Mansfield & DCS
3 April 2013



Rough Collies


Puppy (1,0a)

1st.Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Gem

10mth B. Lovely lady of good shape. Pleasing head with dark eye and good ears. Well made front and rear and in good coat. Very nice mover, true fore and aft and showing drive in profile. BP & later Puppy Group 1


Post Graduate (3,1a)

1st. Boyle’s Uffspring Upon My Soul over Barrenclough

2yr B. Good type and shape. Correct head with dark eye and well set ears giving a nice expression. Well made fore and aft with good spring of rib. Nice mover and preferred her rear movement to 2nd.

2nd Whitaker’s Jopium Magical Dream

Blk Tri baby, just out of puppy. Very nice B with a lovely head, good eye and super ears. Well made but not as good behind as my winner.


Open (5,1a)

Two very nice boys fought out this class. Both with correct heads and ears, both well made fore and aft, both in good coat and both moving well. Very close and I just preferred the length of body of my winner.

1st Boyle’s Barrenclough Touch of Class JW

Won a hard fought class to win BOB but then went on to Pastoral Group 3

2nd Hodges’ Jopium Heart & Soul JW

Unlucky only to get RBOB

3rd Whitaker’s Sabiha’s Sweet Melody

Res Whitaker’s Sabiha’s Songbird with Sachenda


AV Veteran Pastorial

Veteran (4,1a)

1st Kerry’s Cresteak Celtic Laird of Glaistig – Shetland Sheepdog

7yr. Well up to size but a lovely shape with pleasing head and super ears. Good coat. Well made fore and aft. Good mover all round.

2nd Saunders’ Melneg Sea Of Gold at Fernfrey – Shetland Sheepdog

8yr. Lovely size but not the coat of my winner.  Well made and solid to go over. Moved well.

3rd McHale’s Hawthornblu Meduska – Polish Lowland Sheepdog.


AVNSC Pastorial


Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st Foreman’s Suzdans Euphoria - GSD

22mth B. Good shape but would like more substance. Feminine head with good planes. Good ear set and good eye. Well laid shoulders with good return of upper arm. Well ribbed back and good depth. Lovely width of ham. Rather unsettled on the move.



Open (2,1a)

1st Haine’s Padawan Over Night Fame ShCM - GSD

2˝ yr D. What a super young man. Masculine, powerful & graceful. Super head with dark eye, always alert and attentive. Well muscled neck to excellent shoulders and upper arm. Deep ribs, good bone and feet. Strong loin to a powerful muscular rear end. True strong powerful mover with a effortless ground covering gait.  Please to award him BAVNSC then mesmerized watching him move round the outside ring in the group to win Pastoral Group 1 before going on to win Best in Show.




The improving weather meant we were able to get outside for the working breeds and the groups which was a benefit to all the dogs.


Puppy (4,0a)

1st Giblen’s Quojas Quid Pro Quo

An 11mth B that caught my eye. Supe shape with a lovely head, dark eye and nice close ears. Excells in front assembly with well laid shoulders, super deep chest, powerful rear and on the move she settles into a powerful true ground covering stride that is a pleasure to watch. BP then went on to win Puppy Group 1

2nd Evans’ Salonga Manilow @ Maddiecass

Only 6 months but such promise. This young man presents a super shape with lovely front, good bone and nice feet. Well ribbed back, good rear angles and for one so young, very settled on the move.

3rd Jacobs’ Salonga Sweet Heaven

Res Bramwell & Brooks’ Quojas Quo Vadis

Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st Antich’s Olearia Ice Maiden

2yr B of good type. Loved her well proportioned head, dark eye and good ears. Super neck and shoulders, good bone, deep chest and well ribbed back. Excels on the move, true coming and going plus a powerful gait.


Open (5,1a)

By now I realised I was being spoilt by such a good quality entry. Thank you to those who entered

1st Bramwell & Brooks’ Ch Paloduro Lady Madonna ShCM

This 6yr B just oozes quality. Super shape, strong and powerful to look at yet maintaining femininity. Super head with dark eye and close ears. Excellent shoulders and front assembly, deep chest, well ribbed back to strong muscular loin and a well angulated, well muscled rear. Such a fabulous mover to put the icing on the cake. Could not be denied BOB and then kept showing to win Working Group 1.

