Critique for Melton Mowbray & DCS


 Thank you to the exhibitors for turning out on this miserable ‘Summers’ day. The rain was continuous but everyone remained in good spirits and accepted that it was better to be judged outside in the large grass ring than wait until we could fit inside. The rain didn’t seem to affect the dogs which is good. Movement was limited due to the conditions underfoot.


Novice (4,3a) 1st Burton’s Vodahond Delta Lady. Only 7mth but what a super puppy. Lovely shape, broad feminine head. Well laid shoulders, broad ribs with good depth, short strong loin, good angles at rear. Well boned and good feet.  Lovely free mover.

 Post Graduate (1,0a) 1st Burton’s Vodahond Innuendo. 3yr D. An imposing young man of good size and shape. Broad in head, strong well muscled neck, well laid shoulders and good fore chest. Good spring and depth of rib, good rear angles. Good front movement, tended to ‘kick up’ a bit behind.

 Open (4,1a) 1st Alexander’s  Vodahond Carrie-Ann. Super 3 ˝ yr B. Stood against her brother, close call between them. She just had the edge on cleaner lines. Super shape, broad head yet remaining feminine, lovely dark eye, strong neck to well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth.  Lovely bone and feet.  Short strong loin to lovely rear angles.  Looks a picture on the stand and doesn’t disappoint on the move. Well deserved BOB and lovely to hear she went RBIS. Well done.
2nd Burton’s Vodahond The One
3rd Martin’s Stelamah Secret Love


 Junior (3,2a) 1st Slaney’s Heres Looking At You Kid. 7mth Br D. A little longer cast than I like but coming along. Nice dark eye and pigment. Well laid shoulders, good rib and god angles behind. Correct tailset. Good size bone and nice feet. Moves well with good reach. BP & PG2
Open (2,0a) 1st.Esders’ Roxiga Valentino Rossi.  3yr Red D. A old fashioned boxer of good size. Nice masculine head of good breadth and depth, lovely dark eye and good pigment. Good crest of neck. Well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Short coupled and well muscled throughout. Good mover. BOB & G4
2nd Esders’ Roxiga Banbino Di Pavarotti

Canadian Eskimo Dog
Open (2,0a) My first time judging breed classes so thank you for entering. Only 2 but both very nice.
1st Salter’s Shepherdsway Jack Frost.  Strong powerful looking 3yr D. Masculine head of good wedge shape, good ears and eye. Well laid shoulders, good deep chest, short coupled and well muscled throughout. Good thick coat. Powerful mover. BOB & G2
2nd Bailey’s Shepherdsway Snow Showers over Akna

AVNSC Working

Open (2,1a) 1st Salter’s Salazka’s Arcturus Black Siberian Huskey. 3 ˝ yr D.  Good outline, head quite broad but not course, good eye. Well laid shoulders and upper arm, good body through to a lovely rear. Good smooth light gait. BAVNSC

 Working Group

1st Alexander’s Vodahond Carrie-Ann Newfoundland
2nd Salter’s Shepherdsway Jack Frost Canadian Eskimo Dog
3rd Salter’s Salazka’s Arcturus Black Siberian Huskey
4th Esders’ Roxiga Valentino Rossi Boxer.

Working Puppy Group
1st Burton’s Vodahond Delta Lady.Newfoundland
2nd Slaney’s Heres Looking At You Kid. Boxer

Rough Collies

Puppy (2,1a) 1st Alkman’s Welanga Fire Opel. 9mth Bl/Mrl B. Lovely young lady. Good head shape with lovely dark eyes and good ear carriage. Ears used well. Nice overall shape, good bone and feet. In good coat but nothing hidden today in the rain. Well laid shoulders, good rear.  Very nice mover, true & steady. BP & PG3
Graduate (5,2a) 1st Alkman’s Welanga Earth Wind [ATC AJ00461FRA] 2yr B of lovely shape.  Good head & eyes. Good ear set and carriage. Lovely body with well laid shoulders, short loin and good angles to rear. Well muscled. Nice mover.
2nd Bradshaw’s Salgarden Time on my Side at Tyfield

