Critique for Minehead & DCS



German Shorthaired Pointer


Graduate (4,3a)
1st Potter’s Ivoravon Storm ina T’cup – 2yr D. masculine head with good expression. Kind eye and good bite. Good length of neck to well made front assembly. Good spring of rib, short coupled and well made rear. Steady mover.


Open (4,3a)

1st Potter’s Ivoravon Snow Storm ShCM– 6yr mature  boy. Masculine and solid to go over. Lovely head with dark eye giving kind expression. Good neck, well made front with good forechest. Well ribbed back to short loin and correctly angulated rear. Very true mover. Just had the edge in the challenge to win BOB




Graduate (4,0a)
1st Tatum’s Ansona Royal Jester – Lovely boy. Only 22mths, well up to size but balanced. Good head, well made front and rear. Good coat. Lovely bone and best of feet. Lovely mover.

2nd Holmwood’s Silvamarsh Ulka – 9mth B and looking a baby but very pleasing head, good neck and well made. Lovely outline and good feet.  Such a baby on the move but showing she has a lot of promise. BP and later Puppy Group 4

 3rd Parker’s Rivertone Birthday Party


Open (1,0a)

1st Powell’s Madreliaths Renata – 5yr B and what a lovely lady. Lovely outline and super proportions. Very pleasing head, good neck and very good front assembly with good forechest. Good neat feet. Well muscled rear and what a mover. True fore and aft and lovely in profile. BOB and later Group 4


Spaniel (Clumber)

Graduate (2,0a)

1st Sheppard’s Micklemess Spiced Peaches from Whissgig – 2yr B with a pleasing outline of good proportions and lovely head. Well made fore and aft with good bane and feet. Very nice mover, particularly in profile.

 2nd Linley’s Mayghan’s Lawn of Herbs by Sealumber  8 mths and such a baby. Pleasing shape and proportions although a little up on the rear today which is also affecting her movement. Lovely front and profile though. Vary promising youngster. BP

Open (4,1a)

1st Armitage’s Sh Ch Nakuru out of the Ashes – 4yr D. Stood out for outline and type. Very good in head, good forechest, excellent shoulders, well ribbed back and ribs well sprung. Well muscled rear.  True easy mover. BOB

2nd Shepperd’s Purland Widgeon Whissgig. Longer and lower than my winner but lots to like. Good head, well made fore and aft. Nice mover. RBOB

3rd Linley’s Uptown Girl by Sealumber JW

Spaniel (Cocker)

Junior (6,3a)
Very close between 1&2. Two very nice youngsters just split on movement.

1st Masters’ Dykere Lavender Blue for Manchela– 11mth Bl/R. What a lovely young B. Lovely shape with super head and dark eye giving a soft expression. Well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, level topline and lovely rear. Won the class on her true correct movement and lovely overall picture. BP. Continued to shine in the Group to win Puppy Group 1 then later to win Best Puppy in Show.

2nd Donnellan’s Gardenstone Giggleicious

3rd Webb’s Caenriver Who’s a Cracker

Graduate (5,0a)

1st Dare’s Marquell Mystique– 3yr B. Another close call but this young lady just edged it. Lovely typey feminine B of correct size and proportions. Lovely head and dark eye. Super front with well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth. Short loin to correctly angled rear. In good coat and a super true mover with typical action.

 2nd Masters’ Dykere Lavender Blue for Manchela

3rd Donnellan’s Gardenstone Giggleicious

Post Graduate (5,0a)

1st Donnellan’s Gardenstone Giggleicious – 13mth B and another cracker. Correct shape with good head and eye. Well made front and rear and in good coat. Lovely shoulders over correct ribbing presenting a lovely picture on the stand. Correct action on the move.

2nd Bowman’s Franaille Oceans ShCM

3rd Webb’s Caenriver Trughanacmy

Open (6,1a)

An interesting class headed up by 2 veterans that can still show the ‘youngsters’ how it’s done..           

