muscular, deep loin to a correctly angulated, well-muscled rear. Easy mover.

2nd  Lipscombe’s Courtdown Finnians Rainbow

Heavier than 1. Pleasing skull with dark eye. Well made front and rear with good depth of chest. Short coupled but would like more depth to loin. Good coat and colour but not a positive on the move as the winner.


3rd Jarrett-Wilkins’ Spiralwood King Of Jazz


Graduate Dog (1,0a)

1st  Mallinson’s Courtdown Fame And Fortune

Litter brother to 1 & 2 in yearling. Love his head, and neck. Dark eye. Front angles could be better & depth of chest just enough. Good spring of rib and deep loin. Good rear angles and muscle developing. Good tail set and carriage. Coat of good colour and developing. Moved ok but rather distracted and tends to run a little close behind.

Post Graduate Dog

Two boys who both contrived to throw the class away.


1st Jarrett-Wilkins’ Taxus Forest Charmer

Preferred him in head, neck and front assembly. Lovely shoulders, enough depth of chest but would prefer deeper, shorter loin.  Good rear angles.  Moves true coming and going but did pace a lot. Needs to be moved faster which with prevent this.

2nd  Faulconbridge’s Spyefire Mo Mentous for Flynfell

Preferred his more compact outline but topline does tend to slope then drops away at the croup.  Pleasing head but I would prefer a darker eye. Not the front angles of 1 but much preferred his rear. Deep chest and in good coat. Moved the better of the 2.

it Dog (5,1a)

A nice class with different types but all with a number of good attributes.


1st  Bayne’s Corranroo Casanova

Have always liked this dog who has only been lightly shown and under achieved. Strong and Powerful, 8yrs old presenting a super outline. Love his head, masculine yet refined with a dark eye giving that soft intelligent expression.  Super outline with excellent front assembly over deep well sprung ribs with plenty of forechest. Short deep loin and good rear angles with width of ham that is missing in many exhibits these days.  Powerful profile gait and true behind. So typical and just what I was looking for. CC


2nd  Davies’ Zymore Irish Cream

Another lovely boy I have admired so much. Lovely head and eye. Neck flowing cleanly into back. Well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth and good fore chest. Another well muscled, short, deep loin and so true on the move. Would benefit being moved faster but the handler knows that. He does however show reach and drive at the slower pace.  Very close for RCC but lacked the finish of the open winner.


3rd Barry’s Rustasha Rhapsody In Red

Res Walpole’s Lovenjoel Ice Cool

pen Dog

A lovely class with quality dogs all the way down the line but very close between 1 & 2.

1st  Walker’s Sh Ch Vanders Va Voom avec Wroxham


A boy I have done well in the past. Slightly smaller of the 2. Lovely head & eye. Strong neck to well laid shoulders. Ribs deep and well sprung with good forechest. Short loin to nicely angled rear. (Handler can have a tendency to over stretch slightly which affects topline and rear angles). True easy mover. Correct coat colours. RCC

2nd Lamb’s Sh Ch Casafelice Montadale JW

Different through head and body to my winner. Still pleasing in head but with lighter eye which can spoil the expression. Well made front with good depth of chest and forechest. Short loin to correctly angled rear. Not as positive on the move as 1st and handler needs to check placing of the front on the stand. 


3rd Barry’s Rustasha Red Hot Rhumba

Res Walton’s Sh Ch Gallybob Gold Standard JW

VHC Wade’s Sh Ch Ballakinnish Malachi at Oldestone



Challenge for Dog CC



Veteran Bitch (4,2a)

1st  Webb’s Sh Ch Shannonlee The Skylark JW

Have long admired this lady, feminine, typey and well-muscled. Lovely head, well made with well laid should over deep well sprung ribs. Strong deep loin to correctly angled rear. Lovely coat and colours. True steady mover.

2nd  Barry’s Sh Ch Shireoak Hurricane Ruby Rustasha (Imp Can)

Very similar to 1 in many ways. Well made fore and aft with nice deep chest and loin. Carrying a good coat. Very energetic on the move.

Puppy Bitch (2,0a)

Two lovely youngsters of similar age but very different levels of maturity.

1st Tattersall’s Alanea Summer Cottage

A very mature 9mth lady with a pleasing head. Super front assembly with well laid shoulders, good depth or ribbing and nice forechest.. Short loin to lovely rear angles. Good tailset and carriage.  Coat developing nicely with a lovely shade of red.  A super little mover once settled.