Open (6,3a) Nice class neaded up by 2 top class bitches.
1st Hodges’ Jopium Secret Star JW.  Super outline on this 3yr B. Super head with correct planes, dark eye.  Excellent shoulders and good forechest that is lacking in so many dogs. Short strong loin to well muscled rear with good angles. Nice amount of bone and neat feet. Best of movers, free & true with good profile action. BOB & G1
2nd Hornby & Arnall’s Tanzenny Ebony Eyes ShCM. Very similar and very close to the winner in many aspects. Nitpicking on movement being not quite as positive as the winner but still one of the best around. RBOB
3rd Alkman’s Myriehewe Attraction with Welanga

Border Collies

Junior (1,0a) 1st Day’s Sheltysham Shared Sunshine with Tragility. 9mth D. Nice young man of good shape. Wouldn’t want his head to get any broader personally. Lovely eye and ears, very alear and attentive. Well laid shoulders and well ribbed. Good bone and feet. Well muscled for age and in good condition. Correct movement. BP
Post Graduate (2,1a) 1st Hamson’s Wizaland Kristal Moon. 4yr B. Pretty with nice head and dark eye. Lovely shape. Well laid shoulders over good ribbing. Super rear angles. Lovely mover with correct head carriage.

Open (3,0a) 1st Beddows’ Borderpride Eternal Touch ShCM.  Very imposing 4yr D. Lovely outline. Masculine head of good proportions with dark eye. Well laid shoulders, super forechest, good bone and feet. Good depth to chest, strong loin and super rear. Lovely steady mover. BOB & G2
2nd Hamson’s Wizaland Highland Diamond. 6yr B. Another lovely lady who made the decision for RBOB very hard.  Very similar to my PG winner. Liked them both but in the run off this lady was just a touch more positive on the move. RBOB
3rd Rose’s Tragility Twist in Time

Australian Shepherd Dog

Junior (1,0a) 1st Hodges, Gatenby & Green’s Triforce Looking Glace at Jopium NAF TAF.  Just 6mths and what a sweetie. Pretty girl with a lovely head.  Ears currently have a mind of their own but should settle. Lovely body shape with good bone and good coat. Well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs of good depth. Lovely rear angles. Lovely to watch in profile, good going away and just needs to mature in front.  Ideally needs to keep her tail down but a promising youngster who should mature nicely. BP & PG1
Post Graduate (2,1a) 1st Clarke’s Shloyan Rockafella. 2yr D. Nice outline with correct shaped head, good ears and carriage. Nice eye. Super shoulders with good forechest and depth of chest. Good amount of bone and nice feet. Strong loin to lovely rear angles. Correct tail set but rather proud of his tail on the move at this age. Super mover, not overdone but true all round. BOB & G3

(2,1a) 1st Allan & Harlow’s Allmark Lenny Henry ShCM. Loved this boy for his head and shape. Very good outline. Ex shoulders and forechest. Good spring of rib and good bone and feet. Lovely rear. Nice typey mover. Just a little unsure today that cost him BOB. RBOB

AVNSC Pastoral

Open (3,2a) 1st Beaden’s Myriehewe Gordon Bennett. Shetland Sheepdog. 5yrs, well up to size, lovely dark eye, super ear carriage and use. Very mobile. Good lay of shoulder. In full coat today that repelled the rain well. Super little mover, true for and aft. BAVNSC & G4


Open (3,2a) 1st Hamson’s Gillesta What a Gem ShCM. 9yr Border Collie B. What a lovely lady. Very typey with a good head, nice eyes and ears. Good neck and well laid shoulders. Well ribbed with good depth. Lovely rear angles. What a joy to watch on the move. Correct Collie action and true. Showed the youngsters a thing or two about movement.

Pastoral Group

1st Hodges’ Jopium Secret Star JW. Rough Collie
2nd Beddows’ Borderpride Eternal Touch ShCM. Border Collie
3rd Clarke’s Shloyan Rockafella. ASD
4th Beaden’s Myriehewe Gordon Bennett. Shetland Sheepdog.

Pastoral Puppy Group

1st Hodges, Gatenby & Green’s Triforce Looking Glace at Jopium NAF TAF. ASD
2nd Day’s Sheltysham Shared Subshine with Tragility. Border Collie
3rd Alkman’s Welanga Fire Opel. Rough Collie

Ray McDonald (Judge)