Mountsorrel & DCS
10th April 2015



Best In Show  - Houchin’s Philoma Pay Back Time for Barnsdale – Giant Schnauzer.
What a lovely young man he is. Very stylish presenting an eyecatching correct ‘square’ outline. Love his head and furnishings. Super shoulders and front assembly with correct forechest. Straight topline with correct tailset and carriage. Well muscled rear and boy does he look a picture on the move? Stylish, true mover with correct reach and drive.

Reserve Best In Show
Conway & Chapman’s Noircairn Chance Encounter ShCM – Whippet.

Super young lady. Another with that showmanship that catches your eye. Loved her head, feminine and so correct in shape. She flows from head to tail with well laid shoulders, deep chest, lovely top and underlines with correct slight arch over the loin to a well muscled rear that provides the power when she drives effortlessly round the ring.


Best Puppy in Show - Smith’s Comfortcove Careless Wispa – Newfoundland.
Oh what a lovely baby. 11mth B. Sometimes it can be so hard for the larger breeds to compete against some of the faster maturing small dogs but this young lady is captivating. Beautiful head and expression, well made front with well laid shoulders over a deep chest. Lovely rear and such an effortless steady mover. One to watch for the future

Reserve Puppy in Show -
Coates’ Gladstyle Google Me – Beagle.

8mths and a very smart young man. Liked his head and expression. Lovely front assembly. Correct ribbing, super flat level topline and a nicely angled rear end.  A steady mover with correct amount of reach and drive.

AV Special Puppy Stakes
1st         Coates’ Gladstyle Google Me – Beagle.
2nd        Dickinson’s Shenleyvale Dancin At Dawn – Shih Tzu
3rd        Holland’s Stokinpaws Gravity – Miniture Schnauzer
Res      Fenton’s Layoli Kashmir Barkabitmor – Tibetan Terrier
VHC     Fenton’s Layoli Classic Forkandles – Tibetan Terrier

 AV Special Open Stakes
1st         Fenton’s Layoli Hot N Smokin JW - Tibetan Terrier.
Headed up a very nice class. Liked this young man for his shape and size. Pleasing head, well made with correct topline and tail carriage. Free flowing mover with good reach and drive
2nd        Deveson’s Lucky Liaison at Lianbray ShCM – Shetland Sheepdog.
3rd        Bryans’ Marilquvales Queen Elsa – Jap. Shiba Inu.
Res      Woodhead’s Vandreem Imperial Kennedy – Samoyed.
VHC     Tierling’s Llantrussa Rum Ba Ba – Flatcoated Retriever

AV Veteran

1st         Welbourn, Dowsett & Tyler’s Ir Ch Zumarnik Hot Pursuit CW12 ShCM – Maltese.  
7yrs and can out move many a youngster. Good head , well made body with a lovely coat. Sassy true mover.
2nd        Burton’s Vodahond Innuendo - Newfoundland

1st         Henshall’s Gemolli The Sorcerer – Italian Greyhound.
Just 6½  months and a little unsure on the table. Well put together, of good shape and size. Moves so much better when his handler lets him find his own pace.

AV Open
1st         Capps’ Jimjoy Coco Channel – Retriever (Labrador).
18mth Chocolate B. Lovely type and shape. Pleasing head & expression, well muscled neck to well laid shoulders. Level topline to well muscled rear. Best mover in the class which just gave her the edge over 2nd
2nd        Tierling’s Llantrussa Rum Ba Ba – Flatcoated Retriever
3rd        Ram’s Gempoint Mr Findley - Pointer
Res      Lewis’ Annadanes Spaceman – Great Dane



Ray McDonald (Judge)