2nd Wade’s Oldestone Too Hot To Handle

Finer throughout and still very much a baby with a lot of developing to do but everything is there. Nicely made fore and aft.  Lots of positives on the move. Look forward to seeing how she develops.

Junior Bitch (3,0a)

A class of 3 very different bitches that all had their merits.

1st Wade’s Spiralwood Spring Time

Won on her overall shape and type. Feminine in head with a nice eye and expression. Well made fore and aft with good angles. Good depth of chest and loin. Nice mover, true and good in profile. Lovely coat and colours.

2nd  Rowles’ Vanders Crimson Velvet

Shorter coupled that 1. Pleasing head and neck. Well made front, not quite the forechest of 1 but good depth. Does tend to present a slope to the topline on the stand. Nice short loin and good rear angles all used well on the move.


3rd Rokuskova’s Caispern Tuscanora

Bitch (2,0a)

1st  Rowles’ Vanders Crimson Velvet

2nd Rokuskova’s Caispern Tuscanora

A little rangier than the winner. Liked her head, dark eye and pleasing expression. Well laid shoulders but lacks return of upper arm. Nice rear angles and a stylish mover.


Post Graduate Bitch (4,0a)

1st Hawkins’ Corranroo Carousel over Aislingwood

What a lovely lady. Unassuming but correct and typey in so many ways. Feminine in head although eye could be darker. Lovely front angles, super depth to chest with good forechest. Short strong, deep loin to correctly angulated rear. Such a true mover fore and aft with a graceful ground covering gait in profile in the class although was not as enthusiastic in the challenge.

2nd  Chapman’s Ballakinnish Moulin Rouge

Another bitch that doesn’t leap out at you until you go over her when you realise that everything is there. Not flashy but very workmanlike. Good head and neck, lovely front and rear assemblies with correct angles. Deep chest and adequate forechest. Not carrying the best of coats, she is a true easy mover although such a fidget on the stand.


3rd Newman’s Taxus Forest Gem

Res Henderson’s Temynloah Teri

Limit Bitch (7,1a)

What a super class and for me the best class of the day. Quality all down the cards.

1st  Humphries’ Spyefire Seven Steps JW

What a super bitch this is epitomising a feminine R/W. The only thing I would change is that I would prefer a darker eye. Apart from that she has everything I was looking for in construction, type and movement. Feminine head with strong neck of correct length. Super shoulders and return of upper arm over well sprung ribs of good depth and with lovely forechest. Short strong deep loin leading to excellent rear angles and good width of ham. So easy on the move, true once the runner got rid of the bait and free ground covering in profile. Out of coat today but that did not deter her from winning her crowning CC, BOB then going on to be shortlisted to the final 10 in a very nice BIS lineup.

2nd  Davies’ Zymore Christmas Rose

Won out a very close battle to win 2nd place. Slightly different outline but with a lovely head and I preferred her eye to that of the winner. Lovely front assembly with depth of chest and forechest.. Well ribbed back to short loin then lovely rear angles. True on the move and although she would benefit from a faster gait she does still show reach and drive that others lack. Another one out of coat but a lovely bitch who out moved the others to get her place and ultimately the RCC


3rd Bayne’s Corranroo Cruz

Res Horrocks’ Spiralwood Secret Love for Itchenwych JW

VHC Hawkins’ Courtdown Devonshire Dawn over Aislingwood

Open Bitch (4,2a)

Two lovely ladies but very different to each other.

1st Blackmore’s Sh Ch Courtdown Beautiful Dancer

What a lovely bitch she has matured into. When I judged her in the class I thought she was going to be my CC winner. But in the challenge she didn’t quite have to outline of my CC winner. So well put together and in good coat of correct colours. Lovely front with well laid shoulders, good forechest, depth and spring of rib. Short well-muscled loin and lovely rear angles. True mover with good reach and drive.

2nd  Volkmer’s Int Ch FCI/Ch VDH Corranroo Celtic Princess

Another quality B but not the body and bone of the winner although I do prefer her head. Lovely front and rear assemblies with correct angles. Good depth of chest and width of loin. Another free, driving mover.


Good Citizen Dog Bitch (2,0a)

1st Chapman’s Ballakinnish Moulin Rouge

2nd  Jarvis’ Shannonlee The Wood Lark

Smaller in frame than 1 and for me lacking in depth of loin.  That said she is very well made with good shoulders and well-muscled which she uses to effect in her true ground covering movement.



Challenge for Bitch CC



Judge – Ray McDonald