2nd Bramwell & Brooks’ Paloduro Gold Digga JW

Another lovely B from this kennel that turns out to be ˝ sister to my winner. Built along slightly finer lines and longer than my winner but still has plenty to like. Lovely head with dark eye, well laid shoulders, deep chest and good rear angles. Good bone and neat feet. Another powerful mover. RBOB

3rd Jacobs’ Salonga Sugarbabe JW

Res Borne & Pearl’s Dortmund Upsy Daisy at Trevearl






Puppy (3,1a)

1st Stewart’s Boxyjen Heaven Can Wait

10mth Brindle B. Loved this lady for her shape, type and colour. Lovely head with dark eye and pleasing expression. Super front assembly, well laid shoulders and good forechest. Muscle building nicely behind. Just needs to settle on the move to complete the picture. BP & Puppy Group 4

2nd Wilkinson’s Rimru Fresh Start

Another 10mth B. Dark Brindle. Not as pleasing in head as my winner but scores well in body. Good shape with deep chest, strong loin, correct rear and a nice mover


1st Stewart’s Iandian Certain Kinda Charm by Boxyjen

22mth R/W D. Lovely head with deep stop and good depth to muzzle. Lovely neck to well laid shoulders over good ribbing. I would just like a little more return of upper arm and a little more breadth across the loin.  A touch untidy on the move today.


Open (1,0a)

1st Stewart’s Boxyjen Matchking Premier

4yd Brindle D. Presents a nice outline. Super masculine head, broad and deep but not course. Dark eye and well set ears. Straight front and well laid shoulders. Deep and well muscled over the shoulders. Good rear end. Nice mover coming and going. BOB



AVNSC Working



Puppy (2,0a)

1st Syson’s Icewolf Eyes On The Prize – Alaskan Malamute

11 months D. Good shape and presenting a lovely outline. Very good head, dark eye stop well made fore and aft with deep chest, well sprung ribs through to strong loin, free powerful mover with lots drive. BP and Puppy Group 3.

2nd Gillespie & Barnes’ Ballindaloch Bobby Dazzler - Bullmastiff

11 months, well up to size. Super head, broad with dark eye. Well made super ribs. Rather unsettled on the move.


1st Hickling’s Evalesco’s Divine Trinity - Doberman

15 months B. Lovely size and shape, good head and nice eye, well laid shoulders to super body, well ribbed and strong. Tends to move looking at her handler which can throw her front out. Strong powerful mover & I did prefer her front to my second place.

2nd Syson’s Icewolf Cast A Spell – Alaskan Malamute

2yr D of good size and shape. Very nice head although little light in eye and tends to be a little loose in front . Very happy young man.


Open (1,0a)

1st Nearctic Returns with Smile to Evalesco - Doberman

2yr B of super size and shape. Gorgeous head lovely ears and dark eye. Good arch to neck, well laid shoulders over good ribs. Powerful rear gave her superb ground covering movement. BAVNSC and Group 2.

2nd Bannister’s Chandlimore Rhythm Dancer at Banndean – St Bernard

15 months presenting a lovely shape and size. Super head. Lovely Bone and feet. Well-made front and rear, can tend to move a little close. RBAVNSC


Pastoral Group

Gp 1 Haine’s Padawan Over Night Fame ShCM - GSD

Gp 2 Sorocky’s Mohnesee Mission in Blue JW ShCM - Shetland Sheepdog

What a showman. Super shape and size with a lovely refined head. Well made fore and aft, good coat and a super mover.

Gp3 Boyle’s Barrenclough Touch of Class JW - Rough Collie

Gp4 Robson’s Ivydale Choirboy – Pyrenean Sheepdog

What a lovely young man that could just not be overlooked. Three years old and lovely for type and size, well made and a nice free mover.

Pastoral Puppy Group

Gp 1 Boyle’s Barrenclough Golden Gem - Rough Collie

Gp 2 Pepper’s Megamaree Just One Look – Bearded Collie

Lovely size and shape, super head, well made fore and aft. Coat developing nicely. Once settled he showed he is a very nice mover.

Gp3 Giermen’s Desalazara Funky Feet – Pyrenean Mountain Dog

8mth D. Very nice young boy but very much the baby. Good size presenting a good shape. Lovely head for this age. Well made throughout. Really showed his age on the move.

Working Group

Gp 1 Bramwell & Brooks’ Ch Paloduro Lady Madonna ShCM - Rottweiler

Gp 2 Hickling’s Nearctic Return With Smiles to Evalesco’s - Doberman

Gp3 Harrison’s F’inka Du Domaine De Toundra Du Highedge (imp Fr) – Tibetan Mastiff

Lovely two-year-old bitch solid and powerful throughout. Loved her head. Super shoulders and deep chest. Well muscled rear end, free powerful mover.

Gp4 Furnell & Lydon’s Safeharbour Kellermans at Furndonbay - Newfoundland

15 months dog still lots of maturing to do. Well made fore and aft and I particularly liked his head another free powerful mover and in good coat.

Working Puppy Group

Gp 1 Giblen’s Quojas Quid Pro Quo - Rottweiler

Gp 2 Smith’s Comfortcove Segno Di Stima - Newfoundland

9mth Blk B. This young lady presents a lovely shape. Loved her head, good neck and excellent shoulders super rear assembly. She contrived to throw it away on the move but did enough for her quality to show through.

Gp3 Syson’s Icewolf Eyes On The Prize – Alaskan Malamute

Gp4 Stewart’s Boxyjen Heaven Can Wait - Boxer

Ray McDonald (Judge)