1st Bowman’s Asquanne’s Grania with Franaille JW ShCM  –What can I say? At 9yrs old she still presents a beautiful outline. Super head and dark eye giving a soft expression. Lovely neck flows into super well laid shoulders over a good spring of rib. Lovely depth to chest. Short strong loin to well muscled rear. Moved with purpose with correct action. BOB

2nd Peam’s Brelade Miss Terious ShCM

3rd Watson’s Durandabell Chit Chat


Hungarian W/H Vizsla

Graduate (1,0a)

1st Pyne’s Hillfern Nutmeg at Budley – What a sweetie. 16mth and still such a baby. A little unsure of her surroundings to start with but started to settle. Lovely expression.  I would like a little more stop. Good bone and good depth of chest. Lovely rear angles. Moved well once settled.

Open (1,0a)

1st Bickley’s Yelkcib Eye Opener– 2yr B. Can present a nice outline but does not like having her tail held and tends to ‘pull back losing her top line. Lovey head and eye. Good stop, nice ear placement. Well laid shoulders, adequate depth of chest and good forechest. Good bone and feet. Nice mover. BOB



Graduate (4,1a)

1st Coggins’ Droveborough Born to Bound at Gemrose – A very imposing 15mth D. Lovely outline when he is not overstretched. Super head with good eye and expression. Excellent front assembly, well muscled with good depth to chest. Strong loin to well muscled and correctly angulated rear. Good bone and neat feet. Powerful driving mover. Would love to see him with more room.
2nd Rankine’s Jilony Heaven Can Wait for Fylefair JW ShCM
3rd Harris’ Shadesett Made This Way. Just 6mths and what a sweetie. Lovely head and  a dark eye with soft expression. Lovely body, well made fore and aft with correct top line and good depth through loin. Lovely feet. A very promising young lady who should do well. BP

Open (3,2a)

1st Rankine’s Tenshilling Rags to Riches at Fylefair JW ShCM Now just 2yrs old I last judged this young lady at 6 months. I said then that I “absolutely loved her” and I still do. Standing alone today but she has matured beautifully. Super outline, lovely head and eye, correct ears. Super neckline flowing into well laid shoulders. Correct top line and good depth to chest and loin. Well muscled and correctly angulated rear. Best of feet. A pointer with the most correct movement. Smooth with lovely reach and drive. True fore and aft. BOB then continued to show well to win Group 3.

English Setter

Graduate (1,0a)

1st Tilling’s Wolmersdon Jakata –  At 13mths a typical young setter – mind on everything around him. Presenting a nice outline. Lovely head, good eye. Good reach of neck to well laid shoulder. Good spring of rib and forechest. Lovely depth of chest. Super rear angles with good width of ham. Rather uncoordinated on the move but should come together given time. BOB


Retriever (Flatcoated)

Graduate (3,1a)

1st Moon’s Llantrussa by the Book – 21mth D. Lovely boy for shape and type. Very good in head with dark eye and an alert, attentive expression. Super front assembly with good spring and depth of rib. Well angulated rear with good muscle. True fluid mover with reach and drive. Such a happy chap with a lovely tail action.
 2nd Gray’s Perrymell River Guarding at Russlare

Open (6,4a, 1w/d)

1st Yates & Stracey’s Llantrussa Mamma Mia with Hinchley. What a super ‘young’ lady. 6rys young and a pleasure to go over. So solid throughout. Presents a lovely outline. Super head of correct shape and proportions, lovely dark eye and a keen alert expression. Super fore and aft with well laid shoulders, good forechest and lovely depth. Strong loin to well muscled and well angulated rear. Made moving look so easy, so free flowing and true fore and aft. BOB and a well deserved Group 2.


Irish Setters

Junior (4,1a)

What a lovely class with some superb heads.

1st Meadows’ Gwendariff Whispa Daisy– 13mth B who presents a super outline with the correct amount of slope from withers to croup. Super head with dark eye. Excellent shoulders and good length to upper arm. Lovely depth of chest down to good bone and neat feet. Super rear angles and a lovely mover. A very promising young lady.
2nd Drinkwater’s Brabrook Boom Shakalaka
3rd MacDonald’s Redclyst Kearney

Graduate (4,1a)

1st Meadows’ Gwendaciff Whispa Daisy
2nd Brend’sThendara Dutchess at Devacott
3rd MacDonald’s Redclyst Kearney

Open (2,0a)

1st Partridge’s Tsitsikama Glen Acacia at Kerrydown – 2yr B. Another lady presenting a lovely outline. Super head, dark eye and lovely neck. Good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Adequate forechest and good depth of chest. Liked her rear angles. In good coat and moved with style showing good reach and drive. True coming and going. BOB

2nd Prangle’s Heathclare Moet Magic


AVNSC Gundog

Graduate (8,1a)

1st Luczynski’s Fcimus Pink Petticoat at Kanara – American Cocker. 20mths and stood out. Lovely for size, shape and type.  Good head, well made front and rear, nice top line. Carrying a nice amount of coat. True steady mover.

2nd Luis’ Valentisimo’s Cari – Spanish Water Dog. Just 6 mths and what a lovely typey young lady. Super shape and already carrying a good coat. Lovely head and well made front and rear. So together on the move for one so young. A very promising puppy who I was pleased to give BAVNSC Puppy and Puppy group 2.

3rd Hunter & Beardshall’s Tossneer Nell – Hungarian Vizsla

Open (5,1a)

1st Davies’ Sh Ch Stanegate Storm Trooper – IWS. A very smart 5yr D. Lovely outline with good head. Muscular neck to well laid shoulders over correct well sprung ribs and with good depth of chest. Strong bone and good feet. Deep loin to well muscled rear.  Free sound mover with typical roll. BAVNSC

2nd Sheppard’s Luduci Niamh of Whissgig – I Spinone

3rd Serjeant & Hill’s Luduci Shadows in the Snow - I Spinone


AV Gundog

Puppy (10,7a)

1st Merrick’s Stormerrick Bobby Shafton – Golden Retriever. 6mth D heading up a very nice trio of puppies. So together for his age. Lovely type with good outline. Loved his head with his dark eeye giving a soft expression, a good reach of neck to well laid shoulders, good forechest, well sprung ribs of lovely depth. Super rear with good width of ham. Super little mover. Please to see him later and award him Puppy Group 3

2nd Claxon’s Mayghans Dunestream at Fiverites – Clumber Spaniel

3rd Laid’s Dymexe My Guy – Flatcoated Retriever

Open (12,8a)

1st Longhurst’s Hurstmeon Calamity Jane – Labrador Retriever. 2yr Choc Lab. A lovely young lady of good size and shape. Good head with dark eye. Well made fore and aft with good depth and spring of rib. Good rear with correct tail, would just like her to keep it down more. Such a true easy mover.

2nd Tatum’s Ansona Royal Jester - Weimaraner

3rd Ellis’ Bramblebriar Cloudberry at Goldleigh – Golden Retriever

 Veteran (13,6a)

1st Luczynski’s Semsox Thanks for the Memory at Kanara ShCM – American Cocker. 9yr Blk D. What a super ‘young’ man. Classic outline, lovely head with dark eye, soft expression and a distinguished look about him. Well made fore and aft with correct top line. Nothing exaggerated. In good coat and such a lovely mover.

 2nd Peam’s Brelade Miss Terious ShCM – Cocker Spaniel

3rd Partridge’s Kerrydown Layla ShCM – Irish Setter



1st Hocking’s Kaspurgold Promises JW – Golden Retriever 2yr B. After judging most of the gundogs I knew there would have to be something that took my eye to beat the Flatcoat but this young lady did it. Super for size and type. Lovely head and eye. Super to go over with excellent shoulders, lovely forechest and ribs of good spring and depth. Strong loin to well muscled rear. Such a delight to go over and such a true free easy mover with lovely reach and drive.  Just had the little ‘extra’ to win the group.

2nd. Yates & Stracey’s Llantrussa Mamma Mia with Hinchley – Flatcoated Retriever

3rd Rankine’s Tenshilling Rags to Riches at Fylefair JW ShCM - Pointer

4th Powell’s Madreliaths Renata - Weimaraner


Gundog Puppy Group


1st. Masters’ Dykere Lavender Blue for Manchela  - Cocker Spaniel

2nd. Luis’ Valentisimo’s Cari – Spanish Water Dog

3rd Merrick’s Stormerrick Bobby Shafton – Golden Retriever

4th Holmwood’s Silvamarsh Ulka - Weimaraner




Judge – Ray McDonald